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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 23
~ The Ever Busy Family

Well I spoke 12 hours too early about not having a ‘charley horse’ last week. Last Tuesday evening I had my first real ‘charley horse’ in what seems like forever and definitely the first for this pregnancy. Darius had awoken at around 2am and realized it was still raining and raining heavily. So when he jolted out of bed I was awake and we went through the normal routine of checking the basement, picking up odds and ends, then checking the creek to see how high it was rising. Funny to read over that you might think we live in a rural area and not in the midst of a major metropolitan city. We have somewhere between an acre to an acre and a half that has a creek that trickles through it. Well it trickles or is dried up until we get heavy rain or multiple days of rain and thanks to the ever wise city planners who put a culvert in several years ago messing up the natural flow of everything we get flooding because it is put in incorrectly and too small to handle the flow during periods of heavy rain. If we are really lucky and the water gets high enough it will eventually end up in our basement about ankle deep. Thankfully it did not get that high this time. I did pick up a few things that were laying around just in case. Typically we only use the basement for storage; the majority of it is unfinished except Joshua’s room. We refuse to finish anymore until we figure out some better solutions. Anyway enough of that; we got to bed about an hour later. At around 4:00 am I woke up with a leg cramp (a.k.a. charley horse) in my left leg. Darius didn’t move a bit; which answered my question of ‘was I yelling out loud or in my head?’ When he got up around 5:30 am to get ready for work I asked him, just to verify, if he heard me yell he said no so apparently it was a dream or sub-conscious all the yelling that is, the cramp was very real!

Between the heat and daily activities everyone has been pretty wiped out energy wise except the three little ones. Saturday we went to a garden tractor pull--a first for us. It was very interesting and fun to watch the dads and a couple of moms as they coached their children along. Darius convinced our friend, Brad, to give it a try himself in one of the bigger pulls and he actually did! So everyone in their family pulled--son, daughter, mom and dad. Usually only the son pulls but they had been given a tractor that Brad fixed up for the girls and has put off fixing his own. My son has painting ideas for the girls’ tractor! There was one that said ‘D.A.D.D.’ then in small letters ‘Dads Against Daughters Dating’; we all got a kick out of that one. They said that usually this Dad’s daughter drives a pink tractor. You could say it was a button popping day only everyone was in t-shirts! The friends we went to watch had a good day of pulling and everyone went home with trophies, first through fourth.

Later in the evening we went to watch race cars on a dirt track. I can’t tell you the exact type of race cars but they went fast, made a lot of noise, spun out and occasionally littered the track with parts. Oh not to mention when the really fast cars came out you might even get sprayed with dirt! It was a fun time even for me who is not fond of getting dirty! KayCee informed me that she would like to drive a race car like that and of course when she told Joshua this he said they could be a team because he thought it looked like fun as well. Of course that excited both my husband and the friend we were with.

The baby didn’t care for all the loud noise from either activity and stayed still all day. On the drive to dinner and the races I felt a nudge and said “hello little one! Has it finally quieted enough for you?” Only to be greeted by strange looks from my oldest and my hubby. I know my son was thinking “Lord, please don’t let her do this when we are with our friends.” Boys!

A friend at church is expecting her sixth baby a month after us so we were comparing notes. Her Braxton hicks have started in as well, so she was glad to hear about mine. The ones that have been occurring at the top of my uterus are the ones that are a bit new to me. Joshua was teasing me about not hurrying up the stairs the other night since normally I take them pretty quick. I informed him that I would gladly sit some extra weight on his bladder, then squeeze his middle tightly, and stand at the top of the steps to encourage him to quickly climb the stairs if he would be willing to try. He declined, party pooper!

Noah has been asking for several days in a row if it is time for the baby to come. Today he asked again and as I started to say no, he said ‘or does it need to gain some more weight?’ I said he was right the baby wasn’t big enough to be with us yet. We have to have his birthday, then Elora’s birthday and Thanksgiving. He replied ok and went on his way.

KayCee started her new job yesterday. I’m sure if she wasn’t so tired she would have been more excited. After dinner she perked up with a little energy and started to share all the little details. She said there were so many different flowers with three different types of lilies and some that she had never heard of before. She managed to get stuck by a cactus while cleaning a shelf, ran the register which she decided wasn’t as bad as she thought it was going to be. She learned how to strip the long stem roses and probably the most heartbreaking of them for her was tossing out the wilted or almost wilted flowers. The girls told her that task gets easier, but one of them confessed that after three years she still has a rough time at it. This will be a very rough week for her putting in so many hours but training week always is when it is done correctly.

Two days of school are done for us, so far so good. Yesterday Noah did 5 pages in math he was having so much fun. Today I managed to stop him at 3 pages. As I did geography with Jesse, Noah and Elora listened, they soon asked for a copy of the map Jesse was working on as well. After I ran copies wondering what they would do with them, Noah surprised me. He not only followed and caught onto north, south, east and west but colored the oceans as was instructed and wanted his map labeled like Jesse was labeling his. Well you know who else wanted her map labeled! So as Jesse labeled his US map borders and oceans I labeled Noah and Elora’s. You should have heard the commotion after lunch when Noah and Elora couldn’t find their completed maps. Thankfully the misplaced were found and are awaiting to be shared with Daddy.

The baby’s blanket is all tied now and just needs the sides bound with blanket binding. My finger tips were sore after tying it. We chose white, pink and blue floss for the ties and it looks good. Once I get it finished I will try to remember to take a picture and post it. Last Friday I found a very soft teddy bear and since the price was a steal decided to pick it up for the baby. It makes me all the more excited for his/her arrival. I have had the outfits purchased for a very long time and pull them out to look at them every now and then. If this little one is a girl it will be the first time I bring her home not in a dress, but the outfit is black velour with tiny red roses and smocking across the breast. Both KayCee and I fell in love with it when we saw it. For a little boy it is green velour overalls with a white, teddy bear long sleeve onsie with matching socks and cap. Very adorable and will work great for the season. I have a list of names picked out that I think I would be happy with any of them in case dear hubby doesn’t pick the one I really want. While embarking on this endeavor of name picking I realized that we have stumbled onto using a “J” name for either our boys' first names or middle names so felt a little strange not picking a “J” name for this little one. I really like one first name in particular so have been working at different “J” names for the middle name. Of course our older two like to give their input, and amazingly Joshua has some pretty strong opinions in this area. He doesn’t want any of his siblings names to start with a “P” because that would give them the initial of “PP” and he says that would be down right cruel. Well there went Phillip! The boys all have at least part of their name from the Bible and both the girls just have different meanings of why we chose their names. For example KayCee’s middle name is Dawn because I labored at dawn and she was born shortly after dawn. Little quirks like that for the girls. It is always one of the hardest things for me to do finding a name that is just right and that Daddy will like. Darius has always let me have the final decision on the children’s names but we go through some batting or bantering before one is finally chosen. Usually I have one pretty firmed up by now though!

Well I better let you get to your tasks. Until next week—stay cool!


~ Nancy

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