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Week 18
~ Not much new, just this & that!

Baby-wise, thereís not much different this week. Iím still waiting on movement from this little one that I can feel. Iím definitely looking pregnant now or really fat! Isabella must be noticing the tummy because she pats it or lays her head on my tummy. It is so sweet! I tell her she gets to be Ďbig sisí soon. So far this week has brought very little morning sickness, which is a nice change of pace. I have noticed that on the days I am feeling queezy, if I have someone else cook the meat portion of dinner, I do better all around. Also I havenít been quite as tired throughout the day, but when bedtime does roll around, I am very ready! I have done horribly with taking my vitamins the last couple of weeks and need to make a purposeful effort to do better with those.

Our pediatrician is quite excited for our new little one to arrive. She not only expressed that while we were there last week with Isabella, but reiterated her excitement when she called to report the blood workup results. I am so thankful to have her and excited for her with their new little girl.

Oh, the blood work was just fine and dandy! I am so thankful for normal ranges and that it is done for another year. Not the most fun thing for a mom to go through with a little one. I can handle it being done on me but chances are when it is one of my little ones getting poked, Iím trying to suppress the tears as I attempt to calm the little one.

Our curriculum just arrived this afternoon and I canít wait to dig through and explore everything. We have had Missions Conference this week at church and we were challenged to pray for another country for one year. That just excited me more that I chose to study other countries this year for history/geography. It will be fascinating for the kiddos and mom as well. When I pulled out the world, wrote on map and was cleaning it up, then trying to find a place to post they got all interested; very encouraging. I remember when Joshua and KayCee did world countries; it was a very fascinating year of study.

KayCeeKayCee got her senior pictures done this week by a dear friend of mine. She did Joshuaís and we loved them and these are just as good! Now we are trying to pick one or two for wallets and Grandma as well as great-Grandma. I think I know which one I want for the wall. I think being the key phrase because I will look at them and think maybe I should get this other one! Iím including one of my faves . . . now which one should I include! We have part of the invitations put together for the open house and need to finish them up and get them mailed out. We dove into cleaning up and out the office, my sore spot. Iíd love to paint it but not sure if that will get completed. Once we get the invitations finished up, I need to get some work done on her memory album.

It seems this week has brought almost as much computer work. Finishing up taxes, ACT registration, and I need to work on one more FASFA. And thatís not mentioning the normal stuff I use the computer for. But at least this week I have been able to break up the sitting. My back, specifically the sciatic, thanks me. I keep debating about going to see the chiropractor, and I probably should before too much longer just to get everything back in place before it is really out of alignment.

As you see, not much excitement here--just the ins and outs of winding down and preparing for a new school year. Iíll chat with you next week!


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