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Week 30
~ Cutesy Face

3D UltrasoundWhat a week this turned out to be! Started out normal and ended in a flurry. Last Tuesday night I awoke to the baby moving really hard (sorry no better way to describe it); I have no idea what this little darling was doing but it flipped my stomach into a mess. I felt nauseated all day and spent as little energy as possible on Wednesday. Thankfully KayCee was off and helped with supper. The next day was the 3D sonogram and I wanted to be up for that. I ate crackers, put peppermint oil on a pulse point, even got desperate and sipped some 7-up and by evening I was doing better.

ultrasoundThursday at the 3D sonogram one of the technicians ended up being one who had been finishing her training at my first sonogram. She remembered the kids and commented how well behaved they were. She even remembered that one of the kids, Joshua, was missing on this day. Anyway after we got started it was obvious that these gals were in need of practice when it came to some of their applications. It didn’t help that my baby was asleep and that I have an anterior placenta and that is where baby wanted to sleep! We tried me on my back, then my left side and finally got the best view with me on my right side. We heard the heartbeat and saw it fluttering away. Though our little one was asleep he/she moves a lot while sleeping so they did a great deal of chasing. The only shots they knew how to do in 3D were headshots and I’m including one or two for you to see. The “stuff” in front of the face or off to the side is placenta. The technician explained to us that it is like a very soft downy pillow where the placenta is and that is why baby likes to snuggle in there. She said she didn’t blame it for wanting to be there. A couple of pictures make the nose look either broad or smooshed but she said that is just how the pictures turn out when they convert them to 3D. In one of the head shots there is a good picture of part of the cord, too. They asked if I wanted to see anything in particular and I asked to see a foot or feet. This turned out to be another challenge since baby had its legs pulled up to the chest like you see in all the books. They were finally able to get a few shots but they didn’t know how to make it 3D. They saved them for me so I will include one of those pictures as well. We were sent home with a DVD of the entire process and a cd of the pictures they took and two picture printouts. A little disappointing because I was hoping for 3D of the foot and hand like you see in the magazines; but the whole thing was still fascinating to see our little one bigger than life on the big screen. Not to mention amazed at technology today compared to just a few years ago. And to see that precious, cutesy face!!!

3D UltrasoundI pressed 90+ t-shirts front and back for a women’s retreat that were ordered. Finished the design work for a Bible quiz team group, actually there were to be three teams but one dropped out. And received order requests from three more customers for graphic designs to be worked up this week. By the end of the week I will have some more t-shirts for the retreat to press, they decided on a few more, as well as everything to finish out the quiz teams.

Last weekend brought the last wedding for this year at our church. So I was busy with rehearsal and dinner on Friday and then at the church from morning to early evening on Saturday with the wedding and all that leads up to and follows one. For the most part all went well; we had to start about 5 minutes late because the videographer got lost. I had chosen a pair of shoes I had worn a couple of weeks ago with no problems, but they turned out to be not so comfortable this time and had to have another pair brought to me, which were not that great either. I ended up with blisters on the bottom of both feet and on several toes. By Sunday the soreness from all the walking for the wedding was catching up with me; which is when my dear hubby suggested I pushed too hard and did too much the day before. Probably true but who wants to admit to that!

Sometime around 2:00 on Saturday Joshua called to discuss his purchase of a pickup and that he needed to switch vehicles with me. I had to tell him to get up to the church quickly or he would have to wait until after the wedding. Well since they were heading to Arkansas to pick up the pickup, he arrived quickly to trade out keys. When I asked who all was going he said everyone; wow it looked like a quiet evening for me when I got home! KayCee and Elora ended up staying home so I picked up Panda Express (KayCee’s favorite Chinese.) and to my surprise the girls had chosen to watch “Gone with the Wind” while we ate. When it was over it was pushing midnight and since KayCee and I were teaching Sunday school we decided to watch “Scarlett” another night. I like it almost better than the first one. Anyway, I should have just stayed up and watched it since I spent a good portion of the rest of the night worrying and praying for “my boys” safe return home. Every time I would start to worry I would pray for their safety, or to keep them awake, or a hedge of protection around them, etc. I called them a few times just to check on them. My best rest came as soon as I heard them pull into the drive and open the front door; then I was out for a few hours!

Joshua is excited with his new find. He has to replace the brake line and I think tail lights and weld in the floor. The guy he bought it from was making it into a “mudder” but couldn’t finish the project due to some other commitments. But Joshua wants to drive it and maybe do some snow plowing this winter, so he thinks. He is also trying to decide what to do about his current employment. He shared with his dad and I some issues concerning co-workers with drug problems and how frustrated he is with the lack of respect these young men have for women, not to mention their colorful language. He is also very disappointed that his employer has hired some illegals. The frustration he has is understandable and if he wasn’t having to deal with co-workers being high and putting him in jeopardy and the illegals I think the colorful language and distasteful remarks about women wouldn’t be bothering him quite as much since he has dealt with those issues before on other jobs. Joshua has been checking out some other options and plans to re-visit some people he has spoken with a few weeks ago.

Jesse went to the eye doctor today and found out he has great eye sight. But it tends to lose its strength over time you might say. So the eye doctor recommended we get some reading glasses for school work. I noticed the problem when I would have him sit with me and read a book; after a certain point he would start missing words that were easy just a few pages back. His concentration seemed to wander the further we went into the book as well. I hope the glasses will help and Jesse seems excited for them to come in so he can start wearing them.

Elora on the other hand has decided to assert her will over the last few weeks. Apparently she has realized that she can do this; I had expected her to go through this stage several months ago. When she didn’t go through it I falsely thought ‘ah, she is more like KayCee than I thought’. Boy was I wrong! Not only did she decide to have a melt down in the middle of the Disney store the other day, but she then decided to add her own artwork to the stairwell walls with Noah’s green blow pen; not once but three different areas on two occasions. The first time I thought it was her but didn’t see it and had no evidence. The second time she was caught red-handed (or should I say green-handed) and with a witness to boot. She even made matters worse by lying about it; mind you with the blow pen still in her hand as she stood beside the vandalized area. My prayer and hope is that we can get this under control before November rolls around.

Ah the ups and downs of parenting! At least with our numbers some things you recognize and know how to approach. Elora is going through what I call ‘the big harry toe’. She is testing her boundaries and slapping her toe on the boundary line asking ‘and just what are you going to do about it?’ She catches on pretty quick so I’m not anticipating too many confrontations as long as I keep my guard up and follow through; which is hard to do when you are 10 weeks from delivering.

Hope you have a great week! Do something memorable with your kiddos . . . how about going apple picking! Yummy!

~ Nancy

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