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Week 36
~ What Is Going On?

OK, I can finally say we are down to 20-some days until my due date! That is so exciting to me to be getting so close, though I do admit to praying fervently that the Lord just gets me through until the 10th. I have loose ends to finish up until then. A youth retreat order that amazingly grew to over 100 shirts (praise the Lord!); two other customer orders I would like to wrap up and a National Homeschool Soccer Tourney I am scheduled to sell shirts at this weekend. I did not schedule all this for the end of week 36, start of week 37; it just has ended up falling this way. Considering I still have 3+ weeks to go I felt no pressure until Saturday when I awoke to diarrhea and found it necessary to stay very close to the bathroom for several hours. Then to top the situation I think it would be safe to say that the “Braxton Hicks” are officially turning into contractions! Their intensity level has definitely changed which is weird for me at this stage of the game. Thursday we did a major stock-up with groceries and that is when I first noticed the change in the contractions. At first I just thought it was because I was really trying to hurry since my doctor appointment ended up being such a long wait thus having a domino effect on the rest of the afternoon. But as I monitored the contractions over the evening and next day I finally had to realize something was changing.

At my doctor’s appointment the nurse joyfully said next week you get a “vaggy” but doc said he would only do an exam depending on how contractions go for the coming week. I commented, :Oh you think they will change from Braxton Hicks to more like contractions?" to which he gave me a strange look. Background FYI they never have in the past until labor started so I haven’t been expecting anything like this. So it looks like the next appointment will bring an exam to see what is going on, if anything. I hate to get my hopes up and can live with the due date if need be. But in all honesty it does feel slightly different in certain areas of my body. Most of the time climbing the stairs brings on contractions, as does walking, shopping or any other type of movement. They don’t last long and only build to a certain point to let me know we are moving things along and most of the time breathing just becomes a little more labored and talking can still be done. Unless I’m tired walking through them is still not a problem either.

Doc also went over the steps to take when I actually go into labor. Who to call when and if it is during the day. depending on what is happening. I may come to the office to get checked before going to the hospital (which is down one level and across the hall). If by chance it is after hours. DO NOT leave a message. follow the steps to speak with someone. And if his son or the other doctor happens to return my call I must mention that I am a VBAC. The one thing I failed to verify is how far apart does he want my contractions to be before calling; DUH! I can’t believe I forgot that one. Most of the time I call in once they hit 5 minutes apart for several contractions. But he has said more than once, "as soon as you start contracting." Well I need his definition of that because if I have it my way I will wait until I absolutely know I’m in labor-labor! I hate being confined to bed as everything develops.

Darius, Joshua and Jesse went on their hunting trip and had a good time until the fuel pump went out on the jeep. They called Sunday to let me know that they would be staying another day because the pump had to be delivered from 90 miles away. It ended up the parts person looked up the wrong information and ordered the wrong pump and the kicker being the correct pump was on the shelf the entire time! So 240 miles later they finally had the correct pump installed and were on their way home. They had to make the 60 mile one-way trip twice to get everything accomplished. They were frustrated by then to put it lightly. Then on the way home Joshua was driving, not speeding, only to have a highway patrolman pull him over. They were confused and kindly asked why to which the patrolmen said he noticed the cracked windshield and needed to do a vehicle inspection. Very odd since the state they were in does not even require an inspection to tag a vehicle. Joshua ended up with a warning to get the windshield fixed and sent on their way. So very strange an encounter this was; we all have been wondering what really was going on.

On Sunday afternoon Darius and I were talking and I decided to tell him all the strange little quirks that were happening with my body and this little one. Since he was trying to decide what to do about the above problem, I mentioned we are running out of time. Thus explaining I had no idea what to make of all these changes that were adding up to labor but in the past they happen all in the same 12 hour time period, most of the time within 6 hours. So in other words I encouraged him to stay the extra day, fix the thing and hurry home because I did not want him to risk another weekend. It seems strange to even consider the thought that the baby could come early; logically yes part of me knows that is a possibility. I just never let myself think in those terms since it only happened with Joshua and KayCee being 10 days and a few days early. Not to mention that the baby seems to be not in the pelvis or head down position right now, at least that is how it feels and we keep finding the heartbeat up higher than expected. So it is all a big guess right now but I do know changes are a happening!

Sunday KayCee and I painted the front door and framework. At long last it is Boysenberry Jam! We went back to Lowe's and asked for them to alter what they had mixed since it was not looking like I wanted. There needs to be some touch up spots taken care of, obviously we worked well past good lighting once we saw it the next day! And since I usually use a satin finish, apparently we worked the semi-gloss a little too much. But all in all I love it!

Saturday I sewed up a Raggedy Ann and Andy dress with pinafore for Elora. She was so excited for it to be done she kept asking “you done my dress yet?” She had it set in her mind to wear to church on Sunday so I had better keep on track! Amazingly it was a fairly quick sew but lots of gathers! It reminded me how much I enjoy sewing little girl clothes especially. So I plan to make her a couple of more dresses since she is lacking in that area and enjoys wearing them. Heaven knows I have plenty of patterns! I told KayCee it would be fun if this baby is a girl to make her a Raggedy Ann dress and pinafore to match Elora’s. KayCee gladly passed on having a matching one! Heehee! She did ask me to help her lay out the skirt and top we had bought material for. The material is a like a suede with embroidery all over it, simply gorgeous and so soft. Now she just needs to sew it up!

Because of how I have been feeling we chose to skip the zoo until this coming week just in case. It’s a big zoo with lots of walking, even if we only do half of it. Noah was amazingly agreeable about it. I offered to take him to Target to spend his birthday money and that was just as exciting; but then later he reminded me about the zoo next week!

I had to pick-up some shaving cream for my legs while we were at Target. I just hate the thought of having unshaved legs during labor. Also I have a thing about my toes looking unkempt. So I managed to give myself a much needed pedicure and polish my toes a nice shade of red. Hopefully I won’t need a touch up before baby comes; it is getting awfully difficult to get in the position needed to paint my toes. Am I crazy or what!!! Don’t answer that! You know those lists always say to pack socks or something for your feet. Well they just make my feet too warm with all that work and I would rather look at nicely painted toes instead!

I think I mentioned heartburn has stepped its pace up on me. When needed I resort to any combination of relief that might work for relief, though it does seem to come and go at random which is another reason I’m thinking baby is still high in position. I noticed the paper the doctor sent home way back when suggested Vitamin B6, one I didn’t have. I did notice less trouble when I remember to take my multi, folic, dandelion and milk thistle so need to keep trying to be better at that. The encounter with the diarrhea strangely left me with the need to use an ointment back there (if you get my meaning!). So I pulled my homeopathic remedy books out and found a homeopath to use and after 3 doses all but one (I call him old faithful since he appears at every pregnancy it seems) disappeared. I need to consult the book for irritability as well as the lady I usually talk with for a homeopathic remedy. I have noticed with all the other changes I am really struggling with being irritated at the strangest things. A month or so ago I read an article by a midwife who talked about using homeopathic remedies during labor as well as the months leading up to it and irritability was an area that she was able to ease. It is worth a try! Because if I have to hear another stranger say ‘you are huge’ or ‘you expecting twins’ they may not like my response. I have decided that it doesn’t matter what size you are people just don’t think before opening their mouth. When I was expecting Joshua I was a size 5 and most people didn’t recognize how pregnant I was after all; I sent the ER nurse into a tizzy upon having a contraction just as she asked what we needed. She was totally shocked to realize I was in labor. Now being the size of what I affectionately call “a real woman” and a uterus stretched out from 8 pregnancies, well it all can’t be nice and neatly tucked in like a basketball tummy back when I was 20-something. Not that I ever had the cute, round basketball tummy during any pregnancy. Sorry about that but I really wish people would think before they open their mouth and say some of the stuff they say. Yep, I really do need something to help with the irritability!

At KayCee’s prodding I finally finished the last Beverly Lewis series “The Courting of Nellie Fisher” a three book series. Book one took me most of the summer, book two I finished in a week and was waiting on KayCee to finish the third book that she had just received from the library. I finished it last night taking about a week. That is really fast reading for me, which converts to some really late night reading. All were a good read and I was amazed how the Lord used a fictional story to show me a few things I know but didn’t really think through.

Well I better get this submitted. Have a great week and I will work on finding some relief for my irritability!

~ Nancy

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