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Nancy's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Nancy

NancyHi, my name is Nancy, and I am 43. I have been married for 24 years to Darius (46), and we have three boys and three girls, with two more in heaven. Our house is very busy with activities at every stage of the game. The children range from Joshua~19; KayCee~17; Jesse~10; Noah~6; Elora~4; to Isabella~16 months. Isabella is a StorkNet baby! I had so much fun journaling through her arrival that I thought I would try again.

I am a stay-at-home mom who also operates a very small custom apparel business and home school our children. Joshua is in his first year of college and doing well, especially for someone who is not a book learner. KayCee will graduate high school in May leaving me with elementary school for a few years. Though I have to admit, the high school years have been a breeze for the most part and I will miss that since elementary is more hands on. We also have therapy twice every other week for Isabella. A physical therapist, developmental or special therapist and speech come to the house, which is very nice with minimal interruption for the rest of the kids. For us Down syndrome has not been as scary or as daunting as the doctor implied it was to be. Isabella was born with three holes in her heart and her PDA did not close at birth. (That is the vein that is used while in the womb that is supposed to close up after birth.) Thanks to a wonderful chiropractor and the Lord's healing touch we have managed to begin closing those holes without surgery!

KayCee just finished an emotional roller coaster of a ride with basketball that kept us busy from October through mid-March. We are looking into baseball for Noah since he is interested in that sport. I know very little about it so it looks like I am in for a learning experience as well as finding ways to keep the others interested in nine innings! Jesse will begin basketball with a program called Upwards next season and Elora hopes to begin ballet this fall. Lots of different interests so we rarely have a dull moment!

Our little one is due to arrive mid-September, actually the day before our 25th Wedding anniversary! What a wonderful blessing--my hubby’s quiver is definitely fuller than we ever imagined it to be. As we prepared for marriage we planned for two children hoping for the first to be a boy and the second a girl; little did I know God would change our hearts and take us on an incredible journey we could have never orchestrated ourselves. I found out I was pregnant in January after feeling sick off and on since having the flu in December. I had just stopped nursing Isabella in November and hadn't even felt like I was having regular enough cycles to get back into the groove of keeping track of them. So for over a month I had no clue when we had conceived. In February I had a very bad gall bladder attack that landed me in the emergency room. It was probably the worst ever, most certainly the longest lasting one I have had. It was at this time that when they did an ultrasound of the gall bladder to see what it was doing that they did an ultrasound of the baby. I was a little apprehensive to see the baby because of how they describe the baby at this stage . . . I mean honestly I didn't want to see my baby with a "tail" like all the books describe our wee ones at this stage! To my surprise no "tail," but we saw and heard the heartbeat and that was wonderful! Even though I had a shot of morphine I can still remember the feeling at that very moment.

Thankfully thus far, my gall bladder has behaved and that episode is behind us. I have a two-week window between week 16 and 18 that is the safest time for having surgery if absolutely necessary to remove it. It is not diseased and I can keep it under control with proper eating for me and would just as soon skip the surgery if possible at least until after delivery and beyond. Doc asked how it (my gall bladder) was going this last appointment and I said not a peep so far. He said good, let's just not mention it again and hope it stays that way. I have a good herbal blend I take that helps and the chiropractor helps as well. I am sure now that the main reason it acted up is because of the flood of pregnancy hormones that have gone through my system during those first weeks. My friend who is a doctor was the one who suggested this theory to me and she is positive this is what happened since all had been going well before the pregnancy.

I will do a catch up journal entry covering our first trimester to week 15. It would be information overload to try and fit it all in here! I look forward to sharing my journey with you and feel free to send me an email. Until next time have a grand week and may God Bless!


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