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Week 17
~ Could It Be?

Week 17 has just about blown by for me. It has been one of those weeks with a task waiting just about everyday. So very busy running here and there marking stuff off the list. KayCee and I picked up the cardstock and paper for her open house invites. We also chose some outdoor sites for pictures, and I am in the process of making arrangements to have them taken in the next few days. Hopefully they turn out well; she doesn't have any plans to take any indoor pictures at this time while Joshua took all indoor pictures. One of the local Harley shops let him shoot with a couple of their bikes. It was pretty cool since he is in the process of getting an Associate's Degree in that field.

Monday Isabella had physical therapy, and we managed to get her to stand a short while without complaining even though it took both of us working with her. So far it is not difficult to get on the floor and squirm around in varying positions to exercise and practice with her so hopefully that will continue all the way through the pregnancy. I have always tried to do lots of floor sitting especially crossing the legs Indian style to keep everything stretched and prepared for the task ahead. Our natural birth teacher recommended that 20+ years ago when we were preparing for Joshua.

Tuesday brought the monthly Mentors meeting at church which was convicting. Then a friend asked us to join them for lunch in the park and when all was said and done, four of us moms gathered for lunch, play and visiting. It was a nice break from the routine; we even got a little pink on the cheeks and forearms! Filled up our vitamin D tanks! Ended the day with my exercise and Bible study with some great fellowship.

Wednesday was a trip to see the pediatrician for Isabella; we were overdue on the 12 month check-up. All went very well and she was very pleased to see all of our progress. We caused the nurse to ask twice about allergies to meds when we reported we have never had any, not even over the counter variety. She has only had minor colds even though there have been colds and flu as well as unexplained fevers in the house; Isabella has managed to resist them all. God is so good! He has protected her and continues to heal her heart. Everyone was very cooperative when it came to our vaccine schedule and the information that I asked for to research the upcoming ones. We did have to go to the local children's hospital to have blood drawn for screenings and thyroid check-up as well as a new screen for celiac disease. Apparently it is newly recommended for little ones with Down syndrome; I haven't even heard of it. The screen will also check for leukemia markers. The lab tech did a great job finding the vein, only the vein didn't want to give up the blood easily. But just a little tiny bruise remains and results in a few days.

By Thursday I was just plain tuckered out! We did school and not much else. A few errands in the evening, but couldn't find pansies at the usual store. Will try the nursery in a week or so and hopefully they will have some purple and orange ones! Friday piano and lots of online research for school curriculum. I found some good deals and made purchases so all on their way. By the time they arrive we will be finished up and able to start next year's lessons. By working through the summer I hope to log some hours to cover any we will lose when our lil' jelly bean arrives. From past experience I know we will have some rough weeks in the beginning adjusting schedules so I keep it low key for the rest of the kids so we can all bond without added stress. So the pre-work is well worth the pay-off; even though the kids may not agree at first.

Could it be with all that buzzing about there might have been a flutter or two? I'm not positive yet which is driving me crazy! If they are flutters they are so fast and only one at a time which is so very odd. Even my babies who have done very little squirming would give at least two flutters at a time and they were never this fast. So I'm continuing to wait and wait. I can officially say my 'regular' clothes are out of the competition now. The exciting thing is all my maternity pants are too big! I had to buy one of those new bands to help keep my pants up. I can attest to the fact they work well with extending 'regular' clothes for a few weeks and now keeping my too big pants in place. It does tend to need repositioning quite a bit, but looks like a tank under your shirt. Nice!

I'll chat with you next week; enjoy the sunshine! We are scheduled for a full week of sunshine!


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