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Week 20
~ Halfway!

This week marks the halfway point, yahoo! I am excited that I am feeling little nudges deep inside. Not as often as I would like but that is normal for me; I like to feel lots of movement. Isabella, who was my little gymnastic star, was the first time I didn't find myself wishing for more nudges. In my last trimester we could actually watch my belly move she flipped and flopped so much. Otherwise I apparently move around enough to keep the little ones lulled to sleep! Which explains why most of them have liked mommy rocking them or to be carried in slings or front packs.

I have felt pretty good this week, only a few bouts of nausea. I have had KayCee and Jesse helping with the cooking, specifically the raw meat. It seems when I handle it I lose all desire to eat. Monday brought a strong craving for fresh carrots and mini peppers; you know those little multi colored peppers. We finished off two pounds of carrots and a little over half a bag of those peppers you get at the wholesale club at dinnertime. A good boost of vitamins for all of us! Wow other than chocolate that I always like, that was my first craving this pregnancy. I usually don't have many anyway at least any that are memorable.

Our daughter KayCee filled in all that she has going on over the next couple of months on the calendar. Wow I have two free Saturdays between now and the end of June. Some weekends are double booked; this shall be fun working out details! I have a wedding at our church in two weeks that will require a Friday evening and all-day Saturday commitment. That will be a fun weekend; I am the wedding representative for our church which has been so much fun helping with little things and what not that goes on the day of the wedding. It is fun helping a new family get started! Then two weeks later we will head out west for a wedding. I haven't been back there in several years; the boys go every fall for pheasant hunting but usually the girls stay home for a girl weekend. So that will be fun catching up with friends.

This weekend was one of those weekends where we had to make difficult choices. It is amazing how things work out though; I have really been torn between the two different events. My hubby had won a weekend getaway at a local spa and resort at Christmas that we have been looking forward to using. Part of the gift expires at the end of next month, so I booked the weekend when I was sure hubby would be in town and not on call and not working overtime. It ended up being the same weekend that our church is having a family weekend retreat an hour up the road. Hubby and I have rarely gotten away, just the two of us in a very, very long time so this being the year of our 25th anniversary (in September) and money being tight, this gift certificate was a special treat for us. But missing the retreat makes me a bit sad not being able to be with our church family. It turns out that our daughter has to work on Saturday but was able to get Sunday off so we can go out for the Sunday service and lunch. I will also have a pedicure, which will be my first professional pedi! I do them all the time at home for myself but somehow that is just not the same. Besides I really need some attention for my feet since I have not taken care of them as usual. Shame on me, after all it is sandal season at least on some days.

The living room is put back together from the painting and I have all but a small section behind my desk in the office that still needs painting. There is the section above the wall shelf that runs the length of the wall but it is just too high for me to safely reach at this stage. I have decided that it can wait until after delivery to get done; besides it is hidden behind books and other school curriculum so not very visible. I tried to reach it but need to get slightly higher along with bending and reaching it is just too uncomfortable and makes me nervous about falling. As I have been working at putting things back in place I have been sorting and purging stuff. It feels good to clean out some clutter. Even though the office painting has gone much slower since I have only been painting one area at a time, drying and putting it back in place before the next section. Trying to not disrupt desks and important stuff, and still trying to keep a regular schedule, I will be very glad to have it finished. I also realized it is time to pitch the roller after this job since it is losing its zip; I have worn it out over the years!

Well better get scooting. Monday is our sonogram so will fill you in with that info next week! Have a great week!



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