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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 17
~ This and That

Another week of growth down! Iíve had a few flutters but nothing that has convinced me Iím feeling the baby move. It is still kind of early but in some of the past pregnancies I have felt flutters earlier than this. Indigestion has started to present itself. Mostly following eating chocolate or peanut butter; yummy chocolate and peanut butter are such a wonderful combination! I decided to go ahead and get some Tums to have on hand for when I give in to the cravings or forget.

Good news is that several of my friends are starting to notice that I look pregnant and ask for verification. They are excited, too! One of them tells me our Jesse is the reason they had their first one. They would sit near us during church and she just couldnít resist anymore, or something like that! Now they have three little boys, just about time for another! Iíll have to remind her. Anyway, after a few days of a pity party because I was feeling ugly, and fat these were nice conversations to have. It hasnít helped that I have been having unexplained bouts of itching in various spots. I canít find anything that looks like a bug bite and have not changed laundry soap or cleansers, etc. So Iím puzzled and will do some more investigating as to what is causing this problem.

I finished pressing 157 t-shirts for our Kids Kamp this week at church. The director chose a color for each group represented so that made the work interesting! I was ready for bed that night. There will be some TMO shirts to put together this week and I am in the process of working on a pre-season volleyball tourney which will hopefully be about 150. The coach uses the proceeds of the sales as a fund raiser, so 150 would be a great number for them.

We are in the process of converting from a pop-up camper to tents which means I need to condense and pack things into storage containers to take along. I announced that we would start using paper plates and mostly disposable silverware; this brought applause from the dishwashers! Camp will be more enjoyable without that chore, especially since mom ends up being a softy and volunteers for the work so the kids can go do something with dad. We have a camping trip planned for the Fourth of July weekend so I need to get a little hustle going. The guys almost have the 4-place trailer built for the Jet Skis and we got the boat back from the shop. Excitement is building! I did have doubts the other night when I got up for the third bathroom trip; good thing we will be close to the bathrooms. I tend to drink too much water in the evening thus the trips to the bathroom.

This is the first year KayCee has not helped at Kids Kamp aka VBS since she was not eligible to attend so it is kind of strange going without her. She has summer basketball league and it is good for me and the little ones to go out together and have this activity. They were all a chattering to beat the band on the way home. Of course all excited about their new t-shirts to keep. Noah and Elora played with fruit scented play-dough and painted with fruit paint that they could lick off their fingers if they wanted. Can you tell they were learning the fruits of the spirit? Jesse signed up for basketball this year; last year he tried soccer. He learned to bounce pass and to overhead pass last night. They are having fun and learning new things.

Joshua has been memorizing lines for a part in a 5-day skit he will be participating in during the TMO (teen missions outreach). Last night the lady who is directing them told me she was glad she picked him because he is perfect for the part. I remember when she called and asked if I thought he would be interested and so forth. His decision would be a toss up. We both were anxious to hear what he would say when she asked surprisingly his answer was yes he would do it. Little did he or I know it would be a major speaking part probably a good thing we didnít know! He will also help lead the game portion of their time with the kids. His assignment this week is to think of a game to teach the children or at least have in their bag of tricks if needed. It is an Amazon theme and so they are trying to revamp games to go with that theme. So far they sound like fun games for the children.

Last night the UPS driver dropped off two-thirds of Jesse and Noahís school curriculum for this fall just as I was leaving. That was a challenge since I was running very late and I wanted to stop and see the goodies! It is so exciting to see what we will be reading and studying in the months to come. Iíve been spoiled for several years having Joshua and KayCee so independent in their studies; this will be quite a bit of hands on for me. Surprisingly it looks to be quite flexible for making adjustments with the new babyís schedule. The boys wanted to start last night with some of the books! Iím planning to start in August since usually it is too hot for much else, this will allow us some flexibility once the baby arrives.

Enjoy some time with your kiddos this week, do something special like reading a book in a tent under the table or run through the sprinkler! Iíll visit with you next week! Prayerfully I'll have movement to tell you about!

~ Nancy

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