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Week 16
~ Come on Wiggle!

This week has been very busy with spring stuff to do. Of course there are taxes to finish up, and then Joshua needed to reapply for financial aid for the coming school year, which reminded me I had to start all of that for KayCee. Then I opened the checkbook file only to find that the computer took the liberty to add a whole lot of money and delete some payments so after trying to decipher that mess I decided to just start a new file. So all of that said, I have been sitting way too much and the week is not over yet. All this sitting is probably why I now have a nerve pinched and causing a hitch in my get-along. This seems to happen during every pregnancy since #3 or 4, part of my process. I have begun a workout routine that is supposed to help strengthen the back; hopefully it will help. It does add oxygen to the bloodstream and gets everything flowing and ready to go.

After I get all this computer stuff done I'm hoping to focus on the house and getting it spruced up for KayCee's open house. The biggest challenge will be getting the office/school room storage/sewing room back in shape. I have created a bad habit of hopping from one activity to the next. You can only imagine what kind of mess that can leave. And with the "internet" computer located in this area it gets a great deal of activity every day, besides being the traffic path to and from the garage. The location in the house is great; I just haven't figured out the best organization of stuff yet.

From week 15 on at any point we are supposed to feel those first flutters of movement and the more pregnancies the sooner you should feel the flutters. Well week 16 is almost over and nothing! Come on little one I'm thinking with as many under my belt as I have, shouldn't I feel this little one like at week 15 and 10 seconds?!! smile Seriously though I have never had a little one get in a hurry to give mommy those flutters. So it really does not surprise me but I can still wish and hope for those flutters to come any day! But just like in so many other areas of my life, I think God uses this as a practice in patience for me. Just like He prepares me for those middle of the night feedings with at least three wake-up calls to visit the bathroom. I've tried the cutting off the liquid routine to only wake in the middle of the night thirsty so that doesn't help. I will just be used to getting up when it comes to nighttime feedings!

I think I'm starting to get a bit giddy at times with the experience of being pregnant again. It is just exciting to think about the growth that takes place with our little ones over these months. And to think that God chose me to handle this process for Him again, well it just makes me want to cry (of course, anyone who knows me knows that is a given!) and shout for joy all at the same time!

I suppose I should sign off for this week, wouldn't want to bore you to tears! Hopefully next week I can share those first flutters with you all! smile Until then enjoy your springtime weather, warmth and sunshine!

God bless,

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