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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ Smoke aírolling!

What a crazy week! Wednesday evening I prepared a couple of salads to take for Teresaís funeral dinner for the family. I have learned over the years to double most recipes when I take a dish somewhere because one of the kids or dear hubby will see the dish and say how good it looks and wish they could have some. So in an effort to avoid those situations I just double it and serve half of it for supper. I had to have the salads at the church by 10 am and the visitation began at 10 with funeral at 11. Dear hubby called Thursday as I was getting ready and needed Joshua to run and get a filter that he had taken off the shop vac and forgot to replace. So Joshua needed to transfer car seats and take the younger three with him to fix his error. KayCee and I got out the door and were listening to a radio program when the radio faded out then came back and then out again. At first I thought the station had lost the program since it downloads them and replays them, until the smoke started rolling out down by my feet!

I quickly turned off the radio and heater as I pulled off the highway as far as possible. A fair amount of traffic was coming so I couldnít really get down low enough to see where exactly the smoke was coming from and back up in time at this size! I didnít see flames and couldnít get in touch with Darius via phone; KayCee had been dialing since the whole thing started. After quickly thinking through our options I decided to carefully proceed at a slower rate of speed and see what would happen. Nothing happened and the smoke had cleared with nothing else happening so we went the remaining distance to church. We still had not been able to get in contact with Darius so I decided to park as far away as the church parking lot would allow. KayCee took the salads in and I popped the hood looking for what I wasnít sure. I saw nothing that looked like damage and saw no flames coming out anywhere so decided to go on with my plans of attending the visitation and funeral leaving a message for Darius on his voice mail. Iím sure it was a peculiar site to see this huge pregnant lady looking under the hood of the suburban and the undercarriage! I later ducked out to give Joshua a call and pass on the news to his dad when he saw him.

The funeral was elegant; I knew it would be. Teresa had planned every detail so her children would not have to bother with it. Pastor said she even chose the scripture that was to be read which helped him beyond measure; for each song chosen she even noted the exact stanzas that were to be sung. Ellie, her daughter, had asked 3 different ladies to present memories from the avenue in which they knew Teresa which was fun and endearing. I managed to make it without breaking down too terribly; I suppose I had done quite a bit of crying before this day. The only time I had difficulty was when I was hugged. Thankfully we had arrived so early because by the time the funeral was to start the line was well out into the foyer and down the hall. Pastor finally had to ask people to take their seats because of time constraints the family had. It was evident that every life Teresa touched she made an impact for the good!

After visiting with several friends and answering the question "how much longer?" I donít know how many times, I tried to call hubby again to see what I should do. Again no answer, I called Joshua and he didnít have much info for me to go on either. As we walked to the suburban Darius called, thank goodness. He said to drive home; he didnít think there would be a problem and we would just have to give it a try. Come to find out where he was working he was in a lead room and his signal rarely came through so it only looked like I called once. We made it home only to get a down pouring of rain a few miles from the house. Well in our state the law says wipers on you also need headlights on, so I turned both on only to have all the dash lights go out! Great! I had no idea if my headlights were on or not. Well we had decided to stop and pick up bread and when I pulled up I could see we had outer lights. YEAH! We made it home without any more complications. We were not able to drive the suburban at night until Darius was able to look into things on Saturday. Fortunately the damage was confined to the "brain" part of the radio therefore no radio for awhile. Thank you Lord!

Friday after piano and library I chose to just veg-out with the kids. KayCee had picked up the Wizard of Oz from the library and we watched that. Well I confess I fell asleep before the tornado hit! I awoke to KayCee giving directions to our house to someone, which come to find out was to a delivery driver bringing a bouquet of flowers. Surprise of surprises they were for me! I was shocked and awed; it has been ever so long since this has happened. Two sweetie gals from church decided my day (week) needed brightened and sent them to me. It has been the centerpiece of our table ever since. The colors are so wonderful for fall and just Monday the lilies opened up. It has definitely been a cheery focal point.

The baby is still more active than in any of my other pregnancies. I'm not very good at figuring out which way baby is laying and havenít bothered to ask. I have a great deal of Braxton Hicks especially in the evenings. Bedtime is horrible for me it seems. Sometime after 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning I will have the bathroom stretch which dutifully every hour I am up and into the bathroom to pee which in and of itself is not so bad; it is the heartburn or the acid that is the killer each time. I have graduated from Tums to Maalox and Papaya Enzymes alternating doses. I have never had to deal with sour stomach until now. Peanuts, peanut butter and tomato anything seems to be the worst triggers, and we eat a lot of tomato based food dishes. I wonder if Mylanta or one of the other liquids might be more effective. This is another new area for me to learn about this time around.

I am praying to make it until at least the 10th of November if this baby chooses to come early. I highly doubt that coming early is in the plans for us but just in case! Next week I have several customer orders to take care of as well as a National Soccer tournament that I agreed to do a fundraiser for. After these customers are cared for I will feel more at ease. If past experiences have any weight in the matter my sonogram due date has been the closest to being correct with Jesse, Noah and Elora. Since the calendar due date and the sonogram due date match perfectly this time, Thanksgiving day appears to be the day all the way around. After tomorrow I will begin seeing doc every week! And not to mention it will be easier to say 28 (or less) days remaining! That is just spine-tingling exciting!!!

There has not been any big huge burst of energy yet, though I did manage to make some pear honey, another pear crisp and two kinds of cookies last week. It was my turn to bring snacks for our Bible study last evening so I made marbled cream cheese brownies and shortbread cookies with hot mulled cider along with some summer sausage, cheese and crackers. I felt with all that sugar some protein should at least be offered!

After I see the doc tomorrow we will go and do a big, huge grocery run that will hopefully last for a month which means I will be very tired by the time evening rolls around. The kids gave me their input on what they felt they couldn't live without for Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately everyone still wants their favorite dishes which means by the time they were done with requests we had a full menu! So guess it will be left up to me to make the hard choices. Thanks a lot! But I agree it just wouldnít be the same without this dish or that one. Besides everyone will pitch in and help in some manner so the work won't be all left to me.

I finished the car seat cover and surprisingly it doesnít look too bad. I would like to get one of those inverted "u" shape pillows that fits around babyís head in the car seat and maybe some strap covers. I might have a set in the basement and if I do maybe I can figure out how to make some out of the leftover material from the diaper bag. But I am not going to attempt to make that "u" shaped thing. Sorry canít remember what it is called.

Darius, Joshua, and Jesse will be going hunting this weekend. The slow cooker has 8#ís of roast cooking so it can be shredded for BBQ roast beef sandwiches. Tomorrow will mean picking up buns, water, pop and muffins from the wholesale club to send with them. I will have to think of something fun for Noah to do since he is convinced he is going with them; but he is still too little. Since KayCee works Friday evening that might be a good time for something special for him. Saturday I would like to do some sewing of some dresses for Elora for winter and maybe that will encourage KayCee to work on her outfit. We will see . . . Noah will be tickled to play the video games all alone! If the weather is nice maybe Sunday we could go to the zoo for a bit.

I better get to listening to Jesse do some reading! Have a great week!

~ Nancy

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