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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 16
~ Hi Doc!

Everyone is home under one roof for a few weeks, yeah! Elora was so funny when I turned the corner to head down the final highway to pick up KayCee. She looked around, recognized where we were headed, raised her hands in the air and yelled "YEAH, we get KayCee now! All Right!" We had planned to camp or at least bring the jet skis and spend the day at the lake but weather changed those plans. Good thing since the swim beach I had planned to be at with the little ones was closed do to the high water levels.

Last week I ended my week at the doctor's office for my regular visit. Jesse went with me. The nurse let him listen to my heartbeat before she started taking my blood pressure. He thought it was loud. Then when doc came in, we listened to the baby's heartbeat; I think Jesse was a little disappointed. The baby was lying directly on my aorta so it was hard to get a clear listen because in this position we heard mine and the baby's. Later he asked me if the "wind" sound was the baby's heartbeat. After some explanation he understood that was me and the fast, lighter sounding beats was our baby's heart. He seemed relieved; I could tell he was concerned because the two didn't compare in sound.

Doc and I discussed some upcoming activities. First the sonogram to be scheduled the first part of July which we can record on a DVD! Our first two were recorded but Jesse, Noah and Elora were not. Now I just have to find the exact DVD she requires and preferably not a package of 25 like I found yesterday! Next we talked about jet skis and boating. He explained that now that the uterus is outside of the abdomen it obviously needs a little more caution activity wise. Since I could fall off the jet ski and hit debris floating in the water he didn't think riding one would be a good idea. But as long as I am not bouncing around in the boat that was ok in his opinion. I later teased Darius and said I guess tubing this summer is out of the question! Funny doc didn't say 'no you can't do this activity', but 'this is why I would caution against it.' A little disappointing not to ride the Jet Ski but I was expecting the answer so we can deal with it. KayCee will just have to speed up her studies for the boating test so she can help take little ones out for a ride. Joshua got his permit last year and has since bought himself two jet skis. He likes riding them slightly better than tubing.

If you can't tell we really enjoy boating, tubing, and being at the lake as a family during the summer. These gas prices really have us bummed. Our favorite lake is 2 hours away and the suburban is not very economical on gas. We think we have figured a way to not always take two vehicles by switching to tents; we'll see how that goes.

Enjoy your week!
~ Nancy

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