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Week 31
~ Already!

Yikes . . . I missed my deadline again; I think my brain is turning to mush. Or maybe I just need a personal secretary?

Monday I had a doctor's appointment which went well; I think I lost a pound. I keep forgetting where I was at the previous appointment (another sign of my mush brain!). Anyway I was surprised to hear doc say I get to come back in two weeks! YIKES ~ I wasn't expecting that just yet and my thought verbalized, which then I was thinking out loud processing the calendar and Isabella's appointments, when doc said, "How about we stretch it to 3 weeks? That will put you on the even weeks; besides it's not like this is your first time!" And then he grinned; I think he could be a bit ornery. So now I go back in three weeks, then two weeks! Does that put the time frame in perspective or what? When I was able to check the calendar I realized Isabella's cardiology appointment wasn't until August; I got it mixed up with a follow-up with the eye doctor in July. That appointment doesn't cause conflict but the cardiologist will be a conflict so was able to reschedule for the following day. I figured things might get a little hairy in the next few months.

The Braxton Hicks have been continuing and getting a little stronger. So I decided to (when I can) practice breathing when they are intense. Yesterday I had one while I was trying to walk that was a challenge; it was really tightening. By now I know this is all part of the prep work the body needs to prepare so I might as well work the plan when I can.

When I did my pre-checkin paper work with the labor and delivery I asked to be able to cut the cord myself. Hubby doesn't want to do it but I think it would be cool. I also asked for a mirror so I could see the baby crowning and such. I had asked to cut the cord with Isabella but her delivery was so crazy I forgot all about it when the time came. So we shall see what happens this time. It is not like I have my heart set on it; I just thought since it was offered why not!

On Wednesday we were heading to the chiropractor when I had a sharp pain on my left side near the groin area about where the ovary is. Anyway it was tender but was able to continue on. It felt like either a really bad twist of the ligament that stabilizes the uterus or a cyst had burst. I had a cyst about ten years ago that burst and it was the same feeling and ache. The sonogram never showed one so unless one grew after that I doubt that is what it was. Later in the afternoon I had a very small amount of light brown discharge so called the doctor's office. The conclusion was the same as mine. From the coloring we know probably old blood, small amount no big deal, and probably the ligament twisted and possibly pulled at the same time. I was told to take it easy the rest of the day and evening, watch for change in discharge and could continue on the next day if nothing worsened. All was well so back to normal duties.

Both KayCee and I got good news from the chiropractor that we could come back as needed. Our range of motion has improved and pretty close to where it was before the accident. My headaches seem to be held at bay, finally. So that will be nice not to have that appointment on the calendar every week. Of course he reminded me with being this late in the game of pregnancy a few adjustments before delivery would be a good idea. True, true I'm sure I will need to schedule one or two before September arrives. The baby is low and all out front which means my sciatic nerve gets a great deal of pressure. And since it seems this little one has dropped even more I have had to take more precaution when walking around and doing things.

Saturday hubby was taking 3 of the kids to a car show and to catch a Bluegrass band that some friend's boys started; anyway the phone rang for him and I thought I could catch him before he left the drive. I was going as fast as I could and realized that I just wasn't moving as fast as I should have been--it was like walking in water almost. I also noticed that I was almost waddling. So when I got back in the house I asked our daughter if it looked like my tummy was lower and she said most definitely yes. Now I know the baby is not fully engaged in my pelvic area yet- still some floating room! But most certainly applying pressure to all those fun organs we really want working if you know what I mean.

For some reason I have been craving rice, to be specific Chipotle's rice and Snickers candy bar. I found out how to fix it at home. The trouble is I tried it with brown Basmati rice and it is not the same. Also the recipe I found suggested cooking the lime juice and the cilantro with the rice, now that makes the cilantro look yucky. I found a blog that supposedly some workers had commented and said you add the oil, lime juice and cilantro after it cooks and serve right away. Now that makes a whole lot more sense to me so need to try it that way. I'm trying to hold out on the snickers bar but it is really sounding yummy, which is so odd because usually they are just too sweet for me. I guess my cravings could be much crazier.

I better get scooting on to fixing supper; BBQ chicken wings and ribs tonight! I will get myself back on track this week (I hope!) and chat with you soon!


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