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Week 29
~ Appointments!

Not much going on with the baby this week. I have had some more headaches and trying to decide what the culprit is. I think it is still from the car accident; there seems to be a couple spots in my neck that we can't get to move into place and stay. Of course it would probably be easier if I could actually lay on my tummy during my treatment but that simply is not possible so will take a little longer it seems.

Isabella had her eye appointment this week and we got good and bad news. Well I shouldn't say bad news; it wasn't the news we were hoping for let me put it that way. The glasses are helping her eyes to work together as a team. The downside it didn't make enough of a difference to avoid surgery. We also started patching her left eye, which is her strong eye for four hours a day. So far she hasn't seemed to mind the patching and is tolerating it very well. The nurse gave me some eye pads to try that are just like a band-aid, self-sticking. Now that means they come off just like band-aids too so I took her recommendation and started with the trendy brand first; she said they tended to hurt less when removing. After talking with hubby we both agreed it would be worth the extra expense to order this brand and not bother with the other. What good is it to have to go through this everyday knowing the removal will hurt? Who would look forward to it the next day? They also come in fun designs and colors for girls or boys. We have had princess, hearts and stars, mermaids, and we have a ladybug one. The other kids get excited to see what her patch looks like so that in turn makes her excited and feel special through the process.

A friend who used to work in the field of eye therapy sent me some suggestions on eye exercises to try, so I will add that to our day as well along with all the other stuff we do. I have noticed though that the patching makes her tire more quickly in the morning and by lunch she is spent. I'm in the process of making all of my appointments afternoon when possible so we can get our therapy "homework" done in the morning before she tires out as well as school lessons with the rest.

Her surgery will take place mid October and should be a day surgery stay. Of course that means several appointments between now and then to get ready and cleared. We moved her Cardiology appointment up by a month, mostly for our peace of mind; it was not required but highly recommended. Because of her heart condition she has to have her surgery at the main campus for precaution measures, as well as a pre-anesthesia appointment the week of surgery. I don't mean to sound whiney because I am so thankful that we are living in the same town as the children's hospital and that we have two campus choices. I am familiar with the south campus; it is smaller and because of that calmer. The Down syndrome clinic is at the main campus so I have been there before. We also were there when Joshua was 18 or so months and had toddler's diarrhea but that trip does not count since it has at least doubled in size since 19 years ago. The main lab is three times the size of the south one. And I know somewhat the procedure of day surgery of the south campus since Jesse and Noah have had dental work done there. New territory to discover with a new baby is not exactly a calm morning I'm thinking. So when we go for the pre-anesthesia appointment I am hoping to go exploring so I know somewhat the lay of the land come surgery morning.

I counted up roughly 11 doctors' appointments over the next 3.5 months that will be or are scheduled for Isabella, the new baby and myself. That number does not allow for anything unexpected along the way. Oh well, look at all the new stuff we will be learning along the way! Life is an adventure and so much easier to handle when I look at it from this standpoint.

KayCee returned from camp! Her ceremony was a hot one to say the least with lots of walking but lots of nice memories and sweet ladies along the journey. She of course came home with more than she left with and was pretty tired as well. She received lots of things to get her started as a camp counselor for next summer. We took her out to lunch at a WONDERFUL BBQ called the Chuckwagon. I love their food; it is the best and trust me have lots of good BBQ around here but none can match this. After that we went back to our campsite and went boating for the afternoon it was much cooler on the lake than on the shore. The kids were thrilled, and Isabella delighted and overjoyed! The water splashing up on us kept us cool. Both KayCee and I received sunburns on our backs, arms and legs while Jesse and Noah got sun kissed cheeks and arms.

I almost forgot since I have started becoming accustomed to it I guess, this week has brought back some bouts with nausea. It is random here and there and mostly draining on my energy level. No real rhyme or reason that I can figure out as of yet. I probably need to try and rest a bit and that just might help. The frustrating thing is that in order to rest, some other task has to be left undone it seems. KayCee is hoping to get her driver's license since she is back from camp and that will hopefully help out on my time. She can then drive herself to work, piano and those little errands here and there. But since she has not even driven her new car yet that might take a little time. Since the department of motor vehicles had a machine break down the day she went to renew her permit and there was no time left before she left for camp to do it, this has been a challenge. She applied for a nanny position that she will need to drive to and fro so now there is a little more pressure. In the mean time I am enjoying driving her convertible!

Well I better get scooting; we need to get some Geography lessons done. Have a great coming week and play it safe celebrating our Nation's Birthday!


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