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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ Seasons of Change

The visit to the doctor brought the lovely Group B test and we visited about the “drama” in my life that occurred last week. It’s nice to have a doctor that picks up on the little things therefore taking an interest in the entire well being of his patient. God blessed me well by leading me to this doctor. We also reviewed the hospital were I will be giving birth and he said one more 2 week visit then we are weekly. I went ahead and booked the remaining appointments except the one for the week of Thanksgiving.

Saturday KayCee, Elora and I along with another mother/daughter duo who we are friends with went to a Maple Leaf festival where we met up with a handful of my sisters-in-law and some nieces for the day. We got in lots of walking and looking and tasting with some spending more than others, simply a fun and enjoyable day for all of us to spend together. I picked up some Locust honey and of course kettle corn; there is one vendor who is our absolute favorite. Oh, I also purchased a pair of earrings that have the August birthstone and some Italian charm links for my watch and the girls’ bracelets. It seems I have a piece of jewelry with all my children’s birthstones except Noah’s (well now I will need one for this wee one). So had to fix that little issue before he figured that one out; no need to set myself up for discourse amongst the kiddos! I know I tend to have silly thoughts; it’s just me! Anyway we walked a lot! And by the end of the day I was ready to just sit and relax and thanks to Joshua treating us to pizza I could do just that.

Yesterday I managed to finish canning some pear butter and will be working on pear honey tonight. Not to mention baking some more of Grandma’s (best ever) oatmeal cookies and maybe some chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies. I did manage to get on my hands and knees and scrub the kitchen floor last night and though it looked good I was one sore mama. It definitely needed it and a mop just does not do the same job, but I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.

Sunday brought very sad news following our church service. After our guest speaker finished our Associate Pastor shared that my dear, sweet Teresa had gone that very morning to be with the Lord. So the past few days have been bittersweet emotionally for me. Sad for losing someone so dear to my heart, yet rejoicing that she will no longer be suffering in a worn out body here on earth but praising and giving glory to our Savior. This Thursday will be her funeral service it will be a difficult day for me.

Sorry to be so short this week with my entry, but I just don’t feel very chatty. I will try to do better next week with all the events of the week.

~ Nancy

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