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Week 27
~ Indecision, Please Go Away

This week included an OB appointment with the ever so fun glucose test. Since I have not heard back from the doctor's office I am assuming I passed the test. Thank goodness, I was a little nervous since my day had started with a little stress. How many times will you hear your hubby return home when he is supposed to be on his way to work and hear him say "Joshua, Joshua I need you to get up, get dressed and go look for our boat!" What 'go look for our boat!'?? Yep, that got me back out of bed to see what was going on even though I didn't get much sleep, that feeling seemed to get my adrenalin pumping.

We have had an over abundance of rain for several days. Our property has a creek than runs through part of it and when we have certain conditions the creek floods. This time the water got exceedingly high, high enough and forceful enough to send our boat and trailer on a short trip. We found it pressed up against the neighbor's trees next to the creek. Not a drop of water on the inside of the boat and it doesn't appear to have any damage that we can find as of yet. With as high as the water rose, it is only by God's grace we didn't have water in the basement. I am so very, very thankful that it stayed for the most part dry. There were a few areas but nothing major and no slipping around disinfecting the floor for me. It is a chore to do when not pregnant and nothing I would want to repeat doing when I am pregnant.

My week has been extremely busy for some reason. We have had Kids Kamp at our church this week in the evenings, which always makes the week seem even busier. There has been at least one thing if not two every day this week. The last two days I have just had to back out of a couple of things and plan them for another day. It doesn't help that the heat and heat index has made their appearance with a vengeance. KayCee started her two weeks at camp and leadership training last Sunday. Usually she returns home overnight on the weekend, does up a load or two of laundry and then we take her back for the second week. But this year with her graduating leadership training next week they need some extra time to get some stuff done so we won't see her until next week; this will be very odd.

A few weeks ago I mentioned I thought the Braxton Hicks were starting in; it seems that if they have they are very rare which is really strange for me. I thought about mentioning it to the doctor but decided to give it another month and see how it all shapes up. I have only had a few and I mean a few very light ones as well. The baby continues to move a great deal so that is fun. I'm not very good at figuring out where the head is but if I were to guess I would say down yet off to my left. That seems to match with where doc has been finding the heartbeat.

Names still seem to be eluding me, which is so odd. Usually I have a list and it is difficult to narrow down but definitely not the case this go around. The other day while I was running errands, I thought of a name that I really liked. It sounded good together, yet for some reason it rang a familiar note to me. I ran it with the boys' names and I ran it with all the kids' names and it sounded good. Just as I was thinking I had finally settled on a name, it dawned on me why that name sounded so familiar; it is the name of an alcoholic drink . . . ARGH! Now my hubby who is on the ornery side says 'why not'! That doesn't help and even though we have been married 25 years there are times I seriously can't tell if he is joking or not! I thought I had settled on a girl's name but then I thought of another one and now I can't decide which I like better. Why oh why is this so difficult this time around? It is really beginning to drive me nuts!

Yesterday I decided to go and look for a purse and outfits for the baby. Yes two outfits: one for a boy and one for a girl. It took me forever and now I'm not sure if I really like either one. I can't believe I am having such difficulty making up my mind on this stuff; it is really not like me. I do not like this new trait and hope it leaves soon, real soon. I did find a summer purse and a steal of a deal on a leather purse. The leather one was on clearance for $11.90 and then rang up for $5.90 I wanted to dance a jig right then and there; a bright side to my shopping experience to say the least.

Today I finally packed a year's worth of clothes Isabella has outgrown and the thought struck me that I could be pulling some of these same clothes out in six months. First, yes, I am that far behind with her clothes but secondly she is that slow in growing. Some things I just packed away because I didn't want see her wear them for a second summer. I also cleaned out my closet and now my suburban is loaded and ready for a drop off. I went through clothes I have been holding onto for awhile and decided I wouldn't wear it even if I did lose the weight, which I hope to. If my figures are right, I have done well with not gaining too much this time around. And last time at my 6-week return visit I was less than where I started that pregnancy, so there is hope for me.

Well I better get going and get the kids something to eat before we leave for our last night of Kids Kamp and the fun fair. I hope you have a great week and will chat with you next week.


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