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Week 22
~ Going Fast!

Ah, past the halfway mark such a cool feeling and to think in just little over a month, the final trimester begins; wow, this is going pretty fast. I'll have to remember that during those last weeks when every movement seems to make me feel like I need to run to the bathroom. I better get back to my walking now that I am thinking about it; I have been horrible for the past month or so. If I want the stamina later I need to get busy now since this is not my first. I have ran the spectrum of exercise to non-exercise and trust me it helps to exercise in the end, especially for labor. It doesn't even take a great deal of exercise, just some light stretching and light exercise will do the trick. I also try to sit on the floor a lot. Our birth teacher way back with Joshua encouraged this. She said it helps to keep the pelvic floor stretched and ready. For exercise today I like the Leslie Samsone walking DVDs.

We made it through the graduation open house just fine. There seemed to be a nice turn out and lots of good visiting. I didn't get every single picture into an album but the album could not hold another page. I decided we take way more pictures than I thought we did. We made a mini prom album, mini camp album and mini senior pic album as well. I know there are more pictures somewhere because none of this year's national basketball games were in the stack and I can't remember what I did with some of her track medals. What do you do with some of this stuff? All those trophies, medals and honor awards move out with them--that is my plan.

Isabella woke the night before the open house with croup. I had gone to bed late and could hear her breathing so that meant I didn't sleep well. Four hours later it had developed to the point the vaporizer was needed and eventually I made a tent (just a sheet over us) and held her while rocking. Within minutes I could feel her relax somewhat, while the breathing eased and settled. By the time 15 or 20 minutes had passed, she had completely relaxed and was in a deep sleep. I put her back in the crib and tented it. She slept another four hours after that. I had to tent her for one more night and just ran the vaporizer for a couple of more after that. It always amazes me how much snot can come out of such a small person. It seems we never stop wiping her little face. Thankfully it is running and not settling in her lungs. She got tickled the first morning when she heard herself cough. It was very raspy, so she would cough then laugh which caused her to cough. That cycle continued for quite awhile. Meanwhile I was just glad she was coughing and keeping everything broken up and moving!

Unfortunately I came down with the same gunk a day later. The bug includes lots and lots of drainage, sore throat, some coughing and fatigue. Wouldn't you know I just started having energy and then I catch this bug. I haven't had another bloody nose since last week.

Our weather has been all over the place it seems. We have a day or two of nice sunshine and warmth then showers and much cooler temps. Very strange May weather; I'm usually opening windows and turning on the attic fan for circulation.

Monday was an eye appointment for Isabella. She has had one about every four months. In the past her eyes have alternated crossing but have strengthened each time. This time her eyes are crossing randomly and more often, she is also favoring her right eye. The doctor feels that she is losing muscle control and that if we don't do something, eventually the messages being sent from the brain will just get ignored causing loss of control and sight. Her first step is to prescribe glasses for one month to see if they will help strengthen the muscle control. The doctor doesn't think that they will help but said if we don't try, we will always wonder. So long story and I'll skip the details but after a long search to find in-network optical, we chose to finally purchase the glasses from the optical department at the children's hospital. In-network would have cost us more than an out of pocket purchase. The sales rep for the insurance company is going to try and get us a reimbursement for at least some of the expense. Thank you Lord!

We will try the glasses for a month and then we are scheduled to go back for a surgery consult. The doctor is that confident that the glasses won't work. She doesn't want to waste any time. Sad thing is that after a year of seeing this doctor she is leaving and we will have our surgery consult with a total stranger. Very sad, not to mention unnerving at first until I spent some time sharing my feelings with the Lord. I know if He so chooses we can avoid the surgery, but His plans are higher than mine so now I trust. We are praying that we can keep the glasses on her face for one, and for the end results.

Baby has been moving a lot so I guess there goes my theory of lulling them to sleep with my movement. At least that doesn't seem to be the case with this little one! I love it all though, well except last night when I got kicked or punched in the bladder. That is where it felt like it landed anyway. I can now say that while carrying Isabella if Elora walks in just the right spot I can't see her due to my expansion! When I ran into her yesterday and she said "hey!" I told her sorry but you just can't walk there anymore. The feet are fast disappearing as well!

I finished my crocheting project only to realize the soft peach is too pink in color. I tried trimming it in brown with a strip of green then brown, but it still looks pinkish. So I guess I will get some blue yarn and crochet another blanket. The pattern was new to me but fairly simple and I was actually able to keep the rectangular shape, progress in my crocheting skills. I want to crochet a matching pair of booties to go with each blanket. So hopefully I won't run out of time. I always make a quilt or blanket for each new baby. We use it for a year or two then put it away so they have it later on along with one special outfit. I have embroidered 4 and quilted two as well as a crocheted and tied blanket. I had started a red work embroidery blanket that never was finished so decided to finish that one for this baby love. I just have to decide how to finish it off.

Until next week, take care!



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