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Week 23
~ Where Did the Week Go?

First let me apologize for being so late in getting this posted; I am truly sorry. I went from one appointment to another it seemed this past week and before I knew it the weekend was upon me. Ack, I try not to turn the computer on much during the weekend; I feel like I spend so much time during the week that the weekend is my time without one electronic interruption. It doesn't always happen but that is my goal for each weekend. So now I have to try and remember the highlights!

I had a doctor's visit that went well though I waited almost two hours to see him. He was delivering twins via c-section at another hospital. Apparently the first twin got stuck and mom tried quite awhile to labor but they couldn't get the babe unstuck and moving. Poor thing, at least she tried and the end result was double the bundle of joy! Thankfully I had only gained one pound with all the celebrating we have had going on. I got the joyous reminder that next visit is the yummy and oh so delicious glucose test. I am so excited; can't you tell. At least this doc does it a little differently than my other obgyn did and I can skip the mini fast as well as being in the office first thing in the a.m. for my appointment. Yay for that! I just hope I don't fail it like I did with Isabella. First I felt extremely sleepy after the short test and the long one takes forever it seems, but I did pass that one. We shall find out in a few weeks.

There was a wedding at church and so I spent Friday evening at the rehearsal working everything out for the Bride. The rehearsal dinner was at BD's Mongolian; one word . . . YUMMY! All the fresh veggies and just the right amount of meat, and it was simply delicious! I picked a pinch of chicken, pork and shrimp and all kinds of vegetables topping it with sweet orange peel sauce and ginger Mongolian. Our sound/lighting guy had squid with his, ooooo! But he says it doesn't have much flavor except the seasoning you choose. I shall trust him with that since I have no plans to try it.

Saturday started very early especially after being up so late on Friday and not sleeping well. But I cheated and grabbed a coffee/cappuccino on the way since I needed gas. So glad to see gas prices slightly down. Anyway it was a busy, long day but fun and I enjoy my small part in creating a new family. Thankfully I was just getting everyone lined up for the recessional when I heard a beeping. Beeping is not good! I quickly realized that someone had set the lower level alarm so I ran down to put in my code so the alarm would not go off. That is not an easy task during pregnancy; let's just say it took me a moment to get my breath back and thankfully I was quick enough to avoid that horrible alarm that goes off. By the end of the day I noticed my first set of Braxton Hicks. I'm sure they were due to all the running around I had been doing. I always get excited when they make their appearance because I know my uterus is practicing and warming up for the final show.

Isabella has started pulling up to tall kneeling and with assistance to standing! YAY! We have been working so hard for this. I realized how much I have taken for granted with the other kids. They have crawled without prompting as well as creeping along furniture, etc. So we get extra excited when Isabella accomplishes something; we know that at some point she will do each task but the work that goes into it is so much more. I am thankful I was given a good book when she was born from our local Down syndrome guild about every aspect. I pull this resource out and refresh my memory from time to time and this week was one of those times. It was very reassuring to read that an average age for a child with Down syndrome to walk is 22-24 monthss. Our therapists remind me that she is doing great and is developing at a great rate, many things ahead of 'the average' and equal to a 'normal' child's development level. So we are extremely blessed but there are times and areas of concern when I need to put everything into perspective.

The glasses arrived ahead of schedule, thank you Lord! Isabella has been doing fairly well with them but having her moments with them. She will wear them if we are holding her or paying one on one attention to her. If she is tired or frustrated she rips them off her face. Thank goodness we got the Miraflex brand or we would be ready for an adjustment all ready. Daddy got to see one of her temper tantrums the night before last. She had gotten in trouble for taking her glasses off for the ump-teenth time and then was told no about something else she wanted and hit that wall of frustration. It was good for daddy to see the process of growth.

I guess I had better close this out since I'm so late getting it done. Again I'm sorry about that my calendar got extremely away from me. I shall chat again before the weeks up so we will be caught up!

Have a great one! Blessings,

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