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Week 25
~ Boom--Ouch

fun in the snowWhat an adventure in just a few days! Life is rarely dull around here, that is for sure and to say the least.

On our way home from the visit and funeral my hubby, had perused the map and suggested that we take a trip into the mountains before heading home. All were game and we grabbed something to eat and headed on our way. First we weren't sure if the highway we took was the right one; he thought it was from conversations he had with our nephew and his sister. Well about 30 miles into the drive we began to question that, of course, no signs telling us which highway we were traveling. By 45 miles we knew it was not the one that was in the plan but with a little more time it would work and with a small bonus of being in yet a fourth state for 30 minutes. The scenery was gorgeous and we saw a moose, though dead, as well a couple of sky divers/gliders. One pass had close to 5 feet of snow still on the ground. Of course hubby couldn't resist, pulled over to "take a look" and he and the kids had a snowball fight! On Memorial Day weekend, that's just mind boggling to see as well as people snowmobiling. I snapped a picture of a restroom buried in snow with only the roof vents peeking through. We stopped frequently for pics and to just enjoy the views so that gave me plenty of time to stretch and made the 5-(yes FIVE) hour detour pass really quickly.

When we arrived back where we started, the kids gave their dad a good ribbing about taking five hours to drive 80 miles! It was so worth it even though we still had an 11-12 hour drive ahead of us. Good thing we have multiple drivers! Thankfully I didn't have to request every bathroom stop on the way back. Needless to say we all slept in until almost afternoon after arriving home at around 5AM.

This week has breezed by very quickly, almost a blur. I have started to notice a couple of Braxton Hicks. Just small ones here and there but they always send my heart a racing knowing my body is getting ready for labor. I know it does from day one, but this is something you can actually feel! Our little one has also begun to move a lot compared to my first babies. That is fun as well except those kicks or punches on the bladder I mentioned last week. I can actually feel the movements on the outside now as well which has not been the case with many of my pregnancies.

I guess I better explain the title of this entry. The girls and I were headed off for our oldest daughter to take her driving test yesterday morning when we were in a car accident. KayCee was driving and had yielded at a stoplight before turning; shortly after stopping we got hit. This particular area has a protected arrow and turning lane, which the light had changed and she dutifully stopped to yield. I was thinking at the time she would have gotten a good mark on that if she were being tested. The gentleman that hit us said his brakes failed. Both of us had grabbed our necks; the impact was so forceful it really jolted us. I checked the little girls and though Isabella's seat was moved slightly (I think my seat had moved a notch back on impact) they were ok. Isabella started to cry but when I said it was all right she immediately quieted down. When I got out to check the damage, I felt a tightening around my lower abdomen, not a true contraction but a definite tightening. I decided no matter how minor things looked we were going to hospital to get checked out.

I called 911, the other driver made calls and we had help within minutes. People all over the place asking questions, asking for paperwork, and it was chaotic to say the least. I had managed to call KayCee's boyfriend to go be with the boys, and hubby got called, but had a dickens of a time trying to get someone who could come get the little girls while we were heading to the ER. Finally the EMT said not to worry and we would all ride in the ambulance. What an excursion we were on! Of course because we had complaints of our necks hurting little did I realize that meant neck braces, backboard, etc! That was an experience I don't care to live again. All of it was precaution for the worst but I felt bad since I was sure it was simply really bad whiplash, nothing broken. I wanted to make sure my daughter was okay and the baby was okay; that's all I really cared about. I knew that the little girls were okay thanks to being in their car seats, which later an EMT and a nurse confirmed that they rarely see injury to little ones as long as they are buckled in properly.

Hubby met us at the ER, and I happened to hear him as they were taking me to x-ray. The nurse who was assigned to watch after the little girls for me until he arrived had just taken them for treats. Doted on and spoiled were our two little ones!! KayCee and I were in separate rooms in separate halls, which was difficult for me. I realized that because she is 18, technically they considered her an adult and on her own. She even signed herself out . . . now that is just freaky for a mom! Thankfully we had the same nurse and she has three young children and would bring me updates.

Snowball!They only x-rayed my neck and used the lead apron to shield the baby. My mid back was hurting but they couldn't x-ray that without harming the baby. The doctor examined the area and we both agreed it was okay and not fractured or anything like that. A Doppler was done for the baby and sounded good with no indication of stress. They continued monitoring me and I had no more tightening, and after a little while the baby began to move again so all good signs. My OB doctor decided not to run a fetal monitor since everything else was looking good.

KayCee had a cat scan and it showed no fractures. I really wanted to know about the curves in our necks and how much the jolt had straightened them, but no answer to that. The chiropractor will take care of that for us. Both of us were sent home with instructions for Tylenol and a script for something stronger. I laughed and told my husband if our daughter was to use the script she would be rather loopy since she has never taken much of anything, maybe a couple of Tylenol in her entire 18 years of life.

After three hours we were dismissed and the adventure to seek information began. The policeman never showed up at the hospital like everyone thought he would so we had nothing. Our driver's license and registration and insurance papers were placed in our purses but that was it. KayCee had plans with her boyfriend so I told her to go on, hoping their time at the ballpark would relax her after a stressful morning.

First we went to the tow lot only to not be allowed to see our car, nor were we allowed to retrieve anything from it. Talk about being made to feel like a criminal! Our society can really be messed up at times. So off to the police department where at first I was told they knew nothing, only to be redirected to a phone to use. I was beginning to think I had stepped into the twilight zone. After I gave the dispatcher every fact I could think of, he finally found something and sent an officer out to see me. I told my husband if I hadn't been worried about the baby I would have sent our daughter to the ER and stayed to get the information and better arrangements for the car looking in hindsight. He reassured me that I did the right thing, but I still felt frustrated at all that we had to go through now. After the officer took my statement and gave me the information on the other driver, we had to go back to the house and call the insurance company. I could have done it over the cell but the little girls needed to be at home and try to nap. During that phone call the insurance claim adjuster did a 3-way call with the tow company to which we were finally given the okay to get our stuff and look at the car.

We loaded back up and went to retrieve stuff from the car, take pictures, and assess the damage. I had good reason to be concerned once we arrived. There was our important documents lying on the floor of the car (birth certificate, ss card, etc all that you need for the DMV) and the car unlocked windows down. No matter where I have worked I have always tried to show respect for other people's stuff and to not secure a vehicle when you have the keys. I just don't understand. I'm still on the hunt for the diaper bag mostly for the books and toys I use for therapy that are in it. I knew we would be waiting at the DMV so had actually planned ahead with some activities!

By day's end I was spent and I have no idea how but I managed to keep my blood pressure down. Considering a couple of people had really pushed some buttons for me I amazingly stayed calm. Shed a few tears, which I always do and will always do when it comes to my kids not the big boo-hoo type but those quiet, thank you for everything being okay type of tears.

The payoff came as the day began to wind down. As I sat in the chair apparently looking all worn out, Jesse, our 10 year old, came walking to me from across the room and says, "You look really tired, I think you need this." He placed his arms around my neck and lightly hugged me. Now that is the best payment a mom can get!

Special moments like that may be rare and fleeting but treasure them! And they will come when we plant the seeds and invest in our kids.


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