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Week 22
~ This and That

Well after looking over some of what I wrote last week let me apologize it looks like I had a bit of the ‘whines’. Shame on me for spewing it out on you all; I do hope to do better this week.

The excitement for this past week is that I think I felt the baby kick on the outside. I definitely feel them on the inside but this time my arm was resting across the lower part of my ever expanding abdomen and it felt like I got a nudge! I waited but nothing else happened. I have watched when the baby is active and haven’t seen anything. So I’m hoping it wasn’t my imagination; I don’t think it was. It would be so fun for the little ones to be able to feel the baby moving. Even with the risk of this happening I’m most certain it will bring an onset of questions from Noah. His mind is always working!

For several weeks Noah has been playing with less than a dozen magnetic letters on the fridge. He usually pulls out the N-O-A-H knowing those are his letters but has difficulty getting them in the exact order. He always places the N first but scrambles the other 3 letters in various combinations. This week he put them in exact order and placed the # 5 magnet behind his name. When I asked him if he did that all by himself (I knew he did I, had watched while cooking.)? He replied, ‘yes’ like it was no big deal. I then asked him what number he used and he said ‘five’. Why? ‘Because I will be 5 on my birthday; is it here yet?’ This was a big step for him since we have been working on his name and determining the difference between letters and numbers and you can not call one of the ‘a-b-c’ letters a number or a number a letter for a very long time. To ensure that he knew what we were talking about I made sure to point out the achievement to Daddy when he arrived home. When Noah came through the kitchen Daddy asked him what he spelled and what number he used. Followed by another discussion about it just last night at dinner where he said you spell my name N-O-A-H and I will be 5 on my birthday! Is it here yet? This is the same child who asked me ‘How did the baby get in your tummy?’ just a few days ago! He repeats movie lines at random or will break out in song whenever it passes through his head. Not to mention he is rearing to go with school work!

I took the kids to see the suburban getting sanded down and ready for paint. Amazingly they were very good and didn’t try to climb on anything; they wouldn’t even use the air hose when the gentleman offered it to them. I guess the warnings ahead of time helped. The body guy has been able to do some great work and it has not been as invasive as we first suspected it might be. Hopefully by the end of the week we can bring her home! It would be nice if I could go get a few curves sanded out and remolded in such a short amount of time!

KayCee got her first job this week! She is so excited. She will be working in the floral department of a local grocery chain. This week was a three hour orientation and next week will be quite a heavy work week because of training. Of course it will be the first week of our school so she has decided to start this week to make the load lighter. Today after our excursion to the collision shop we stopped at several stores to pick-up the clothes she will need for work. Black or khaki pants, no capri or cargos or denim and the top needed to be a white blouse with collar. It took 3 stores but we finally got it all at prices I can live with! KayCee is a very good discount shopper so though we both liked the $40 shirt we opted for $18 ones and she decided to wait until the others went on sale. The shoes she got are so cute! I was drooling over them as she tried them on and she said I was welcome to borrow them. Yeah right she is a 9.5 and I am an 8 rarely and 8.5, so how many times do you think I will wear them? I have tried to get by wearing her ever so cute black flats but always feel like I’m sliding around inside of them.

I painted my toes twice this week! My sisters-in-law can’t believe that I can still do them. I told them I will get in whatever position it takes to paint them. (Which after our niece demonstrated the position she gets in to do her toes, mine isn’t so weird and she is half my age and not pregnant!). I want my feet and toes to look good whether I can see them or not and especially in the stirrups when I’m pushing! That confirmed it for them that I am totally crazy! Of course they admitted they can’t do their own and they aren’t even pregnant! The second painting was all Elora’s fault! We had purchased two new colors; a lighter, glitter pink for the girls and I got ‘Iced Coffee’ for myself. Well the night we bought them Elora wanted her fingers and toes done, of course! So when I finished hers I decided and she encouraged me, to see what their glitter would look like over my tutti-frutti which then led to painting my fingers which I rarely do. Surprisingly it has lasted several days on my fingers. I will try the Iced Coffee when the weather starts turning more fall like but not fall yet; you know the in between summer and fall time.

The chiropractor has been lengthening my visits and says she sees much improvement. Unfortunately the weight of the baby is beginning to mess with my sciatica but not a whole lot I can do about that except ice packs when it gets really bad. I try not to carry Elora when it feels weak. She usually only wants held when she is getting tired and we are out and about. My ob/gyn is a DO so maybe he will have some suggestions as well. I read some homeopathic treatments and if it gets worse I may give them a whirl. One of the books I was reading suggested no sit-ups after the first trimester; I had been doing crunches with my big exercise ball and stopped after reading that. I need to check with doc about this since they do help my back immensely.

Braxton Hicks have set in for some good practice runs. But I am happy to report all itchiness has left the body! Some night leg cramps have started to appear so far no terrible charley horses. In past pregnancies Darius has been known to be jolted awake by my yelling for help to get rid of them. I have learned the ‘proper way’ to stretch them out and rarely have to wake him now. He knows that if I wake him it is a major something going on and I need help. With Elora and Noah it meant get me to the hospital!

Well with school just a few days away now I have two sets of lesson plans ready for the first 6 weeks and one more to finish. KayCee and Joshua have been running the copier for me. And if plans go well Joshua will help me paint the office by the end of the week. We all keep reminding one another that we will be thankful for starting so early once the baby comes and we can take some time to all get acquainted without a rushed and hectic holiday season. Can you believe the holidays are only 4 months away! I am so thankful God has allowed us the freedoms we have here!

Until next week enjoy the remains of summer!


~ Nancy

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