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Week 26
~ Celebrations

What a busy end to last week. Wednesday and Thursday brought a mailbox full of orders for the volleyball tournament, which meant that over three days time I pressed about 100 shirts with almost all having a personalized back. Unfortunately I did not sell out by Friday; it was a nice thought but just didnít happen. I will have to rethink that set up for the next time. So in the end I pressed just short of 150 shirts most wanting the back personalized. If all goes well, I made two contacts for other order possibilities. YEAH!

Saturday proved to be a bit challenging since I was away and Joshua and KayCee were at the amusement park for a birthday celebration. Darius was to pick KayCee up at 2:30 so she could get to work at 4:00. He called me around 1:00 but it was so noisy I didnít hear the phone since I forgot to pull it out of my purse. Around 1:30 I get this urgent feeling that I need to check the phone, sure enough missed call. I knew who it was without even checking. The van would not start after being charged all night. Great, what a pickle; my mind went into overdrive trying to solve this one. We havenít been driving the van since it is in need of a new motor; well apparently the electrical problem that was supposed to be fixed a few months ago was in need of more repair than the $600+ we were charged for parts and repairs. Darius thinks it ruined the battery. Meanwhile back to the problem at hand, after some calls back and forth and putting our heads together we finally came up with a plan, not the best one but it worked for this emergency.

The baby was quite still Friday and Saturday while at the tourney. I imagine it was all the strange noises between the buzzer of the press, the whistles, and the whooping and hollering from the fans. Poor thing probably was wondering what Mom was doing. By the time I reached home and relaxed I could tell it was stretch and play time! Sounds of our chaotic home must have been more comforting to the little one.

The last few days have brought on some onset of nausea whether from overheating or smells. Sunday during fellowship time I couldnít stay; I had an overwhelming feeling that I was going to be sick. The only thing I could think of was the temperature change from one area to another since when I went and sat in the Sanctuary where it was much cooler and less people, the feeling soon left. Then on Monday I was cleaning out the kitchen sink to take care of the ďscienceĒ growing in the refrigerator (aka forgotten leftovers, a spoon of this a dab of that) and before I got started I was nauseated. Only this time lying down would not fix what ailed me. Affter thirty minutes of being a little too friendly with the porcelain bowl I showered and spent the rest of the day lying on the sofa. I managed to get Jesseís lessons done; thankfully it was a light day. I finally had Darius bring home some 7-up on his way home from work and it helped to settle enough to eat some supper. Tuesday was the 3 hour GTT and I faired that ok. Results should be available later in the week.

During my ďaloneĒ time I had for the test, I managed to start that list of ďto-doísĒ for the next few months. So far it doesnít look so bad. Though I didnít add on the wishful thinking things like finally get the office painted. Or the obvious things that will be coming like switching everyone from summer to winter clothes. The list is only in prep for the babyís official arrival to the outside world. Things like laundering sleepers and blankets, checking on the car seat acceptance, setting up the bassinet, as well as choosing and preparing some freezer meals for those little sleep nights and life still goes on days. It has never seemed to fail that around the second week home with all my babies, there will come a couple of nights where we have a few nights of crying where nothing seems to console the baby. Feeding, burping, diapering, swaddling . . . . nothing I try helps and we will both end up in tears. From, I guess, sheer exhaustion we both finally fall asleep for a short time. The only one I donít remember it happening with is Joshua. Of course he was a sleepy baby and was content to always sleep even half-way through a feeding. The whole episode leaves me quite spent physically and even more emotionally. I want to fix the problem and because I canít find it I canít fix it therefore for those moments I feel inadequate as a mom. I have read somewhere that babies have an adjustment to make to the outside world and feel that mine choose to voice that adjustment around 10 days old or so and in the middle of the night! And so far KayCee was my only baby who suffered from colic so these moments for a couple of nights are a cake walk when I look at the big picture. But with all of that said those freezer meals will come in mighty handy especially the following day!

Can you believe we still have some of the sleepers and blankets we used for Joshua and KayCee! Last time I checked they were still in good shape--amazing considering the quality of things these days. For each baby I pull out and save a special outfit and their special blanket to pass on to them when the time comes for their first baby. They can choose if they want to use it or not; just a special keepsake for them. I have the quilt my grandmother pieced together when I was a baby. It hangs in our room as part of the dťcor as well as the little puppy my dad bought for me when I was little. The tag is all frazzled so I must have had a thing for tags. I guess you could say Iím sentimental in those ways. I delight in using sentimental items in decorating our home and serving my family.

Noah's birthdayNoahís birthday actually got celebrated on the actual day since I was able to skip out a little early from the tourney on Friday. I cheated with the cake and had bought a chocolate cake with a fudge topping and walnuts around the edge. We tinted coconut green to look like grass and sprinkled it over the cake adding the horses he wanted on top. The walnuts looked like rocks around the bottom of the cake. He loved it! Thank you Lord! He was delighted with his gifts of course. A nerf machine gun, ďCarsĒ set of cars, Indiana Jones and horse, a gift card, and some blow pens. Of course Jesse brought out his nerf gun and I have found nerf bullets everywhere. Along with pages and pages of blow pen artwork!

We will be attending a 50th Anniversary celebration this weekend with a bit of a drive. Hopefully Darius will see many cousins he has not seen in several years. I canít believe the weekend is drawing close and we havenít solidified all of our plans for it. Oh well, guess it will keep us flexible! We had thought about going to the lake I spent lots of summers visiting growing up, but a month ago we checked and it was filled for all electrical spots. So that is out. I agreed to tent but refuse to tent without at least the fan! It sounds like we might go to the lake the following weekend and try to make it a three day weekend for the last time this year. It sounds like we will come home on Monday, but not quite sure so I moved my Friday OB appointment just in case we leave Friday morning. We have family portraits at church on Thursday evening so that spoiled hubbyís idea of leaving that night.

Enjoy your long weekend and whatever you do to celebrate Labor Day. Iíll chat with you next week!

~ Nancy

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