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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27
~ Dreamy Thoughts Amongst the Chaos

Officially we are entering the final stretch, third trimester! Since I have known about this wee-one since almost conception it seems like it has been a very long time coming to this point. The baby is still very active with some longer consistent stretches of what I assume are sleep periods. If someone is watching they would definitely see a show during those active times, though if I place too heavy of a hand on my belly, movement stops. It is the strangest thing to experience, but I so enjoy feeling the movement knowing that with each kick, shove and push we are closer to meeting face to face.

I have found myself wondering what this little one will look like. All the kids resemble each other. Mr. Noah is our only one with chocolate brown eyes like daddy, though daddy’s change from a dark topaz to chocolate brown and Noah’s are always deep, dark brown. All the other kids have hazel eyes with Jesse’s the closest to being grey a lot like my dad’s were. I have been thinking it would be kind of nice to have another little one with eyes like Noah. KayCee always says his eyes are what make everyone think he is so innocent when she knows how ornery he really is. Though none of them have green eyes like I do and I have always wanted a green-eyed, curly-auburn haired little girl in my perfect dream world. You would think as much red that is in my hair and with daddy having auburn hair that one of these kiddos would have more red than dark blonde to brown hair. Can you tell I haven’t done much genetic studying as to which combos produce what? I figure God knows what is best for us.

Our 6+ hour trip to the 50th Wedding Anniversary went well. My hips did get a little achy especially on the right side but other than that a nice trip. Darius was able to visit with lots of cousins, aunts and uncles. My task was to keep the little ones occupied, especially since they were just about the only little ones there. We played games and puzzles even taught them a new card game. KayCee and Joshua were not fond of the traditional polka band and polka music. I just reminded them it was part of their heritage. The dinner was delicious. I hadn’t realized it had been so long since having turkey (juicy, not dry and not pressed, it was real!) mashed potatoes, gravy and a variety of salads; my palette danced with delight. The caterer fixed a good old home-cooked dinner! It was one of those meals where you are full and can’t eat anymore but would love to have some more.

The only disappointment was that a particular set of cousins didn’t come which the kids and I had hoped to see and visit with. I told KayCee we should have thought on it sooner and bathed their coming in prayer. When it was time to leave we drove an hour to see my Grandma and spent the night with her. We had a nice visit and catching up. Her dog had to be put to sleep this year and since she has always had a pet of some kind she settled on a parakeet. She decided with her health and age (83) she didn’t want the task of potty-training a puppy! When I would spend summers with her and grandpa they had a couple of parakeets I remember. Grandpa taught the one to ‘wolf whistle’ I always thought that was cool as well as getting to help clean the cage. Noah and Elora were enchanted with Jo-Jo and wanted to know if we could take it out of the cage and hold it. We all were quick to say No!

This week’s journal entry is terribly late for me and I apologize for that. I try to have it in on Tuesday no later than Wednesday and here it is Thursday and I am frantically finishing it up. Last week and this week are horribly full of little things that need done and being gone two weekends back to back is not helping matters. Yesterday I had to do a major stock-up from the wholesale club. The guy who was putting everything back into the cart wasn’t sure how he was going to get it back in one cart. He apologized for not being able to box items and I told him it was no big deal since I probably couldn’t lift it anyway. The one time neither of the teens came with me to help. Joshua needed to take a class E driving test for a new job and KayCee was still working on school. I managed but missed their help especially as I loaded the items into the back of the suburban in the rain thankfully it was a light rain. It takes a bit of time and creative packing to load up $400 worth of groceries. Hopefully that all will last 3-4 weeks; I did splurge and buy some quick fix items for our lunches that are normally a no-no.

We are celebrating Elora’s third birthday two days early so I need to go bake her cake. She wants a Cinderella cake! I bought the Cinderella Barbie a few weeks ago since it was on sale and finished up her gift purchases. She should be on Cinderella overload by the time this is over. Joshua had planned to purchase one thing and then found a backpack with a sleeping bag in it on clearance for a really good deal that also included a water bottle, all with her favorite princess trio. His face beamed with the image of her opening it. He (as well as us all agree) that she will put it on her bed and sleep in it that very night. I will attach some pics next week of as Jesse has called her since the day we brought her home "our princess." Though I remind them each that they are either a prince or princess in their Father’s house since He is the King; it’s a hard concept to grasp on this old earth I will admit.

Chat with you next week! We finally turned the air off since it is in the 50’s and 60’s so I can finally say "Enjoy the cool weather!"

~ Nancy

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