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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20
~ Half-way!

Well officially we are past the half-way mark! Iím getting more excited to say an official ďHelloĒ to our baby, and to cuddle and kiss on this little acrobat. I have never had such an active baby as this little one, especially in the evenings when we are just sitting. It feels like a gymnastic performance going on in my tummy.

Since I last wrote it seems this week has been the week of doctor visits. First stop was my ob which everything is ok; heís very glad the rash is gone. He shared with me that he was very concerned about it since he had never seen anything like it. He was thrilled that the dermatologist needed to consult with another. He said Ďat least they knew I meant businessí. Next stop was the dermatologist where they were of course happy all was cleared up and done so quickly. He did reiterate that as baby gets bigger I could have some trouble with the gallbladder and to call if that happens. Final stop was with the chiropractor were we found a very tender spot in my neck; a few more treatments for my neck and upper back thanks to the auto accident to clear up those areas. She is very gentle with her treatment which is a very nice change.

I have been trying to get some exercising in with lots of stretching so delivery will be easier. Whenever possible I sit on the floor cross-legged or stretching the legs; I remember our Lamaze teacher way-back with Joshua said this was really good prep for labor. Not that Jesse and Noah were difficult deliveries; I think I had more pre-stretch time with Joshua and KayCee and didnít feel quite as bruised. I remember when it was time to transfer to my room with Joshua I went via wheelchair. When the nurse had me get out of the bed and into the chair I just did it while she was explaining how she wanted me to move. Since I was sitting in the chair quicker than she had finished she winced and asked ďDidnít that hurt?Ē I said ďno, was it supposed to?Ē; she said usually women feel tender and bruised so what had I been doing. The only thing I could think of is that at every Lamaze lesson and any other opportunity I was sitting on the floor cross-legged and stretched a lot. All that said I thought I would give it a try again. It canít hurt anything! I should start back to walking or run our stairs or something; the weather has really kicked up to hot and humid so not a fun thought. Of course there is the pool and I could exercise in that for a cooler time. I donít want you to get excited about the thought of our pool since it is only about 3 feet deep and 12 feet across, but the kids love it. They are in it every afternoon for several hours. The other day Elora woke me very early with swimsuit in hand wanting to know if she could go swimming!

Joshua is away with his teen missionsí trip. He calls frequently to keep me updated and ask me to pray for different people who are experiencing a trial on the trip. I didnít realize how emotional watching him leave would be. Over the two weeks before they departed he has shown us numerous grown up decisions and actions, and this was the realization for me that what I have been preparing him for will soon be happening . . . HE IS GROWING UP! And MATURING! Having the number of confirmations that I have had up until that point simply overwhelmed me, then to watch him do as I have taught him just was too much. Funny how this mom reacts when my kids do as they have been taught especially in the big things of life. God is good! I am not saying heís got all his ducks in a row but he is doing his best and striving for better. Meanwhile I have put a three week ban on all growing milestones for the kids; only the little one Iím carrying is the exception! Silly I know!

A dear friend of mine had her second stroke a few weeks ago just as I was breaking out with the mystery rash. So this week was the first chance I was able to go see her. I often refer to her as my spiritual mother, since she has mentored me for many years and guided me when needed or reassured our decisions when they went against popular opinion. While I was there her daughter and granddaughter came for their afternoon visit and we had a nice visit as well. We worked out a day of the week that I could help-out and visit on a weekly basis. She gave me some suggestions of things to do which will help her with therapy treatments. I look forward to having this special time with this dear, sweet woman who holds such a special place in not only my life but my heart. I hope every mom has someone like my dear friend they can lean on and celebrate life with.

With each baby I make a special blanket for them, usually embroidery for the top. Well this time (like with Noah) I wasnít up to all that embroidery work and finally decided to quilt some 4 square blocks to make a quilt. I had purchased some material to make nice burp clothes for gifts and had not started working with it. Well the idea came to me after looking at blankets in my favorite discount store (and no it does not start with a W) to use that material to make the baby quilt. The material is so soft with hearts, dots and stripes. I used chenille and Iím not sure what the other is called but believe me it is as soft as babyís skin. There are 3 basic textures of material with 11/12 different individual squares that make up a total of 96 individual 4Ē squares. The colors are mainly pastel pink, blue, lavender, white and then a little bolder green and yellow. I sewed the 4-inch squares into the 4 squares and then KayCee helped me arrange the 4-squares into a pleasant pattern. Tuesday after stopping by the collision repair shop I stopped at the fabric store and browsed for a backing. Surprisingly I found one with all the old nursery rhymes in antique red and very pale beige. Via the cell phone KayCee verified she thought that would be better than the bugs we had originally discussed looking for. I can plan it in my head but sometimes there is a better option, not to mention when Iím pregnant I get some weird ideas. So it's nice to bounce the idea off of KayCee now and then! Next step is to get the batting, front and back put together. I had hoped to do so this week but I have had so many appointments that it will have to wait until next week. For the edging I plan to use a soft beige blanket edge and since I will need at least 4 packages at $5+ a package it will wait a little while for that purchase; surely a sale or coupon will arrive before November!

Finally I managed to sit down and order the remaining school books for the kids. Shockingly I spent more than I had thought I would; it didnít help that we decided to re-study Spanish this year since neither student was confident with the Spanish program that they had finished with last year. Thankfully I was blessed to get several things used which were a huge praise. The weeks are quickly getting away from me and school is just around the corner. Iím not used to starting before Labor Day, but I really want some extra time when this wee one arrives so we will pay the price now and reap the reward later.

With summer heat pressing in on us all I hope that you are able to find some fun activity to do with your family. It looks like for us KayCee will finish summer basketball league a week early so we will celebrate with pizza tonight (thankfully the pre-school director at church had extra coupons!) so I (KayCee, too) get a night off of cooking! How about pizza and a movie for your crew?!!

Until next week~

~ Nancy

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