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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37
~ Doc Says What!

One more week down! At my doctor’s visit I received some good news; doc feels that the baby is vertical. He wasn’t quite sure if we were head down or butt first but either way I can VBAC as long as no feet are dangling! What wonderful good news; thank you Lord. He also said that the baby is big enough that I can go at anytime and baby would be just fine. We skipped the vaginal exam but will definitely be checking that area out this week. Which I’m hoping to hear that some changing is going on especially since it feels like it. I have dropped and for the first time ever I understand what women are saying when they say it becomes difficult to walk. There is a great deal of pressure and those poor ligaments are working overtime I’m afraid. If a contraction is happening I’m sure I look kind of funny trying to move. Contractions have been occurring in threes for the most part but don’t build up to anything more than my taking notice that they are no longer Braxton-Hicks. When I mentioned this discovery to the doctor he answered with his grin ‘good we are getting closer’. Such fun interaction with this doctor and he is so excited to be delivering another baby! He makes you feel like you are his only expecting mommy.

Fall has most assuredly arrived here with weather in the 40’s now. The National Homeschool Soccer Tournament was bitter cold and windy. Thankfully I sold out of t-shirts! All the women helping host and do all the behind scenes work were ever so nice to be around and very helpful. Some moms I knew and it was fun to catch up with them as well as meet some new moms.

The end of this week will bring some more orders to process and then I will be done for awhile. God has been wonderful to bless me with some surprise orders. It is so much fun to help everyone out in this way.

Our minister of music emailed me and asked if I would consider decorating the sanctuary for Christmas. I was so excited to have this offer. I agreed to get some helpers just in case timing gets off with baby’s arrival. Advent starts the 30th so would like to have the majority of decorating done by then. If I can’t be there that week I will have everything assigned and laid out for my helpers to complete the task. God gave me some wonderful, meaningful ideas for decorating and I only needed to pick up a handful of items. A couple of ladies have volunteered to share some nativity scenes and only need a few more to complete the look. The Children’s director is having the preschool through the upper elementary work on the decorations for the tree and will take care of decorating it. I am just so tickled to get to do this. For the first time in 5 years I feel like this fog is lifting from this time of year. Since my dad died and the two miscarriages that followed I have really had to push through this fog and not let it drown me during the holidays. I was kind of worried with my dear friend Teresa’s death that I would really have to try yet again to get things done for the holidays. But so far it is going really well I even have about half of my Christmas shopping done. The girls only need one more thing and they will be complete. And to make me feel even better all of it has been on sale at least 70% off!!! Though I don’t plan to go shopping much more until baby arrives. Some people are just rude out there; my pregnant belly got shoved into more hanging clothes racks than I care to remember simply because someone was determined to get by me. I need to exchange some jeans for hubby and a couple of other returns and then I will wait to finish or shop the net.

KayCee and Jesse are excited that a couple of the radio stations started playing Christmas music. They have also announced that Christmas in the sky will be at 7:30 on Thanksgiving eve. The morning news announcer shared that he happened by the Christmas in the Park area when they were testing all the lighting displays which opens after the Christmas in the sky. We learned several years ago that we wait to drive through the park since the lines are extremely long opening evening. And yes KayCee is praying I am not in the hospital that night.

Noah came home from Awana with a note about a chili cook-off this Friday and said “Mom you should make some chili for this; you would win because your chili is so good!” Bless his heart what a sweetie! I never make it the same way twice. But apparently all of them as long as they are not spicy he likes. It will be like a big “chili” pot-luck and we are to bring our favorite games so it looks like we will try and make it out. I made some love-knots instead of cinnamon rolls last week to go with our chili and they were gone quite quickly so will try to make them again. We like chili and cinnamon rolls add some fritos and cheese (jalapenos for some, too) and all are real happy. My friend serves her chili with cornbread and from the sounds of it so do quite a few people around here; which seems so odd to my family.

Well I think everything is ready for baby’s arrival. I need to take some diapers and wipes upstairs but that is minor. And of course there is cleaning which is never ending around here. I could do that many times over between now and baby’s arrival. The “nesting” and energy spurt have not hit me yet so maybe it will before long and I can get some cleaning done that will stick. If not I will be delegating a more diligent chore follow-up; I have been a bit relaxed in that area and the kids are only happy to take advantage of it. Starting next week some of their lessons will shorten or end in preparation for our break so they will have extra time to “catch up” where we have gotten behind in cleaning.

I have been trying to come up with a fun and unique card announcement for this little one. I think I figured it out. It will go in with our Christmas letter and a picture of all six of the kids! It is doubtful that I will get Darius to pose for yet another picture but will try. We like to take pictures at the poinsettia display that the parks department sets up in their greenhouse. It makes a very pretty setting with lots of different kinds of poinsettia plants and effects. Hopefully we can make it out to do this; if not I’ll set something up at home.

Until next week! Stay warm and enjoy each day!

~ Nancy

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