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Week 28
~ Another Birthday and a Surprise for Me!

Elora's birthdayWe celebrated our last birthday for the year, well not counting this babyís and our Lordís. Eloraís third birthday was celebrated a few days early since we would be out of town on the sixth. I made her a Cinderella cake and she was thrilled with it. She watched as I put all the little star flowers on for the dress, sometimes I would have to ask her to move since she would be so enthralled by it she was almost on top of me watching. Iím attaching some pictures of her and her cake. She was thrilled (of course) with all of her princess gifts! Not a day has gone by without her wearing her Cinderella outfit for at least a portion of the day and just as Joshua imagined she slept with her sleeping bag that first night. Amazingly she has been more captivated by the little rubber type Cinderella doll the little boys got her than her big Cinderella ĎBarbieí type doll. Her pink princess purse and Cinderella phone go everywhere with us. Jesse and Noah have been real sweet playing with her and her girly toys. They are quick to go back to building planes with legos and bombing or grabbing the guns and fighting off the bazillions of bad guys and aliens we seem to have around the house.

CinderellaWe spent three days at our favorite lake boating, jet skiing, fishing, fellowshipping and enjoying the wonderful outdoors God has blessed us with. When we are at the lake I seem to be more aware of the simple pleasures God gives us and thank Him continually. Things like the act of camping or for the person who invented boating, jet skiing, for the wonderful sounds you hear away from the city, for the workers who put in the flushing toilets and showers! HALLELUIAH! It is definitely a slower, relaxed time to focus on the little things and how thankful I am with how they enrich our familyís life. There was rain but it came and went and they managed to have fun despite the rain and coolness. We never pulled the fan out of the suburban and I had to add an extra blanket to my bedding; which is very unusual for me of late. We found at least three different types of caterpillars. One was quite fuzzy which is the ones Noah and Elora enjoyed picking up and carrying them around. OOOO! Another had bright green and black stripes and another had a horn on itís backend with what looked like eggs attached all over its body. They were everywhere and one even hitched a ride home with us on some bedding. The silk worms were not as abundant as usual this time. I managed to get quite a bit of knitting done while they were jet skiing so I might actually finish this project if the stitches stay on the needles!

Elora and a caterpillarLast Thursday I had my doctorís appointment which went fine. Doc said that in a perfect world he would have hoped for better numbers on the GTT (extended glucose tolerance test), but since we live in an imperfect world he wasnít too upset. I need to watch the sugar intake and that should take care of everything. Normally I do that but have been rather relaxed in that area lately so a good prodding to get back in the saddle with it and stop talking about doing it. He also commented on the growth that occurred over the last month with a smile. I have noticed that growth too! Since I canít see below my belly I keep banging my legs on things like the dishwasher door when loading it, the kitten gets his foot or tail stepped on since he seems to sit just out of my sight just to name a few! I first noticed the growth while fixing lunch for the kids a few weeks ago. I went to drain the boiling water and somehow missed judged the sink and the position of my belly; yep that smarted for a bit. Anyway after another 4 week visit we are down to every 2 weeks! That got me excited to realize we are getting so much closer! I did ask about the baby getting in the head down position over the coming weeks; doc smiled gently, placed his hand on my shoulder and said ďhoney with this many pregnancies your uterus is quite stretched so there is lots of room and that baby has no intention of wasting the space. He/She could turn many times before delivery and may likely not stay head down until the day before you deliver.Ē Bummer I was hoping to know in advance if the baby was staying transverse like Elora requiring a c-section. But since he doesnít seem too worried about it there is no need for me to either. Besides it is all in the Lordís hand either way!

I am also so psyched because a friend sent me an email about a new store opening and they need ďprego belliesĒ 26-34 weeks. I thought for what? Iím not having my belly photographed or anything like that--too many stretch marks for that thanks to some of our previous little darlings (I havenít noticed any new ones!). To my surprise it wasnít for anything like that; the new store is a 3D/4D sonogram studio and they needed 20 moms for their technicians to practice on using the new equipment so they would be ready for the grand opening. First I called the office nurse to see if it was ok since I had never researched these; she had left for the day. Bummer! So I decided to go ahead and call just to check it out. They only had 3 appointments left and since I qualified which appointment did I want! You bet I went ahead and booked the appointment and half-way held my breath that they are safe. The next day the nurse returned my call and was excited that I had this opportunity. As far as she knew there were no harmful side effects especially since it is a sonogram based on sound waves (which was my thinking). Each day I almost canít believe Iím going to get to do this. They are so expensive--$175--and I get one for free! God is so good!! I still donít want to know what sex the baby is; I just find the fact that we can see those little hands and feet, curves, cheeks and such in this manner awe-inspiring!

Since we have returned from camping I have been on the run. We came home Monday evening and had unloading, washing, and preparing for the week at least for Tuesday. I was to talk as the special feature at our first Mentors meeting for the year (it runs September Ė May). I had all my notes weeks ago but was having the worst time of getting the words in the right order. I kept thinking for Peteís sake, this only needs be 15-20 minutes long--what is the big deal. After about three attempts I finally thought I got what I was to say down in ink. I finished the little details for the examples I was taking. And packed all that into a basket and then loaded up what I needed for the centerpieces. I found it amusing that back in July I had volunteered to decorate the tables since I try to do that at least once throughout the year and figured once the baby came I would be tired for a few months and it would be challenging and maybe not as joyful with all the adjustments on time schedules after the tiredness eased up so this was a good time to do this. Then a month later I received a phone call to talk about different ways to express encouragement through gifts and other ways. It was fun and I in some twisted way enjoyed the busyness it created. I sometimes hear or feel that I donít get asked to do things because Iím pregnant and somehow that means Iím less capable of handling an extra task. Which means I have to watch my attitude because it will make me grumbly or start a pity party for myself and who really needs that; I know my family doesnít want to deal with me like that. One of the excerpts I read was based on Isaiah 41:10 ďI will strengthen you. I will help you. I will uphold you with My victorious right hand.Ē And the excerpt talked about while using our hands to help others, God will move His mighty hand in all areas of our lives. It was an excerpt from the book His Princess Love Letters from Your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd. This just kind of knocked my socks off as I have been writing this because I have realized I just prepared and did what I felt I could do hopefully helping or encouraging others as I did these things and God worked out so many other things for me and the blessing of this 3D sonogram. WOW!! Donít get me wrong; I am still way behind this week since it is a short week. I still have a pile of bills I have got to get paid, an order to place, and some graphic work to work on for a Bible Quiz team and for a national soccer tourney, not to mention some Science and History to catch up on with the boys but as I need the time it appears. Laundry is almost caught up and Jesse and I made some great progress yesterday in reading; just to mention a few. Plus on Tuesday evening Jesse and I did a research focus group that gave us $100! All we had to do was answer some questions in a small group setting and after Jesseís set of questions he watched a movie with some new friends. He is of course planning how to spend his share of the money.

It looks like fall is arriving though KayCee is quick to remind me not officially until the 22nd of the month! So I hope you are able to find some time to get out and enjoy the cool weather before it turns to winter. So far the grass and trees are still quite green here; not like we usually have in September. But I will take it and enjoy; I hope you do too!

~ Nancy

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