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Week 26
~ A Slightly Calmer Week

I'm afraid this week is going to look fairly uneventful compared to the last few weeks. Trust me I am perfectly happy for some calmer times.

We ended last week with a wedding of our friend's daughter. We had a six-hour drive all together but broke it up somewhat. My hometown is on the way so we stopped there for a few errands. Joshua wanted to visit the Harley shop so we killed some time there. Since we needed to eat lunch I wanted to eat at the Taco Shop, a local favorite. It was very busy but oh so good! On the return trip home I requested a stop for snowballs, an icy slush type drink of frozen pop. No matter where I have tried one it is never as smooth as they are in my hometown. It is frozen and churned just right for the richest and smoothest texture. My kids agree so I know it is more than just a memory relived!

Our motel was in the next town over from the wedding, 23 miles, and we were able to check in early, rest, freshen and dress before heading over to the wedding. We arrived at the church early and it was already packed. The ceremony was in the church where we were members when we lived here so we had memories flooding our minds. It was nice to chat with a few others who attended when we were there. Noah and Elora are the exact ages Joshua and KayCee were when we moved away and of course it is shocking to see how everyone grows up; somehow they freeze at that one age in our minds!

This week I have been extremely tired. I'm not sure if it is from the adrenalin finally draining from my system after the past few weeks or what it is. I just cannot seem to get enough sleep. Isabella has been sleeping more as well. Of course the car accident jolted us enough that our colds came back; apparently our immune systems were still weak enough and a bit of the gunk still in us that it triggered the process of eliminating it all over again. So back to drainage and wiping noses . . . yuck.

The chiropractor is encouraged that with only two visits our bodies are responding really well to treatment and holding everything in its proper place. He had to make only minor adjustments and is spreading out the next visit to see how well we do. I am thankful that as far as the pregnancy goes so far all looks well and no adverse conditions seem to be showing up. Monday I see the OB doctor and will feel more at ease after chatting with him. I don't mean for that to sound like anything is bothering me, it's not; I just like knowing his opinion is matching up with what I am feeling and thinking.

Thankfully the gentleman who hit us has a nice insurance company to deal with. All of the initial contact calls have been made and they are at the let us know how things are going stage. No nagging phone calls, no pressure to hurry and settle they are more concerned with making sure we heal. They did inform us that they consider our daughter's car a total loss and gave us options to choose from. The decision is a hard one to make especially since she loves the car and her dad has put so much sweat equity in it for her. So a very sentimental journey we all get to take in the decision process.

Our little one is stretching and pushing quite frequently which I love feeling. I know I have mentioned that before but I so love the feeling. I have days when I wonder if this will be the last time I feel all these emotions. With my age, I know my 'baby making' days are winding down and each pregnancy I feel more of what the body goes through to grow our little ones that you rarely feel when you are younger. Well at least I didn't feel so much of this when I was younger and I had so much more energy back then as well. Goodness the day I went into labor with our first I worked a full day, third one for the week, fixed a good supper, straightened the house and went on at least a mile walk with my hubby and gave birth four hours later. I struggle with my will and God's will for my womb. It is a volatile subject for many, so difficult to bounce thoughts off of others and check emotions against beliefs. So I have been pondering and praying about the subject as well as all the emotions that go with it. That is where I will find the peace to it all.

Oh, I got a call this week for one more wedding this year! A November wedding, they are such a cute couple and I have kind of been waiting for this call to come. I thought maybe I was beginning to read more into the situation than what it appeared. Realistically I could get more calls since there are six months left in the year; we try to make that our cut-off and do short time requests on a case-by-case situation. It is really difficult to plan a wedding in less than six months, especially if you are working a full time job and involved in any type of activities. Not saying it can't be done but it is just a bit of a challenge to do so. Our baby will be two months old by then and nursing well established. I already gave my oldest daughter a heads up to save the date to help me with the baby and Isabella.

Our local Down syndrome guild posted the date for our annual walk as well as opened the website. So I signed our team up and got us all registered, with the baby we are one of the largest returning teams to date! Now realize the site has only been open 2.5 weeks so not a difficult task to do. I want to check into the cost of a banner with our team name on it. If that is too expensive then I need to get started on posters since the walk is less than two weeks from our due date! I know it won't get done if I wait. Doc assured me we would have the baby very close to the due date specifically because of the vbac issue. He won't induce because of that same issue but has other plans in mind and I just don't like how the labor progresses when those "other plans" are introduced. So baby we need to work on coming a la natural!

Better get scootin' I have done no housework today so need to get busy! Have a grand week!


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