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Week 30
~ Closing in on the Goal!

Oh my goodness I am finding it hard to believe that we are closing in on the goal this quickly! Since I can actually say I'm less than 10 weeks away from my due date it makes me almost giddy at times. Something really clicks when the weeks are no longer in the double digits; I don't know what makes it so much real this week compared to last week.

I do admit this has been another one of those troublesome weeks of feeling tired with bouts of sickness coming at the weirdest times not to mention a couple more headaches to top it all off. We celebrated my birthday this past week and made homemade ice cream and brownies. The ice cream was really good. My mom stopped by and treated us to Chipotles which is the one thing that I can eat and be guaranteed NOT to have heartburn. Otherwise I was just planning on fixing a casserole since nothing sounded good. I settled on the Chipotles because one, mom didn't want me to have to cook on my birthday and second, everyone here loves it; after I ate it I was so very glad we had it. Even though we just had it the week before to celebrate dear hubby's birthday!

Now we have a break with birthdays until the end of August where we will have Noah's, then two weeks later Elora, and within days the new baby should be arriving! That week following Labor Day could be a rather busy week it looks like. I can't remember if I mentioned it or not but I was asked to be the chairman for Mentors at our church. Mentors is a program where we put into action Titus 3 of the older women teaching the younger women. We have a monthly meeting with a brunch, lesson, and special feature. Today we had our planning meeting and pulled everything together. Our first meeting this year will be on the 7th of September. Hopefully I will make it to chair the meeting.

KayCee and I have a theory about my delivery day which we have formulated based on my past pregnancies. If one looks at all my kids' birthdays they fall like this: 4 of my kiddos were born in an even year and those four were born on an odd calendar day and on a Thursday morning. The two kiddos that were born in an odd year were born on even days and not on a Thursday. So if this pattern were to continue, this baby should be born on September 9, which is a Thursday. The doctor doesn't want me to go much past my due date so the 23rd would not work into his plan of a safe delivery date. Silly I confess but it was fun to speculate on the possibilities. Now we will see what happens!

I do have a baby shower for twins on that Saturday and our Down syndrome guild has a family day and re-scheduled the carnival for that Sunday so plenty to keep me busy if the ninth doesn't work out!

It has been a fairly calm week other than finding out my oldest son is supposed to be buying a Harley Davidson cycle this evening. I'm happy for him and look forward to when he or his dad can give me a ride, but admit that the other driver's on the road scare me a little. Guess it will mean more knee time praying him through those days of driving it. He is so excited and I think his dad is a bit pumped at this too. Boys and their toys!

Sorry not much else to share with you this week. Baby is moving like crazy and I'm still not settled on names. And the Tums never are far from my reach since I never know what will set the heartburn off. Other than that, a quiet week!

I shall chat with you next week; have a great weekend and coming week!


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