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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 24
~ New Things Just Keep Coming

I have said it before and get to say it again, apparently no matter how many pregnancies you have there is something new to experience. I just got a call from the nurse about my glucose screening that failed to have the right numbers. I had thought I was in the clear since doc had said they would call on Monday if there was anything he didnít like about it. Bummer . . . In the past I have always had my test first thing in the morning but because of piano lessons my appointments more than likely fall in the afternoon. At this office they give you your ďcocktailĒ when you arrive and you drink it in front of the nurse, have your regular appointment and they draw blood an hour after you consumed your ďcocktailĒ. By the time my hour was up I was so sleepy all I needed was a place to curl up and I would have been out. Since sleep has been quite elusive of late I assumed that was the reason but had a suspicion that it might have been the syrup they gave for the test. As the nurse prepared to draw the blood she recommended as soon as I left to get something on my stomach to sop-up all that sugar. I have never failed one of these tests before so I am a bit bummed and nervous about the whole thing.

The good news was that I had lost a pound at the visit. So did better than staying within the recommended gain for the month. Doc didnít have a problem with it and baby still measured growth. If I remember correctly this is about where my weight gain was with Elora a loss of one or two pounds one month maybe a pound gain the next one. I have extra weight to consume calories from so not like I was when pregnant with KayCee or Joshua. He asked about movement which this little gymnast does plenty of that.

We also talked about Braxton Hicks since I had mentioned the stronger ones at the top of my uterus. He said that the more pregnancies the sooner the uterus begins working at its job. He commented that unfortunately there was nothing to be done about them. I stopped him and said no I donít want anything done about them because my theory was the more noticeable they were the better prepared I felt my body would be since it had more practice for the real labor. He turned from my chart and said my theory wasnít too far off from what he had observed over the years. Apparently those of us who have more Braxton Hicks and more noticeable ones seem better prepared for labor! So though I have been glad to have them in the past I am even more jazzed to have them knowing this. When the ones that are stronger hit the top of the uterus I try to use those to practice deep breathing if possible. It startled Darius the other day when we were discussing something and one hit. I reassured him nothing to be concerned about I was just practicing!

It is real difficult to know if my lack of sleep is from the horrible cold I have been fighting for a week or something else. Some nights I believe it is my mind working on different projects. I will wake up for a bathroom run and then Iím awake for a couple of hours. I have tried my usual tricks like praying for different people but all to no avail. On Friday mornings I visit my friend who is recovering from a stroke. I go early because that is best for her and now that we are back to school it works well. Though for two weeks I have not slept much at all the night before our visit; I am confident that Satan is trying to keep me from the visits. I wonít let him win she is too important of a friend and looks forward to our time together.

Darius finally finished with the project he has been on since last fall at work. There was the potential for him to travel for future jobs like this one, the next being in Tennessee. He was really looking forward to that possibility even though it would have been a bit of a challenge until after the baby came. The thought of showing the kids different parts of the United States and historical sites had him excited. Unfortunately word came last week that the contractor went with a different company for Tennessee. On one hand we are sad but other opportunities outside of work have presented some need for attention so of course it all worked for our good. There is the possibility of him traveling to and working in some southern states at a later date so we will see what happens when the time comes to break ground. He finished the week running service calls which rarely does he like doing and this week he is traveling 90 minutes one way to do work at the state fair grounds. He is up at 4:00am and returns around 7:00pm; they are working 10 hour days, 4 days a week because of the drive involved. Thankfully he has a company van and car pools with two other guys for this one. I am not sure if he is on this project until completion in December or for a short period. Needless to say this change in the schedule has not helped my sleep patterns either.

Darius sold my jet ski this past week though I canít stay sad for long since he bought a new (used) one last night. He had been figuring and realized with Joshua and KayCee at their ages and the soon to be 4 little ones at their ages that if for some reason Joshua and KayCee did not go with us to the lake and we only had the jet skis we could not give everyone rides without one of us adults staying at shore. This is because my old one was low on power for more than one rider unless a small child. So he decided to sell it and look for one that could accommodate three riders and with more power. Well in less than a week's time he found what he was looking for at a price he liked. It came with a trailer that he will sell which when all is said and done he will probably end up making a little money on the whole deal! Well thatís the logic he gave me on the entire process. After 24 years (in a few weeks anyway) you learn which battles are worth the effort; this one was not one of them. If you have ever heard the saying Ďall work and no play . . .í well the man works hard for his money and his play is 99.99% of the time with the family and for the family's benefit. The rare time it is not is a clay pigeon shoot his work hosts or a hunting trip where he takes Joshua and Jesse for the weekend and the rest of us are always invited. I have been truly blessed with such a wonderful hubby. And get this he is not fond of the water! He almost drowned when he was younger so he has amazed me with wanting to expose his children to water activities like camping, the boat and jet skis.

After purchasing this jet-ski he came home and announced there is no way you (meaning me) are riding the jet skis. I sat there with a dumb-founded look on my face for sure thinking ĎI can ride next summer, what is he talking about.í Before I could form my thoughts into a question he explained that the reason the man was selling the jet ski he just bought was because he had given his wife a ride soon after they had bought it; they had fallen off and she was pregnant and lost the baby. They have had two children since the accident but she will not ride. I was so sad for them and their loss yet so very thankful for the advice my doctor had given me about riding and the possible risks. Not to mention the fact that he took the time to explain his advice which made all the difference to me since my mother water skied up until the very end when she was pregnant with me. Thank you Lord for knowing what I need to hear!

Last night was haircuts for the little boys and Elora insisted on getting her haircut. I must say those invisible snips look fabulous on her! Some days there is just no reasoning with her when she sets her mind on something. So after I finished both boys she climbed up, I put the cape on her and pretended to cut her bangs and shape the back. At first she wasnít sure then I reminded her that all the haircuts were done and the boys really wanted their ice cream and cake from dessert. Say no more she was ready for dessert! I know tricky on my part but I was tired and I am the one (as well as daddy and everyone else) who wants to keep her hair long so the battle needed diffused in some fashion and this worked with the least harm. Besides Noah and Elora are supposed to sing Sunday morning at church and there is no way I was going to let my little girl stand up there bald like she wanted!

Oh my goodness this entry has gotten extremely long, sorry about that. Until next week!

~ Nancy

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