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Week 19
~ Celebrate!

campingWow, what a week I’m not sure where to start. I didn’t think so much could happen in seven days! Last Thursday started early since I needed to take the suburban to be re-inspected, tags, etc. On my way I was stopped at a stop sign and was rear-ended. Thank the Lord I was in the suburban which is solid. The bumper is messed up enough we can’t open the rear doors and the quarter panel behind the gas tank has some crinkles and creases. I barely felt much of the impact, though will see the chiropractor just the same since I did end up with a headache Thursday evening and Friday. Called the doc to double check on what I thought I needed to watch for just in case. The nurse agreed but wanted to double check with him and called back later to say we were in the right thinking mode and doc asked “by the way how is the rash?” WOW he remembered without the chart! He is really earning the brownie points with me. The rash is doing much better. I have not used the special crème for three days now and none of the Sarna except for sunburn relief. You can still see some of the rash but fading quickly.

tubingWe went ahead with our weekend plans. Loading the suburban was quite fun since we had to load everything through the side doors and over seats; the older three were great about carrying tubs and things out and I stacked it all very tight. Hot and sweaty was that job. We arrived late so set the tent in the dark by lantern and campfire. Thanks to some friends we all had air mattresses to sleep on. I had to rearrange beds the next night since we were at a bit of a slant and went rolling through the night. By night sleeping was quite cool; Sunday was the only day it got really hot. The fireworks were not as cool as we are used to seeing but we had a good time despite that. The kids requested that we return to our usual 4th of July plans next year. All the kids went tubing except Noah. On Saturday Elora went out with KayCee and sat in her own seat; of course she instructed Daddy to go 1 mph, interpreted that meant just above idle speed. I was so proud of her sitting out there and having a blast! She would wave and point with both her fingers which meant she was saying “I love you two” from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. KayCee later confirmed that she sang “Deep and Wide,” “I love you two” and was chatting up a storm. On the way back in she wanted to ride again but this time she fell asleep on the tube and was not exactly thrilled when we pulled her in. That had to be a first ever. KayCee then attempted to ride the two-seater by herself which went fine except when she tried to jump wake. She needed her weight spread into both seats and sitting in the middle was not cutting it. She made it out of the wake once but said it wasn’t the same. Something went wrong with the electrical system on the boat so we didn’t get to watch fireworks over the lake Saturday evening and Sunday boating was out. Darius and the kids took Joshua’s jet ski out and had fun. Old reliable was not reliable and never got in the water this trip, so it took the guys quite a bit of talking to get KayCee to ride Joshua’s. His has been sport modified so has quite a bit of power compared to old reliable.

tubingI am always amazed when we are at the lake of all that God has created. Outside our tent I could see 4 different types of trees within a few feet and all the different types of plant life. I am always thanking him for giving someone the knowledge to come up with all the fun recreational outlets just at the lake. The kids had so much fun watching the robins come and get worms and bugs to eat. One worked so hard to get this worm and as it was leaving it dropped it only to have another robin swoop in to take it away. The kids yelled “hey not fair, that wasn’t his.” Joshua left very early Sunday morning to return home to help out with the TMO who were to be teaching the Sunday School kids, practicing for their upcoming week. That was kind of hard for me since it was his first time driving so far by himself and he was pulling the large trailer that carries the jet skis. Of course he made it just fine and probably silly of me to have worried. Darius played baseball with the little ones while KayCee and I started packing up late Sunday morning. Since it was my birthday I got to decide on the plans for the day. I had a craving for steak fries from one particular restaurant, usually the barbeque there is what I want but this day it was the fries calling my name. So when I told KayCee what I had decided we pushed the showers off and got the suburban loaded up. We showered while Darius loaded up the boat with the remaining items. Darius had to drive I think 20 minutes out of the way for this barbeque restaurant but it was SO worth it. I tried the French Dip this time and the meat was so tender it melted in your mouth. I could only eat half the sandwich and had the rest later. Good thing it is a 90 minute drive because I would want it all the time.

Monday was our sono and even though we got pushed from 9am until 1pm (I gave them a hard time about making me wait longer to see my jelly bean!) it was very much worth the wait. They tried to record some of it but it didn’t record but we got sent home with a handful of pics! The tech had a student with her and we had everything she was doing explained to us. She showed us ventricles, arteries, veins, valves, heart angles, nose, hands (even the little finger!), feet, lips, kidney, bladder, stomach, heart (and all the chambers, etc.) you name it we got it pointed out. For one of the first times ever for me the baby wasn’t all curled up in a ball. Its legs were just dangling; it looked like he/she was tapping its feet to a tune a few times. That explains the quick tapping flutters! By the way the foot is just over an inch long! A couple of times we caught him/her sucking his/her thumb. We had a fun, wonderful, and an exciting time to say the least. The baby weighs about 10 oz give or take 2 oz right now according to measurements. We check out at 19 weeks 4 days at time of sonogram. Due date remains Thanksgiving Day as well! We chose not to find out whether it is a boy or girl again. We did with Noah but when we did it felt like I had cheated myself out of a wonderful surprise. I explain it like this, it felt like I had opened my Christmas present then wrapped it back up and put it under the tree to open Christmas morning. (Note I have never done that but I imagine how disappointing it would be.) Excited to have a beautiful gift in my arms but a little disappointed I didn’t wait for the full level of excitement. For me there is something exhilarating about not knowing and pushing my hardest to see and meet my baby; then the thrill of that moment seeing and hearing and knowing. I know I’m not explaining this the way it feels at that moment it is just beyond words I guess. I’m so psyched about delivery day! I can wait and I’m determined to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy (the good, the bad, the ugly) just in case it is my last. At least I have learned how important it is to enjoy each stage no matter if inside or out!

Last night we made homemade ice cream and a miracle whip cake, a belated treat for both Darius and my birthdays. Though the cake didn’t turn out quite right, I guess you can’t substitute baking chocolate for cocoa. It did make the cake extra moist butt the texture is not the same. KayCee suggested that we put 87 candles on the cake for both Darius and I, but then decided it might catch the cake on fire! She also was sweet enough to then suggest an “Over the Hill” candle for us. I decided no candles. Tomorrow we go blueberry picking and maybe some blackberries. Hopefully the picking will be abundant since I like to keep them in my freezer for use throughout the year. I got the TMO shirts done (four shy of 60) and a few samples for the volleyball tourney for next month, as well as the preliminary flier. KayCee has been helping me prepare her curriculum needs for the coming school year. So I’m about ready for my final orders for everyone. Noah is so pumped to start his lessons it is almost a daily question. Good thing we are starting early this year so we can take time off when baby arrives.

Well as you see it’s another busy week around here so I should probably wind this up.

Enjoy your week!

~ Nancy

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