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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 21
~ Hormonal

After such a busy week last week this week seems kind of blah! Donít misunderstand, I am very grateful for the lull so I can prepare for school and hopefully paint the office now that Joshua is home. Normally I would say the remainder of my pregnancy will be a breeze and I have plenty of time so no rush, but this pregnancy has been so different that part of me wants to use up all my energy now that Iím feeling better.

Last night for example I had found a new recipe for ground beef that sounded simple yet enticing. I asked KayCee to fix it since I have been having a difficult time handling raw meat then eating the finished product. Jesse along with Noah shucked the corn and I took care of the rest thinking this would be a good meal. It smelled delicious. Two little bites of meat was all I could handle, vegetables went down fine. This is becoming more common of late; for about three weeks I have not been able to eat eggs. Oh they sound good but put them on a plate before me and forget it. Finally I tried poaching them and that has been working for now. I want to fix a quiche hopefully that will have good results, maybe Iíll try making mini quiches. A friend sent me a new sconces recipe I have wanted to try and the mini quiche would work well and hot tea, Constant Comment to be exact. I found it in a decaf variety so I donít feel guilty about having more than a cup or two. Of course some Devonshire crŤme to go with the sconces!

Then there is the position my uterus is in which I have no doubt is directly over my bladder. Usually second trimester bathroom trips are supposed to get better and do for me; but not this time. I have even had times where it has felt like I was directly kicked in the bladder and off I go again no matter if I just returned from there! And we are not even going to touch the emotional roller coaster Iím on. KayCee was laughing at me Sunday evening as we had a girlsí night of movies, the boys had gone to a tractor pull. We watched ďThe Princess DiariesĒ I & II. You guessed it I went from laughing to crying in a matter of moments. Elora was resting on the sofa with me more interested in laying her head on my poochy tummy (I keep teasing her one of these days the baby is going to be strong enough for her to feel the kicks and pushes like Iím feeling on the inside now. Maybe she was waiting for one!) Anyway, she looked up during one of my crying episodes and asked why cry as she wiped them away. It seems like Iím more emotional and prone to the tears when I am carrying a girl. I think it was with KayCee, I remember crying during a series of commercials; the one was encouraging recycling and the importance of it, the next was for cheese and the new container I needed to get to put my individually wrapped cheese slices in for easy access. I got upset and was crying because how could I buy individually wrapped cheese slices when that cellophane around the cheese couldnít be recycled wouldnít it be better to buy the unwrapped cheese slices. Now putting everything into perspective here we didnít even have a recycling program in the town we were living in! For Peteís sake this memory makes me chuckle every time . . . either I was totally crazy or very hormonal! So maybe this little one is a girl!

I think I forgot to mention we finally went blueberry picking a few weeks ago. We went early in the morning hoping to beat the crowd and the heat. We picked 20+ pounds of blueberries. At first the picking was spotty until we ran into some very loaded bushes. As we were leaving we noticed that many people were coming in with very few picked; so looks like we made it in time. They have been being picked out by noon several times and had all ready been all picked out of blackberries by 10:30 that day. We will have blueberry pancakes, muffins and crisps throughout the year!

Our suburban is at the collision shop being repaired from the accident. The insurance company offered us a rental to use while ours is being repaired. It is a 2008 Chrysler Aspen, very nice with lots of fancy features. I had to laugh though since everyone is oooing and awing over this Ďlarge SUV with 8 passenger seating and all the bells and whistlesí; but I canít go grocery shopping with it because there is not enough room for groceries and kids. We canít go on a trip with luggage since there is no room for luggage. I stopped at three stores on my way home and had 5 average sized bags and that just about filled the back end; when I picked up Joshua last night he could barely fit his stuff in the back. It is a good thing I did a major shopping run last week. We are going to try something new this month and try ordering our meat from a local butcher. After crunching all the numbers it looks like it will be a good deal, definitely a time saver and gas saver. Since I pick it up on Friday and will have most everyone with me, Iím hoping there is room for 86 pounds of meat in this vehicle! Our mini van has the same problem except it has slightly more room behind the seats.

Joshua enjoyed his missionsí trip though the majority of them had ailments mostly stomach and colds during the week. Joshua used to get car sick when he was little and apparently he hasnít completely outgrown that. He became dizzy and nauseated apparently from playing cards on the way out. He had put his glasses on when he first started feeling bad but either too late or they wouldnít have helped. He said his cold lasted several days and that he got the vomiting once on Saturday, but after resting felt better. On the way back he needed some Dramamine because of a very winding road, but so did several others. One of the dads reminded them they must be doing something right since Satan was attacking them in this way. Amazingly it sounded as if they were all able to pull it together when needed so the VBS went very well. As his mom I can see little things starting to take place over the past month that say to me he is maturing and taking on more responsibilities moving much closer to being a man than most would care to admit; including mom at times!

Hope your week goes well! Until next week, stay cool!

Until next week~

~ Nancy

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