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Week 38
~ No Change

This week’s visit with the doctor was fun in an interesting way since Doc was anxious to see if we were making progress. Once again I will say it is so nice to have a doctor who is actually excited to be a part of a new life. He greeted me in the hall asking if we were going to have a baby soon. And then came in the room with the nurse as she did blood pressure and got my sheet for my v_ check, then was quick to return to start the check-up. Baby was very cooperative and we heard the heartbeat right away which was a first since this little one has never liked to cooperate with that part of the exam. I hated to burst Doc’s bubble of excitement but though I had hoped to hear of some change I figured there would be none and there was none. He did tell me we are definitely head down -YAY! That was very exciting and the days following have brought that oh-so familiar feeling of the head moving back and forth; not the most pleasant sensation but reassuring that the baby is staying there. Maybe this week will bring some measurable change, though I know from all the things I can feel change is happening whether measurable or not. If memory serves correctly I have never left a pre-natal visit with much news of dilation or cervix ripening, etc. I do remember the first time the doctor checked me when I was pregnant with Joshua. Darius had been able to make a majority of the visits but not this one and it was my first pelvic exam so must have been my 38th week. The doctor announced I was having a contraction which I didn’t even feel! I remember asking if that meant I needed to go to the hospital and he said no (of course--duh!) he was sure he would see me next week. Well I missed that 39th week appointment he was born at 1:44 am the morning of that scheduled appointment.

The ladies at the front desk at the doctor’s office let me pre-schedule all of my visits for these last weeks and this Thursday is the last week we scheduled. Doc has to make the call for next week being Thanksgiving. I have a couple of things I would like to do either Monday or Tuesday, and of course the Holiday in the Sky concert on Wednesday evening; but I would be thankful for a wee-one at the end of the week! Or anytime the rest of this week works out well. Like I have much say over this wee-one’s arrival since I really want to VBAC and want no unnatural interference that could complicate the success of the VBAC; I don’t even plan to have anything for pain especially since I never have in the past.

I do have to admit that God is gracious to give us temporary amnesia of a few things from pregnancy. For example the need to pee so often these last days and some of those trips being a real time waster for a couple of dribbles! As well as the discomfort of putting lotion, socks and shoes on the feet; my feet are so dry lately they need the lotion or it drives me crazy but definitely a task in and of itself. Just to name a few things I always forget about the need to deal with at this stage of the game.

Sunday after lunch we went to the zoo, again. Mid-week I took the kids to the zoo and we made it half-way through seeing all of Asia and Australia. KayCee was glad to see her spider monkeys. They are so active and ornery. She got a picture of one that looks like he is trying to remove the cooling vent and another one working over the fire sprinkler head. One was sucking his thumb which was cute. Oh back to Sunday; well Joshua was with a friend but Dad went along for the trip and we did Africa. Africa is a long walk just to get there and a much longer walk around once you arrive. Unfortunately many of the animals were not on exhibit because apparently the weather needs to be closer to 60+. We did get to see the jackals which the attendant told us was a rare situation; she was taking the wild African hunting dogs in for dinner and therefore letting the jackals who usually only come out at night into the pen for a run. So we hung out and got a peek of them before moving on to the hippos. The hippos gave us a good show as they played in the water. Elora did not like the noises they made and wanted to leave the area. She had also freaked out at the sea lions while they barked and swam.

Jesse really wanted to see the “monkeys” but only saw the baboons and the chimps from afar. The chimps were making quite the racket wanting in their building but it wasn’t time yet and that did not make them happy. We trucked it all the way across the swinging bridge and around to see the leopard and gorilla but the gorilla was not on exhibit. We saw some other monkey species that would scream out almost sounding like a peacock scream. Jesse was disappointed not to see the gorilla as was I since I had several contractions getting over there. On our way back Jesse was so swee;t he announced that “he hoped mom didn’t go into labor this day, because she would be too tired to get the baby out.” I gave him thumbs up because I was getting a bit tired by that time and we still had to make the trek back up the hill, across the river and to the exit. The majority of the time I was walking through contractions (or whatever you want to call them) and wondering if I was helping things along or just plain crazy!

I am walking a very fine line of being very thankful that I have been able to get so many things done before the little one arrives and the discomfort of the final days of pregnancy. With pressing well over 300 shirts in the past couple of weeks I have been able to satisfy all my customers’ orders which I won’t have to have that nagging in the back of my mind and can enjoy time off. Darius located some walnut wood and has been able to pick up over half of it; planning to finish tonight. It turned out to be a really good deal, thank you Lord! As well as many other little things along the way like a meeting, addressing envelopes for the birth announcement and Christmas letter, the Christmas letter is almost done as well. Over half of my Christmas shopping is done, too. So I do feel guilty when I complain about this ache or that pain; shame on me. I also don’t want my sour attitude to discourage someone from allowing a blessing into their life either. The discomfort is so temporary and the joy, awe and wonder of birthing and holding a blessing from God is so wonderful, awe-inspiring, such a miracle. Words just can not describe the feelings I will be experiencing shortly once labor is over and I’m holding this baby in my arms.

On that thought I think I will close out this week! If things go like they have in past pregnancies (let me clear my throat here that seems like a stretch this time around! ) I will write at least one more entry.

~ Nancy

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