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Week 28
~ Hello Braxton Hicks!

Wow, we are in our seventh month and the third trimester! Time is zipping by it seems. I am pleased to report that the Braxton Hicks have set in and set in good. Evening time is a popular time for the tightening to set in even though I do have some at other times of the day. From the tightening I can say that they are good and productive ones, too. They remind me how close our time is to holding this dear one in our arms smothering He~She with hugs and kisses.

I used to say the first name I was firm on was a good indicator to the sex of our baby along with a reliable strong feeling. But this time around it is truly perplexing; I have gone from thinking boy to well maybe girl to who knows. It really doesn't matter; they both are fun. And as for that old saying that girls are more expensive, so far I don't think so and don't foresee that changing. Guess it all depends on your expectations as a parent and if you have nerves of steel at times. It all evens out in the end, at least for us it has.

This week has been so calm in comparison to last week. I played traveling hairdresser for my mom and a friend the first two days. Ran an errand for hubby and forgot part of the errand so went back the next day to fix that error. Picked up some filters for the reverse osmosis system and while at the hardware store found a new product for the ceramic floor tiles and the laminate floor. Hopefully it will not leave streaks when I clean them. I have been very pleased with this company's cleaning system for wood floors so I have high hopes! Today I had a chiropractic appointment and hit two grocery stores for some good deals.

At the chiropractor we did all of my adjustments via me on my back. Doc said no more of using the drop table for treatment since baby is getting too big! He doesn't want me to risk putting pressure on the baby during treatment. Hopefully I will be moving to the "as needed" treatments after next week. I couldn't turn my head to the left with ease yet and he thought he got that to loosen this week; now to see if it will hold for a week. He was glad that the headaches had subsided after last week's adjustment. There are also some sore areas on my lower back that he has been working on. He encourages me that we are making progress.

KayCee wrote that her back has been really sore over these past two weeks at camp and has had a difficult time sleeping. The first week there was a massage therapist and several counselors encouraged her to go get a massage. She finally did and said that it helped a little. I have already scheduled her for adjustments.

I am hoping she will be surprised and excited on the car her dad found for her. He got a really good deal on it. The paint job is ok from a distance but not so hot when you really start looking at it. But dear hubby was able to get the deal low enough that if she wanted to get a good paint job done she would be able to do that. I highly doubt that she will want to do that; she is fairly frugal with her money. Hubby thinks he might have found the problem with the stereo and the air conditioning as well; so if he has that makes the deal he got her even sweeter! She will want to go take her driving test next week I am sure; just as soon as she familiarizes herself with the inside of the car.

I did venture out to a new JCPenney store that opened up when I ran the errand for hubby. I found some outfits I like better for this little one. I picked them up and double checked their return policy and will have only a small window of time to return anything I don't want. They are so cute though that I could always share as a gift with one of the many new moms-in-waiting!

The hospital called and we set up my pre-delivery visit. Since I have delivered there four other times we only set up the paperwork appointment. I can skip the tour since nothing has really changed much. Hopefully the computer will be working and they can pull up most of the info from Isabella's, as well as Jesse, Noah and Elora's births so that cuts time greatly. We still don't have a clue if we are keeping the same insurance or not. We received new cards from the one we have now and haven't seen any others so I am hopeful since my deductible at the first tier is met; not the 100% tier yet but still don't want to start all over. A meeting was scheduled but since the jobsite hubby is on is on a time critical deadline they were excused from the meeting and supposedly an onsite meeting rescheduled. Hopefully soon, very soon they will meet and get answers. Don't get me wrong this is not the best coverage we have had and we are paying dearly for it and I would love to go back to one with better coverage but in this economy a change would be for the worst and more than likely the deductibles would start all over again. Only once has a new company given us a deductible rollover so I am sure it is a rarity when it happens. I am truly thankful that his employer offers insurance and a decent one at that. I'm just slightly spoiled at what our benefits were before the down turn in the economy.

Enough of that yucky stuff! That is about all the highlights of the week so I guess I better get scootin'. we are going to the lake tomorrow for an over night stay and hopefully some boating. Have a great weekend!


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