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Week 29
~ Everyone is Anxious!

Another week down and not only have I been reminded that our meeting date is getting closer with mile markers as last 4 week doctor visit, appointment to pre-register with the hospital and go over paperwork with labor and delivery BUT now the ever presence of the ďburn.Ē Oh I have had small bouts of it throughout pregnancy but it seems I have hit the point where it rarely goes away without extra encouragement. Nor is it prejudice to what will set it off; for example last week it seemed a simple glass of water could do the trick. I know that is an exaggeration but that is how it felt. Good thing Tums were on sale this past week! Iím not thrilled with the added sugar it puts in the system but since I forgot to ask about charcoal tabs this will do for now.

Our city is updating the water meter system so they had to come and run a wire in the basement which meant moving all the tubs that contain the girl clothes and newborn sleepers, receiving blankets, etc. I havenít moved them back in place since I decided I need one or two of them out so I could wash them and have them ready. I wash them before I pack them in the tubs, but always wash them as I pull them back out. Silly I know but I like them to smell fresh and ready not stuffy like storage. I keep pushing it off because I know once I see those little sleepers I will get so excited it will make the wait even more difficult! I havenít had the heart to tell Joshua that in a few more weeks I will need to put the bassinet back together. He and I worked forever trying to get the base part to come apart to pack away. We would literally let it set in the storage room for months (ok, more like years) we became so frustrated trying to get it apart. Then the last time we were working in there it finally came apart, voila! Go figure!

I found out this week that we will not be able to use the infant carrier we have since it is more than likely expired since we have had it for over 8 years. I had hoped that we could simply move Elora to the extra full size booster seat and use her car seat for the baby. To burst my bubble even more I found out her seat is for 20 pounds plus and over 1 year. So now I get to add looking for an infant carrier to that to-do list! ACK that list seems to be growing instead of shrinking.

I managed to shampoo the living room carpet over the weekend. Not exactly a necessity but it was really bumming me out to look at it. After it dried I did some slight rearranging so that I could bring the rocker into the living room instead of the family room. It will be warmer in there and will just work better. Iím looking forward to rocking this wee one in this rocker. We had taken a trip to an Amish community last fall when Darius purchased two long benches for our dining table and this rocker for our baby that was due in May. Both purchases were very special to me and I would sit and imagine rocking our baby in this rocker. Even after I lost the baby I found it soothing to sit in the rocker; it was like a salve to my aching heart. It is rather unique in design more what most would have for a porch or sun room since it is made of willow branches with an oak seat. It has many layers of shellac on it, so smooth and shiny. The Amish gentleman said his wife had hers since their first child and had rocked I think all 8 of their children and it was going strong. It is so comfortable to sit in, fitting the back perfect, which will be good for nursing.

Sunday was our 23rd wedding anniversary. I didnít feel like doing anything out of the ordinary; besides on Saturday Darius had given me a wonderful gift and I donít think he even realized it. He went and got McDonalds (no that is not what Iím referring to, Iím not fond of their food except the fries but they put sugar on them!); anyway he went there because they have Wizard of Oz dolls by Madame Alexander. My all time favorite movie! So that was kind of special that we got Dorothy and Glenda; Joshua was hoping the wicked witch since I can cackle like her! So that was kind of sweet since he knows how much I like the movie. But the big treat was that after KayCee went to work Darius and Joshua took all three little ones and went to look at a truck. I had two, maybe three hours all to myself! It was amazing and glorious! I sat in the living room enjoying the clean carpet and knitted! No interruptions, no mom whatís for supper, no fighting, no doors slamming; the best gift after a very busy week. There are times it doesnít take much to satisfy me! Then there are other times like for Christmas I hope he gets me a pair of ruby and diamond earrings to replace the one I lost last month when it just fell out of my ear somewhere! I had them since Joshua was little; Darius and him had gone out and purchased them ďtogetherĒ.

Lately I have been thinking how very blessed we are. Since the very beginning of this pregnancy we had half-heartedly figured Darius and maybe Joshua would be working in Tennessee right now on a large project that his company had been diligently pursuing. I can do many things on my own but birthing a baby I desperately need and want my hubby with me and Tennessee is well over 14 hours away. I had no idea how God would work all this out and finally decided there were too many factors out of my control and I had to leave this matter with my Heavenly Father. When I finally chose to do that a total peace came over me; I knew God knew my heart desire, Dariusís heart, goals etc. and what the company needed. The Tennessee project went to another company and Darius is staying here for now. The future might take him to New Mexico then maybe Texas but those are all tentative and in the wait and see holding program. We all had looked forward to the adventures of Tennessee but that will be for another time.

Darius and Joshua do want to go pheasant hunting during opening weekend which is 3 weeks before my due date. From past experience this shouldnít be a problem but it does make me kind of nervous. I really want them to go; they have such a good time with this weekend away. But it does make me a little nervous being that close to delivery. Darius keeps telling KayCee she needs to practice her driving skills in case she needs to drive me to the hospital! I told him if that were to happen he would be wishing the dog house was in better shape and heated not to mention much larger! KayCee has informed the baby of what dates work best for her for this wee one to come. What it boils down to is I have to be home Wednesday the 26th in the evening so we can see the ďChristmas in the SkyĒ a huge fireworks display set to music and Thanksgiving day because she doesnít want to do all the cooking. No pressure around here! On the other hand Noah is ready to put the Christmas decorations up and figures the sooner the baby comes the sooner Christmas will come. Can you tell mom is not the only one getting anxious around here!

My 3D sonogram is just a few days away so will tell you about that next week! Over the next 3 weeks there is something scheduled for the baby or delivery so lots to share coming up; like I have problems with that! Hahaha!!

Oh I'm attaching a couple pics of the older two (and a friend) from the camping trip. The water was warm until you got out, then it was nippy so I'm told! They had such a blast for the last trip out for the year.


Have a great week!

~ Nancy

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