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Week 21
~ In Awe of 3.7cm

Wow, what a week since last time! I guess I better start where I left off; that would make the most sense. Hubby and I headed out for our night away a little later than I thought we would. I had picked up some groceries that needed to be put away and Darius wanted to show Joshua what he had figured out on the motorcycle. It is Joshua's bike but it wasn't running right, something about not getting enough fuel. Anyway once we got away I was amazed with the lack of tears about our leaving, so guess that is a good thing. Either that or they couldn't wait to dig into the pizza, pop and movie! And with donuts for breakfast, shoot, they were probably thinking they had a good deal going except that list of things they had to get done.

Darius wanted to stop and eat on the way so he took me to Red Robin. Our first time visiting there, and this was on a recommendation from a co-worker. It seemed fitting considering how we got this package! We had a few minutes to wait, so you know where I headed . . . yep the bathroom. I don't know what it is about a car ride that makes me have to go so much when pregnant but I do. By the time I exited Darius was waiting at a table. The ice tea was great, but I wish dining establishments would offer Stevia. Oh well, I try to carry some in my purse. I ordered a burger with BBQ sauce and straw onions. Wow I couldn't eat the whole thing; I guess too many endless steak fries! It was so good though but I knew if I tried to finish I would not be feeling well the rest of the evening.

The spa and resort is very old, over 150 years with quite a history and list of characters that have stayed over the years. The room was nothing overly fancy but quite large despite the first appearance when you walk in. We had a sofa, chair, coffee table and writing desk along with armoire with TV and mini fridge. After you round the corner there was a large counter with duo sinks and a very long set of windows with wooden, white blinds. Past that is the bedroom with a king size bed, armoire and TV and another room with the bath, etc. so a very nice suite. Our package included wine, which they switched to an alcohol free Spumante. We decided to go for a walk around the facility since we were still so stuffed from dinner that was an hour before. The grounds are beautiful with grand trees, huge hostas, and all kinds of other plants. The river runs at the back of the property with a roaring, rocky area and I just love the sounds of that. They had horseshoe pits, sand volleyball court, a fire pit area, an outdoor fireplace and gazebo, and, of course, an outdoor pool as well.

For breakfast we were offered a full, unlimited buffet that was incredible. I don't think there was anything missing, ok chocolate milk wasn't on it. We could choose from cold cereal, yogurt, fresh fruits, eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuit and gravy, cinnamon French toast, make your own waffles, Danish, or muffins. I was pleasantly surprised at how ripe and sweet the cantaloupe and pineapple were, watermelon was not quite ready, but had more taste than expected. It is a good thing I have two weeks before heading back to the doctor!

Soon it was time for my pedicure, which was very nice and came with the bottle of nail polish they used. Of course Elora wanted me to paint her nails as soon as she found that out! Since our gift certificate was so generous I was able to pick-up some foot scrub that warms once applied as well as a birthday gift for KayCee and Mother's day gift for my mom. After we checked out we still had money leftover so Darius said I could go back to the spa and pick-up a few more things. I picked up three silver bracelets--one has my favorite Bible verse imprinted upon it (Jeremiah 29:11), the other says "God's word is alive and powerful" and the third has scrolling and 4 or 5 rhinestones. Needless to say I felt very spoiled.

The kids were greeting us in the drive when we arrived home. Happy to see us leave yet happy for a quick return! The rest of Saturday brought some more grocery shopping and a little cleaning.

Sunday we had church at the camp where the retreat was being held. An hour drive away but since they delayed the start time we didn't have to leave any earlier . . . very nice! Being the first of the month we had communion but this time we remembered and celebrated family style. As we were driving there we passed a Bike show and a Car show. Well you know my guys were drooling and chomping at the bit to stop so after lunch we stopped at both. Nice bikes, cool cars and some good walking! Then later that afternoon as I was driving up to our drive I spotted a baby (and I mean baby) snapping turtle crossing the concrete culvert at our creek. I stopped and had the kids get out to watch for a while. KayCee helped the silly thing find its way to the creek edge and back into the water so it would not get run over. Usually once each spring we see an older snapper crossing in this area.

That catches you up till Monday. With all that activity, the baby has been moving more! So excitement all around for me. My sonogram was on Monday. Hubby couldn't make it but for us it's nothing out of the ordinary. He looks at the pics and knows I will fill him in on everything that is said and more so it is like a play by play for him. The technician was running slightly behind which gave me the opportunity to chat with a gal whose granddaughter was having a baby. She was so cool sitting in the waiting room texting away to another granddaughter! I love it! The kids were with me and were starting to get a wee bit anxious. Once I was called back everyone was on their best behavior and at some point Isabella slipped into sleepy time very quietly in KayCee's arms.

My doctor is very picky on who he likes doing his sonograms and since I chose to have it done at the hospital where I will deliver, I had his favorite tech. It means out of network fees but the hospital has agreed if I follow the proper steps they will charge in-network fees and write off the balance. Thank you Lord! All that said, this gal is great. I have had probably 15 sonograms done over nine pregnancies and this by far was the most explaining ever. She asked me if they had diagnosed Isabella's Down syndrome which they had not. She apologized and said that after 20 weeks they are only able to diagnose 50%. I tried to explain that I wouldn't have wanted to know and that it was ok. Sometimes it is hard for people to understand, but I know she is created in God's image and that it is our perceptions that need work. Isabella is an amazing child and will do amazing things, not to mention the wonderful insight I have noticed in so many of these kids. But let me not get side tracked here.

We saw everything we needed and wanted to see, though we had to return several times to see the upper lip. It seems our little jellybean likes to rest his/her arm/hand over its face or place its feet on top of its head. It was so cute at one point; the foot was in the process of being placed atop the forehead area and she caught the action. She backed it up and replayed it several times with all of us giggling. Noah later told his dad that we got to see the baby kicking its head! I tried to correct his image but I don't think he understood. Oh well! Everything looks great as best as she could tell. Our little one is measuring within 5 days of the 21-week mark so due date stays the same and no foreseeable worries. The weight was 14oz, give or take 2, and the foot measured 3.7cm which is approximately 1.5 inches! Amazing, simply amazing! I have a sheet of pictures and hubby commented that he was glad she labeled some of them so he knew what he was looking at (me too!). She said she did that so in 10 years when we look back we would know what the heck we were looking at!

The placenta is interior so no anterior positioning of that and obviously I'm feeling more movement so doc would have nixed that previous thought at the next appointment. During the sonogram our little one was in breech position with head on my left which matches up with were I'm feeling movement for the arms and legs whichever it might be. Another tidbit I found fascinating is that at this stage the heart is about the size of a pencil eraser. When they do the measurements along with looking for blood flow, etc. the image is blown up so much that the pixels are distorted to the point that they cause shadows and along with the distortion, it is extremely difficult to detect small holes in the heart like Isabella has. Considering the fact that none of the doctors, including her cardiologist could (or can) hear them because they are really tiny, yet large enough to have concern, yet very hard to detect while in-utero. I found that interesting along with more amazement.

Tuesday was our final Mentors meeting for the season; we only have meetings during the school year. It was structured slightly different with some looking ahead to next year to which I will be the Director of the program next year. I know I'm crazy but I feel God is leading me in this direction so I will rely on Him to do the work through me. My assistant is a mom of six; our last ones are a month apart. We are the two largest families in our church. She is fun and I look forward to working with her. I told her she might have to emcee our September meeting depending on what happens! For the first time they did a swap shop where if you had some good condition used stuff you could bring it to share. I said I don't need anything and can't come home with anything . . . well you know it I couldn't resist looking. And you know looking is not good for me! I brought home a rubber duck bathroom set for the kids' bathroom. No repainting, just changing things out a little since it is Mickey Mouse now. I tell you my hormones are doing a number on me this time; this will make the third room. I can't count the kitchen because that was finished before I got pregnant!

I have been reminding myself to let things go if I don't get them done for the graduation open house, thus giving me rest when needed and a good attitude each day. We are trying to stay up on daily pick-up so cleaning won't be so overwhelming. Jesse asked if he needed to clean up the dog doo in the backyard again this year and volunteered to wash the patio of the duck's messes. I despise that part of the duck's presence but have not had ticks and so far no fleas found in that part of the backyard that is a big plus. There will be some fruit to clean and cut-up to which KayCee will help with and a couple dips to make. I think I will pick-up a veggie tray since vegetables are sounding so yummy of late. And call it good we are skipping the heating up of stuff like I did last year for Joshua's.

Just a little while ago I had a bloody nose. It was just a small one but wondering what this is all about. It is not dry so unlike the ones I would get as a kid, that is not the cause so it makes me wonder if it doesn't have something to do with changes in me from the pregnancy. I know I have had to deal with more pollen issues this year compared to others, but so have a few of the kids that normally do not have troubles. My gums have been sensitive as well during this pregnancy but I have had to deal with that during other pregnancies. I don't think we realize how much our body goes through as we become the vessel for God's little miracles to form. Lots of little things we don't even think about thus the reason it is important for us to eat healthy so we can give our bodies what they need to take care of both of us. Now if I could only remember that when I think a 'Butterfinger Cappuccino' sounds good or a donut or fried taco or whatever else not so healthy thing that comes to my mind to tempt my taste buds.

Oh my goodness that is a lot of sharing but it's been a busy week for this old momma! Chat with you next week.



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