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Week 19
~ And the list goes on and on!

Wow I have been busy getting some things done! This past Saturday I decided that was it the living room floor had to be shampooed; I could stand it no longer. So after well over an hour of keeping Jesse, Noah and Elora on task to get their stuff picked up and put away as well as helping with the other stuff, the furniture finally was moved out and vacuuming started. By the time I was finished with the shampooing, I had convinced myself the room needed a paint job. I had a couple of paint chips I have been looking at for at least a year. At first I thought the border was needing to come down since a few spots were popping up, but after further inspection I realized that the majority of it was still quite tight so no need to strip the border. Thank you Lord; I really didn't want to tackle that. The darker paint chip was not going to match the border. I settled on pale gold for three of the walls and dark truffle for the wall that has the fireplace and as a small stripe tying the pale gold into the border. The border has a textured edge of leaves and flower petals so I had to get a small hobby paintbrush to accomplish the dark truffle border edging. Anyway I love the finished look, which makes the room over all brighter and wider looking--not that it needed to look bigger; it is a long room. I am hoping during the winter it will feel warmer with the new colors. It is definitely cheery without being "hello here I am." After 11 years of the other colors (a tri-color of mauves and cocoa) hubby and the kids are beginning to get used to the new look now that all is put back in order.

I had thrown hubby off a little when I announced I was going after paint for the living room. Before he had went outside to begin his list of projects, I was taping off the office while reminding the kids to stay on task with their pick-up. He just shook his head and said whatever with a smirk! After 25 years he has gotten used to my spur of the moment mind changes. Thankfully, because it seems I become a little ADD when I'm pregnant. It is just hard to stay focused at times. I was surprised I had the living room started on Saturday and finished all but a few feet of the border stripe on Sunday evening; plus I had managed to start part of the office painting and church on Sunday morn! And to my surprise with all that up and down stepstool workout I wasn't too sore.

Monday brought a doctor's visit for me that I had thought was the following week. Thankfully I checked the calendar before Monday arrived. Unfortunately I had gained 3 pounds; so much for mindless munching and not much exercise! At my first appointment, doc and I agreed to not worry about weight gain yet but keep it in control so I was a bit disappointed with myself. When it came time to measure, doc said we had popped in growth; I am measuring right at 19 weeks. Heartbeat is nice and strong and fairly easily found this time. When I explained the movement or lack of, doc suggested that there could be the possibility of an anterior placenta. I had heard the term before but was not quite sure what it meant. All it means is that the placenta attached itself to the front side of the uterus. It causes no problems except I won't feel as much movement. I have felt some movement but it is very quick as well as sporadic. We will find out in a week and a half when we go for the ultrasound.

I had to make the dreaded phone call to the hospital financial department regarding insurance. The hospital I have to use does not have a contract with our insurance. It's crazy since this is a major medical establishment and the insurance company is a major but the specific type we have is the wrong type for in-network benefits. I have been putting the call off due to the fact that hubby's company renews insurance in July and we just got notice that they are putting together a committee to evaluate what we have versus what is available, cost, etc. So this initial call seemed a waste of their time and mine considering we could have different insurance by the time we deliver. Anyway since I am having the sonogram at the hospital it was time to see what was going to happen. The process will take some time and a little work on my part of collecting information from the insurance company but in the end the hospital will match benefits; I just have to jump through some hoops. Though the hoops are well worth it since I know what type of care I will receive and if all goes according to plan, I can have a VBAC. In the end, the VBAC will be much healthier, somewhat safer and obviously cheaper. I am thankful that the hospital is willing to work with us on this. I shared with the financial service coordinator my gratitude for this opportunity to deliver at my preferred hospital and in the manner I hope to be able to achieve.

Through the process of that phone call concerning the insurance, I realized I need to add praying that if the company decides to switch insurance providers in July that the new company will honor the deductibles that have all ready been met. In light of the fact that my portion of our deductible is just $400 short of being met and then we fall into a 20% payment until the next level is met spilling into the 100% mark, I really don't want to have to start all over for the remaining six months of the year. Unfortunately with the economic times being what they are, our chances of getting better coverage are pretty slim and what we have is quite costly as is. If we didn't have Isabella's heart to consider and how difficult it is to get coverage for her, it would make more sense to take the insurance premium and put it in a special account for medical expenses and we would come out way ahead. Someone suggested checking into a major medical coverage plan since we don't normally use insurance only for the major medical occurrence. All that is stuff to consider in the future, which I am just keeping in the back of my head; no need to worry about it now.

Tuesday morning I got up around 3:45 am for a bathroom run only to return to bed with an active mind. For some reason I kept thinking of everything I needed to get done in the next two weeks and all that I keep forgetting to get done. So by 4:30 I had enough and decided I might as well get up and get some things done. I worked for 2.5 hours before going back up to lie down for a little rest. Lists are great things but you have to remember where you put it and actually look at to accomplish the tasks at hand; just two things I fail to do from time to time.

Until next week . . . blessings,


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