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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
~ Fall Is Finally Here!

Time is drawing near Iím down to seeing the doctor every 2 weeks! My visit this week went well and I learned a few new things. I have been having quite a bit of nausea since my last appointment so asked about that expecting an answer about hormone change since that is what causes it in the first trimester. Nope not the case at this stage of the game; I have been getting nauseated because of dropping blood pressure. The way I am carrying the baby and uterus and all that stuff is putting pressure on my pelvis and a major blood vessel after time the weight/pressure is cutting the blood supply to my upper body thus a drop in blood pressure. Solution is that I have to start wearing that dreaded pregnancy belt (yuck boo-hoo) and I need to increase fluid consumption (like I donít spend enough time running to the potty as is!). Also when it happens I am to lie on my left side so the pressure can be relieved from that major blood vessel, thus a quicker rise in blood pressure. (Yahoo! a reason to lie down!) This same problem is also contributing to my headaches which are multiplied by my need to wear glasses to relieve eye strain when reading, working on the computer, sewing, knitting or any type of close eye work. Doc suggested I be more diligent at wearing the glasses even for small doses of this type of work along with the suggestions above. He also reminded me that during pregnancy our eye sight has a tendency to change a little, thus a more apparent need for wearing the glasses more than usual.

I asked my doctor if he planned to deliver our baby and he said as long as he isnít in surgery that is his plan. He is not scheduled to be out of town and prefers to deliver his own babies. Thank you God! If he is in surgery and I go too fast then his son or associate would have to be called in. I can live with that solution. Iíll just be praying my doc will get to be with me!

The other thing I questioned him on was Dariusís hope to go hunting the first weekend of November. He smirked and asked how far away would he be? When I said 6 hours he smiled and said he does realize at this stage of the game he could miss the birth process being that far away. Of course if I insist on him staying home nothing will happen! Then he was concerned about me having a driver if hubby goes. I told him KayCee would be home and I thought I could call a friend if need be which I need to check with her. Though I didnít share that KayCee has a permit but has not spent any time behind the wheel; guess I will push harder for Darius to take her out for some practice. KayCee freaked out when I told her. She wants to drive a race car but not anywhere else; maybe I should approach it from the angle that driving a pregnant woman in labor to the hospital is similar to driving a race car unless you want to deliver the baby yourself! As Scarlett would say ďIíll think about that tomorrow.Ē

The other good news is that I had to review financial stuff with the doctorís office and I found out that we wonít owe them anymore than the $20 co-pay I paid at the first appointment which might even get refunded. When I returned home and the mail came in I had to call the insurance company about a lab bill and found out that the hospital should be paid at 100% also since dear hubbyís boss started this new HRA thing. The only thing that is in question is that lovely extended glucose test. The lab and the insurance company are working that out and the lab says that the coding is wrong and once that gets fixed insurance will pay for it. Iím finding it hard to believe we wonít be hit with a bill somewhere along the way. Though at the same time I am thanking the Lord that we shouldnít have to be paying anything out of pocket since work is becoming painfully slow for Darius and we are praying for no lay-off this winter. The company has let a total of 6 guys go over the past few weeks; I know this time of year always gets tight for work but this year seems even tighter. God has always been faithful to us and has always provided work in one form or another so I trust Him and turn the worry over to Him when it creeps up on me.

Over the weekend another niece got married; did I mention Darius is the youngest of 14 so we have a lot of nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. The wedding was outdoors and though a bit breezy very nice and simple. Her parents were married 25 years ago the same weekend and outdoors in a rose garden. So on Sunday we had a picnic/anniversary celebration for them. We have another niece getting married this coming weekend but we will not be attending. It was nice to see and visit with everyone; all but 3 siblings made it to the wedding.

Darius has a company open house thing this weekend. And he has to get some winterizing done for all the jet skis and boat; not to mention hopefully getting some more wood for our winter stockpile. It is some extra work but I like to have the wood stove heat. I think I will get out the bassinet and set it up as well as wash sleepers. I will be down to 7 weeks by then so close enough. A slightly calmer weekend which will be refreshing for a change of pace, no rushing around no need for grocery store runs. With only two small orders to work on this week and waiting for answers from a couple of customers no pressures there. I do need to finish prep work for a Sunday school lesson but that will be a breeze. We will be making topical maps with clay and other texture items. So we should be able to enjoy the nice fall weather; maybe the zoo on Sunday afternoon since itís free this month so might as well take advantage of it.

Hope you have a great week!

~ Nancy

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