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Week 24
~ Sad but Joyous Cloud

Well this week has had a sad, yet joyous cloud over it. We received a message from one of our nephews to pray for his dad because he had a turn for the worse. By evening another message was received sharing that he had gone to be with the Lord. Very sad for all the family since he was such a sweet man, very caring and just made you feel special when he would visit with you. He and his wife (my hubby's sister) lead the wedding march at our wedding almost 25 years ago. One of their sons was a candle lighter for our wedding as well; their oldest son and I are only a few years apart in age. Our visits are sporadic since we live three states apart. But as I write this entry we are all (yes all 8.5 of us) loaded in the suburban headed to the services to say our good-byes and be with family. Out of the 14 brothers and sisters in my hubby's family I'm not sure how many will make it; I know at least 7 or 8 will be together along with a sprinkling of spouses, nieces and nephews as well as great nieces and nephews. I'm hoping this mini family get together will lift the family's spirits a little for the weekend. The mourning process will still take place but at least for a couple of days they can be with extended family.

With his passing and questions our one niece asked if I have been inundated with memories of my own father's death almost 7 years ago this October. Though my dad was in the final stages of melanoma cancer that had metastasized (we had been told six months) and all treatments had been exhausted. He had to be admitted to the hospital to have a blood clot dissolved from his leg and was expected to be released in a few days. I had gone to visit expecting to stay a day or so. That evening I noticed some little things that didn't make much sense then but now make a great deal of sense. Anyway we went to my folks' home for the evening so he could rest when sometime after midnight the nurses called my mom to ask for help because they couldn't keep dad in bed. By early morning Mom called the house to tell me I needed to get to the hospital as soon as I could. Within thirty minutes the kids and I were at the hospital and the staff was in the process of moving my dad to a private room so we could have privacy; my dad had slipped into a coma. The doctor arrived and told us in his opinion--we had three days before he would be passing. In less than three hours my dad took his final breath seconds after my sister arrived. My dad's doctor attended the same church as my parents in a small town; in fact he led my dad to salvation in the Lord and had been baptized only a few weeks before. He (the doctor) came to dad's bedside shortly after he died and was in complete shock from the turn of events.

So with all that said I understand the numbness, the feelings of being in a fog while everything else keeps on moving. The hopes of dad being home soon only to have him gone forever in a matter of hours; your mind knowing he is rejoicing with our Lord but the heart aching to have him here. Soon four of my children will only have stories and our memories of my dad for they have and will be born after his death. So I have shed tears for my dear brother-in-law's death and his family's pain this week as well as reliving those feelings I had at the time of my own dad's death. I am thankful that I know my dad trusted in Jesus' death on the cross for his salvation for I shall see him again someday.

I had another bloody nose this past week. I'm perplexed about what is causing them since it has been so long since I have had to deal with this situation. They occurred frequently in my youth due to thin membranes. This one took twice as long to get stopped as the one before. I finally got rid of the cold or whatever it was I had. So no more sore throat or runny nose for me! Poor Isabella is still dealing with it though it is mostly in the evening and morning. I'm wondering if she is dealing with some allergies from the different pollens and molds in the air. I did notice that as my body was finally built up enough to kick the bug I needed more sleep. >br?>br? It seems to me that our little one is in a position that causes most of the kicking and punching to be felt mostly deep inside, primarily on my bladder! Which I don't mind, it feels different; I'm not sure how to describe it. I can say that it is not fun as the bladder begins to fill because all of a sudden you realize I really have to go! I wonder if as He-She gets bigger if I will have the rib scraping kicks some of the other kiddos have offered me? Time will tell in just a few more months.

I finished a baby quilt that I had started with Elora. It is an embroidered quilt top of red work, meaning all the stitching is done with red floss. I had bordered the six squares with red and had attempted backing it with a red check flannel. I became frustrated with the machine stitching and all the tucks and puckers that I kept getting so simply put it away. Now five years later I decided to pull it out and see what I could do to get it finished; after all there are plenty of hours of embroidery in it. Amazingly it went together as easy as pie! So the baby has a winter quilt and soon I will have the blue afghan completed since it is over half done. The peach one that everyone keeps calling pink has been done for several weeks. I will have KayCee bring whichever one of the afghans that is appropriate to the hospital after the baby arrives and tuck the other in the cedar chest. I'm thinking as easy as this pattern is I might just do a few up and have them on hand for gifts. Another lady in our church crochets the sweetest blanket pattern that has a teddy bear pattern and she adds ribbon to it. I got one from her when Elora was born and it has stood up real well. It's a treasure to have.

Joshua was a dear and picked up a walker for Isabella at a garage sale. I haven't used one in many years, but decided it might help build her upper leg and hip muscles. She figured out how to push and go backwards so progress and she continues to try and pull her self up usually only to her knees, but progress just the same. I was beginning to really worry that my goal of her being on the verge of walking if not walking by the time this little one arrives might be too high like the physical therapist said. Now my hope is renewed and I have been reminded in my re-reading in my handy dandy book that the average child with Down syndrome walks between 22-24 months. Ok mom take a chill pill with the worrying!

We picked up her glasses a week ago and at first it wasn't bad keeping them on her but the past few days have seemed like a no win situation. I put them on only to have her pull them back off, so I pull them back up and the cycle goes round and round. If we are holding her she does well keeping them on, otherwise it is a challenge. She looks so cute with them on, studious one might say! I'm working off the laptop so I don't have a picture to send but will try to remember to do so next week.

I happened upon an infant carrier with three bases and a stroller base that I was able to get for $15 less than the asking price. We had to get a new one since I knew the one we used with Isabella had expired and the hospital will not let you leave without one that is up to snuff. Now I won't have to wake the baby when using the stroller; just pop the carrier on the stroller base and go. Plus if I want or need to use another vehicle, no taking the base from one to another and back again. I feel so spoiled, first time in 20 years of being a mom to have this luxury. So now if I could decide on what I want to do for a going home outfit, we will be prepared to leave the hospital. I usually pick out a girl outfit and a boy outfit, but this time I'm considering just showing KayCee a few ideas and then letting them (hubby, sis or whomever) go get the outfit. Though it would have to be washed before bringing it up for use; hmm maybe I better think some more on that plan. Oh, we also need to decide on a name; ugh . . . that's difficult this time around, not sure why.

Thanks to our dog I have spent plenty of hours sitting on the ground this past week. I kept thinking this is good for the pelvic floor muscles, good stretching, and good preparation for labor trying to keep my mind off the stiffness! Our dog is a cocker spaniel who thinks she is supposed to be outside full time hunting frogs, snakes and tree roots. We have been trying hard to de-mat her coat and get it trimmed short. After the first evening of working on her I was stiff the next day and not thrilled to spend some more time working with her. It takes at least two of us and at times three of us to keep her calm. It drives her crazy seeing the little ones running around knowing she has to sit still. She looks so much better though and should feel cooler.

Well I have rambled on and on so I best let you go. I hope you have a great long weekend and do remember why we have this extra time; those who have given their lives for defending our freedoms deserve to be remembered and thanked. Nancy

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