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Week 25
~ The State Fair

Well I feel a little bit more in the driver’s seat than last week at this time. I have talked with one of the ladies who help me with nutritional, homeopathic, etc. for my gall bladder and she made some recommendations for some issues she noticed that were going on with me right now. So with that knowledge and the affirmation that I know a good deal of what I should be doing nutritionally, already I feel much better about the whole need to take the 3 hour GTT. If I behave I know that I have done everything I can to be healthy in this area and the rest is up to my Lord’s will. I must do my part though just like I have to do in keeping my gall bladder healthy. She also reminded me about raspberries and raspberry tea and how good they are for preparing the body for labor. You can guess what is on the list to be picked up this week.

Last Thursday Darius took the day off and we went to the state fair. Of course the big kids (dear hubby included) were off to see a variety of garden tractor pulls. After an hour and a half the three younger ones were getting restless and I had pushed the limit with sitting so I took them to look at the animals. No sheep were on display this day so we turned around and headed to the swine barn. We missed all the pig races but several were in the process of having baths as well as getting clipped or air dried. Quite the primping process for a pig! We ran into Joshua’s ex-football coach who has a farm and raises quite a few pigs. While visiting with them we witnessed one sow remove the front panel from the pen she was in and waltz out like she knew exactly where she was going. They placed her in another pen that had the front area blocked so she couldn’t see out only to have her remove the panel of that one and waltz on out again. Apparently they had been paging for the owner for a good thirty minutes since she had been found walking around by herself earlier. She was not a happy pig and was definitely looking for something or someone. The older kids had caught up with us by this time and we all were quite humored by the display of temperament this pig displayed. I had not realized a pig could be that strong, yet alone determined!

After this stop it was off to the nature center where Jesse touched a live Milk Snake! OOOOOO! We saw a moth and her recently laid eggs, only a few hours had passed since she had laid them. It is a very hands on area so the kids got to participate in activities and touch various skins, furs, and claws. By the time we reached the highway safety area it had begun to rain and by the time we started over to the talking car Otto, it was pouring. The little ones and I sat it out for awhile, at least until it let up a little and headed over to the 4-H building since it had way more to see and keep the little ones occupied. They enjoy looking at all the decorated cakes. Of course Noah found one he wanted made for his birthday. Why he has chosen horses is beyond my understanding; I was just glad he landed on something easy! Elora saw lots of Barbie cakes but none that had Cinderella used as the Barbie so of course none were the right one. By this time the rest of our group had joined back up with us and they were drenched! At the next let up we went to the poultry barn which was filled with rabbits and then to the kids farm area. Our favorite is the popcorn chicken display! It has fertilized eggs incubating and chicks hatching continually; so a real learning experience. Somehow we left that area with a kitten to take home which we were to come back later and pick up. How for over a year Daddy has said no only to cave on this day is beyond me. I am still scratching my head over it. And I wasn’t too happy the next night when I discovered the little fur ball was covered in fleas. After 5 baths with a mild shampoo and some meds for fleas I think they are at bay. I do not need a flea infestation at this stage of the game. I need to remind the kids to daily vacuum just in case there are any eggs.

By the time the day was done I was drained! Joshua volunteered to drive home since Darius had to be up at 4:00 am again. Good thing it was only a 90 minute drive because though I was pooped my legs were too restless and hips too sore to let me relax. Fortunately my feet did not swell and I kept reminding myself to drink water hoping to keep the Braxtons at bay; though that theory didn’t hold true. All that said we had a very enjoyable time. Even got to watch them milk some cows! Funny how women can have such sympathy for a cow who obviously needs to be relieved of milk production! Those poor things looked miserable.

Saturday one of our nieces was married. She had a full afternoon and evening of events with dinner, reception and wedding dance. We visited with siblings, nieces and nephews. Darius is the youngest of 14 and several were in attendance. By the time you add nieces, nephews, great-nieces and nephews and then the brothers and sisters we are pushing 150 in number. Some of the nieces find it strange to be pregnant at the same time as their Aunt. But considering many of their moms are old enough to be my mom; well it was bound to happen. One niece and nephew are only a couple of years younger than me.

Denise, one of our nieces, has been a midwife for about 9 years. So we chatted about deliveries and in particular, v-bacs. She is completely for them though the hospitals in her town have a standing policy against allowing them which she obviously does not agree with. She said that in all her years she had only seen 1 uterine rupture and that was because of the incision from the previous c-section. She agreed with what I had concluded from my research that the risks were just as high if not higher for a repeat c-section than to v-bac. After listening to a brief history of my previous births and c-section she said a v-bac should not be any problem for me. All of that was good to hear especially from someone with her experience. She admitted from the doctor and hospital end the bottom line is money and liability. Very sad I think. Another niece who is studying to be a nurse and has worked in the same hospital said she has heard so much good praise about Denise and that she is earning a fabulous reputation.

This week I have a pre-season volleyball tourney that I have t-shirts to print for. I offered a pre-sale for the group so my phone rang off the hook on Monday. Just like most of us do everyone has waited until the last minute to pre-order saving themselves money. It is creating a very busy week for me which I knew would happen considering it fell the same week as Noah’s birthday. My prayer is to sell out by Friday! Leaving Saturday open otherwise Dad gets to play the mom role with the little ones since the older two are invited to the amusement park for a birthday celebration of a friend. Is he in for a treat if I’m tied up!

Everyday this week should bring some type of delivery for the tourney. I am so thankful the kids are good sports about lifting the really heavy stuff for me. I have been so careful about lifting this pregnancy. My pre-occupation with and being overcautious with lifting somehow ties to the miscarriage last November; it is hard to explain. I simply am very uneasy about lifting anything heavy. When I think the entire thing through I know that is not the cause for the miscarriage but there is always a lingering ‘what if?’ in the back of my mind. Not to mention whatever is truly going on with my lower back and the sciatica nerve. I DO NOT want to get stuck in bed healing. So I know I am being extra careful and my family is very patient with me about it; thank you Lord for their understanding and unquestioning help.

The daily devotional I read that is called “Help me Lord, I’m Pregnant” has such wonderful reminders of not only where the baby is in growth but what may be going on with me. The author wrote it during her fourth pregnancy so it is very real. She has reminders to pray for hubby and the kids in practical ways. I tend to forget they have an adjustment coming--maybe not so much now but for sure and certain when the baby arrives. She also reminds me of little things that I may have forgotten and can think through. At this stage of the game she doesn’t find shopping fun anymore, too much weight to carry around and encourages the reader to tie up loose ends. I know I need to start working on a list of things and put it to paper so nothing unsettling gets left undone. A friend brought it to our attention to check the infant carrier online to make sure it will be ok’d by the nursing staff for use. The hospital will not allow the baby to leave until an appropriate car seat is provided. Nothing is wrong with the one we used for Noah or Elora but something about the age of the seat might be a problem. So that means I need to pull it out and do some checking. Things like that I need to add to this list, and of course all the obvious stuff. I know I have a good supply of diapers ready and waiting thanks to a clearance sale I found way back in my first trimester. It was a daring purchase for me (with risk of a miscarriage) but decided I would be stocked up on baby gifts in the worst case scenario and made the purchase. At $2.00 a bag I could not resist! With a trip coming up next weekend this will be a project to work on!

Have a great week!

~ Nancy

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