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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ More Schedule Changes

Another week down . . . Yahoo! Not too much excitement happening this week. Baby is still moving a great deal especially on my bladder it feels like at times. I keep saying "hey that is not a trampoline." I'm just starting to feel bruised on the inside a little. I have had to use a small stepstool to get into bed for several weeks now. We have an old iron bed frame we refurbished many moons ago which I love. The only problem is when we had to buy a new mattress set a couple of years ago it made it really high. Normally it isn't much of a challenge just a little hop or something like that but those days are gone for a few more weeks! So is tummy sleeping and anything close to it. With Joshua and KayCee we had a water bed that allowed me to cozy down in and sleep kind of like on my tummy. I miss that so much during pregnancy and pillows are just not the same.

To our surprise Jesse's glasses arrived within 2 days of the order. He was so excited. He has been wearing them for all of his school work. He will do some extended reading for me for the first time since picking them up so we will see how much they help. Our eye doctor's wife fitted him and told him how "studious" he looked. He beamed.

Well Joshua had a working interview last week and was offered the job with a very large raise to boot. So even though he will be dropping to two days a week he will be making just about the same amount of money. The gentleman also has a few connections and said he might be able to connect him up as a car porter later in the year. He has also applied to take testing to be a referee for basketball. This week he will be teaching the lesson (actually for the next 3 weeks) in the afternoon Good News Club he volunteers with. He had to take a training course before he could teach and since that was done on Saturday he will be allowed to do more during club.

KayCee has been practicing on corsages and boutonnières at work. Which translated means we have been graced with the fruits of her work, she brings them home (since they use the flowers that are headed for the trash to practice on) where she cuts the tape and places them in water for our enjoyment for a few days. Saturday evening she was working alone and got a call for 3 corsages and 3 boutonnières to be picked up in 90 minutes! Amazingly she was able to finish them with a few minutes to spare and take care of quite a few incoming customer orders in the process. She is enjoying her work a great deal. Basketball sign-ups are this week; it is rumored that we are to only have 25 games. She loves the game but one of her junior high years had more than 50-60 games which even she admitted was over the top. So far the schedule that has been released is lacking those finalized games except for Regional play-offs and National play-offs both in the spring. As I'm running out of energy towards the end of this pregnancy her activity schedule will begin getting busy. Hopefully between Dad, Joshua and I we can take turns getting her to everything. I know it is an extremely quiet load compared to many teens. But it is a reminder that I need to work on a few back-up plans for everyone when I go into labor. I have been extremely blessed to have capable, willing help at home with the teens. I hate having to inconvenience others, especially with "just in-case" and "what if" scenarios.

Last Thursday I went in to take care of the pre-registration paperwork for delivery. It always is nice to get that done; a real mark that we are in the home stretch! To my amazement it took only thirty minutes including the walk across the parking lot and a bathroom stop. I was surprised they were able to pull up the previous birthing information from the database which took care of a lot of time. I declined on the tour since no changes have been made in the past three years. I did learn that they can no longer allow you to room in the same you room you deliver. They are very busy and need those rooms now. With Noah I was able to stay in the room I delivered in and it was nice not having to move. Of course all of the rooms are private so that is nice, since it wasn’t that way when Jesse was born there. The first roommate they tried to place with me was horrible. She wanted a private room and none were available and she made the biggest fuss. Not only that she had visitors the entire (short) time she was a roommate and they were very loud and very rude. My older two looked at me and said they were sorry I had to be there and they were only 10 and 8 at the time. They moved her out after just a couple of hours and she was later replaced with a young girl who they were trying to keep on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy which was almost two months. She was sweet and would not have been too bad to room with though I was on my way out. So all that to say I am very thankful for private rooms now!

Though I do admit the more babies you have the less they bug you, unless you ask for something! The meals are ala carte and you can order when you are hungry and ready for the food. I remember with Jesse and Noah coming out of the shower only to find a cold breakfast waiting for me on more than one occasion. I had determined they were watching to see when I stepped into the shower and then brought it in! This hospital has a very good kitchen staff the food is really good most of the time.

They sent me home with paperwork to bring back at delivery. So the majority of the birth certificate is completed. I have the folder and the all important black ink pen waiting to go in the suitcase. I decided to go ahead and get that out and start filling it with what I can. The nursing gowns are washed and in as well as some washable nursing pads and my hopeful coming home outfits for me and baby. I say hopeful because I'm sure I will be able to wear this one outfit home instead of maternity clothes. It is just a simple yet fun sweat outfit, only NOT maternity. I have been wearing the majority of my maternity clothes for FOUR pregnancies now and as usual looking forward to more variety and non-maternity. I have managed to only purchase just a few items this time around.

I also included a few special treats for the kids in my suitcase. A couple new videos, one of Scooby-Doo classics, the other a Christmas Mickey video to watch while I'm gone and some play-dough and gel-pen books to play with while they visit at the hospital. I'm sure daddy will take them out to dinner at least once while I'm gone, even though Daddy, Joshua and KayCee can easily cook and will have items to pull out of the freezer. It’s a DAD thing!

My dear hubby told me to go ahead and pick out the baby's name. He feels he had plenty of say in naming several of the other kiddos so this one is up to me. Yeah! I think. I know which boy name I like; and I'm pretty sure I have settled between two girl names. We shall see if that is what I end up with! And no I'm not telling.

I finished the baby quilt, washed it and it is ready to pack for our home trip. I have twelve - fifteen more inches of knitting to complete and that blanket will be finished. Both are very soft and cuddly. I have been using some of the leftover material to make burp cloths. I like to have some items on hand for gifts so these will be nice to have extras ready. I have been trying to crochet some baby booties, but my tension is not correct. My parents had purchased a pair when Jesse was born and I really enjoyed having them because my kids are forever working their socks off and the booties help keep those footsies warm. For Elora we found some adorable ones at Kohl's that she wore forever since her feet were ever so tiny. But I have since packed those both away for them as keepsakes.

My friend shared with me a magazine article on having a healthy pregnancy/delivery and the use of homeopathic remedies. It was very interesting and led me to the used book website to search for a few books. They should be here in a week or so. The article was from a midwife of 20 years who has added the use of homeopathic remedies with her practice; she included some case studies to how helpful this has been. There was also an article on "Cry Babies" and remedies for them. It was just as helpful and an encouragement after having one with 6+ months of colic. Since I have used homeopathic remedies and know how well and quickly the correct one can work I was glad for the additional information.

That’s it for this week, take care and chat with you next week!

~ Nancy

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