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Week 32
~ The Beginning of Tying Up Loose Ends

Not much seems to be happening this week; I've been busy with something just not sure what. Let's see I managed to finally get around to trying a new cleaner on the ceramic and laminate floors. It is wonderful and very easy to use especially when it is uncomfortable to bend over for extended lengths of time. You simply spray the cleaner on to a clean swept floor and use the mop and cleaner pad to 'mop' the floor. When you finish throw the cleaner pad in the washer and dryer to be clean for the next use. I suppose if you aren't messy you wouldn't have to clean the pad after each use but I wouldn't know what that looks like. We can't even make it a few hours around here! I use a product by the same company for our wood floor and love it. It doesn't smear or leave streaks unless the cleaning pad is dirty. I have had the most difficult time finding something to clean the laminate so this is wonderful!

This week I was playing catch up on laundry and had one of those loads that needed to be filled out so took apart the infant carrier and washed it. Now to remember how it goes back together will be the challenge. I need to bring in Isabella's car seat and clean it all up washing the covering. With those long trips earlier this summer it really needs to be cleaned. If I do that one I might as well do the booster seat Elora uses as well. I plan to get downstairs and clean and rearrange the storage room since it is horrid. Hopefully I will be able to find room to move all of the clothes storage tubs back into this room so Joshua won't have them in his room. I sort of spread out while he was gone this past year. I'm hoping if I get that moved out we can put some of his stuff in his room for storage for when he gets his own place some day.

As soon as I figure out where to put Isabella's clothes I can pull out some sleepers for the baby. I never worry about clothes until after baby arrives. Since we don't peek, that just has to wait; the sleepers will be ready and that is all we will really need for a few days anyway. I'm thinking I need to purchase some type of storage unit for clothes. Until Isabella is walking she will stay in our room as will the baby so I don't want either of their clothes down the hall. It's a good thing we have a big room! Considering our first home was hardly even big enough for our bed this room is huge. But with the baby bed, bassinet and all the extra stuff, there is no room for a traditional dresser right now so I will have to get creative yet chic!

I have a new order for some school t-shirts for the beginning of August! Yay! It is more like a hobby business at this season of life, but I do enjoy doing them so was really glad to get the order. I was supposed to do a volleyball tournament in August but my contact has not been forthright with information so I'm not sure that will happen. Mixed emotions about it; I have been there for 3 or 4 years and love seeing the girls each year but that is a very busy week for us if it happens. We go to the state fair the day before the tourney begins which will be a long day. Then Noah's birthday follows on Sunday with an appreciation dinner at church that evening. We are thinking about taking Noah to lunch for fish. He loves fried catfish, actually just about any type of fish which none of the rest of us are fond of eating. When we go to Costco and they have samples of seafood, he is so excited. I need to purchase some and fix it just for him but not until after the baby arrives since the smell is horrible to me.

I have most of my stuff lined up for the fall wedding at the church. Waiting on people to get back with me and as soon as the college kids get back in school, I can line up a set-up/clean-up crew and that will be ready as far as I can get it until November arrives. And this afternoon and weekend I should be able to get most of everything for Mentors taken care of so that first meeting will be ready to take off. Once I set up the template for the agenda I will be able to easily change it for each month. Since September will be our first meeting for the year I decided to do the decorating, I found the plates and napkins on clearance for a great deal which gave me an idea for the centerpieces. It will be easiest for a committee member to take care of all this the first month; the ladies will then sign up for a month to decorate the tables after that first meeting. They really come up with some neat ideas: some lovely, some fun and always a surprise and always very nice. For my month I'm going to enlist the help of the kids and have them make flowers from coffee filters and other flowers using their handprints placing the "flowers" in a variety of vases and adding crystal fake fruit and greenery. I also found these really neat clothespin note holders that I would like to do up and have them hold Bible verses on each table. We could get the task done in one or two afternoons, so I best get that done this next week or so.

I have a letter to write to all past attendees and new possible attendees that will give an overview of the year and touch on a few changes that will take place. So as long as I put my nose to the grindstone that can all be done by next week. We have a stock pile of plastic table covers I need to rummage through this Sunday while at church and pull some back for the September meeting. And then to make my own mind more at ease I feel like I should pick up a few extra plates. Our Women's Enrichment Ministry Leader will give an overview of women's events upcoming so I want to be prepared if that pricks a few new hearts to attend. I'm praying it does!

The baby is still pushing and shoving around. I'm thinking it has dropped but not engaged (which if it had would be really early and unusual for me). The doctor suggested I pick up an acid controller to take instead of the Tums. It works so much better and no need to keep the bottle close. I take it once a day and he suggested if I needed more the liquid stuff worked much faster than the chewable. I still have quite a few chewables so until they are gone they will have to do.

Our heat index has been and continues to be stifling. I had the chiropractor check my hormones and adrenals which all checked out fine but I was having such hot flashes I thought something needed adjusted. He said nope I was just cooling for two and the heat was not helping. At least I have not had to deal with water retention. When I was pregnant with Noah (our August baby) my ankles swelled. I was told not to worry because after the baby came the swelling would go down. Well it didn't just go away the next day; it took several weeks, so I sympathize with anyone who has to deal with swelling during pregnancy. I'm very thankful that I do not have to deal with swelling issues--at least not at the present time during this pregnancy, hoping to skip that completely.


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