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Week 33
~ Blessed and Trusting

Well I had to break down and buy some of the liquid antacid; it seems the little pills are not lasting as long as I had hoped they would. Not everyday but more than half of my days each week I am in need of supplementing with that yummy liquid stuff. I shouldn't complain because at least there is something to help ease the discomfort.

I'm wondering if the size of this wee one is bigger than Noah and Isabella; they were my biggest babes at 7lbs.12oz. The only reason I am wondering is because of the acid/heartburn whatever you want to call it and I can't eat much at all without being full. I don't remember this with them, only not wanting to eat much, which goes without saying with all my 'summer' pregnancies. I'm pretty sure I haven't gained as much as past pregnancies but I feel like what I have gained is all baby, that is what it was with Joshua and I think Isabella. I had lost weight by the time I did my exit visit with Isabella! That was very nice and with Joshua, the night I went into labor I could still pull on and half zip a regular pair of jeans from my closet. Anyway sorry about that bunny trail there, I have just been curious as to how big this wee one is getting. My doctor doesn't like to guess but I think I might ask anyway.

I can't figure out which way the baby is laying this week. I'm horrible at this anyway but this one seems to be all over the place this week. It could be like my one OB said with either Noah or Elora and that was that there was just so much amniotic fluid that the baby was having a good old time swimming around. I did check the pregnancy week-by-week here on StorkNet and it shows the amniotic at its highest this week.

This week made me realize how blessed I have been during this pregnancy, well actually all of mine. I went with a friend from church to visit another friend who is in the hospital with pre-eclampsia and placenta previa. She was at 23 weeks praying to make it to 24 weeks preferably 34 weeks. In our state if a baby is born at 23 weeks the medical staff are not supposed to intervene with the baby's survival but at 24 weeks they can help. Broke my heart to hear this; it just makes no sense to me. Anyway she made it to 24 weeks and 2 days delivering little Samuel last night. He is 1#7oz and 12 inches. His heart rate and blood pressure was very good last night but took a dip this morning and he needed a blood transfusion and ventilator as well as steroids. So if you think of Samuel please, please pray for him. His first 10 days are critical and the most difficult; he made it through day 1 so just 9 more.

Our church has eight more babies to be born from now until Spring. It is exciting to have so many wee ones on the way. I think four of them are first time moms, one being a set of twins! Two are second time and then myself with #7 baby. The other family in our church who has 6 is expecting come March, so we will be the largest family for just a little while.

I got a great deal done from last writing. That storage room is cleaned and organized with all the stuff from Joshua's room moved back. Trouble is I can't figure out where I packed the newborn sleepers! I washed the bassinet stuff, but haven't put it together yet. I think I will wait a week or two before doing that. Purchased a hanging storage for the closet that has enough cubbies for Isabella's clothes and the new baby's clothes. So I am enjoying having some extra clean space in my room! I also got my letter written and printed along with the inserts that need to go in the mailing. I do need to work on that agenda, still. Good thing is the outline only needs done once and then each month update only the topics for the most part. I have a confirmed sound and lighting tech for the November wedding! So that to-do list is dwindling from its original form. The sad thing is I keep thinking of new stuff to add to it!

The school t-shirt order doubled in size and she referred a new customer to me . . . woot-woot! She asked if that was okay and I said sure because it would keep me busy so time will pass quicker. The tournament that was up in the air is a definite go. I have less to do with that one this year than I have done in years past since the new organizer is doing the flier and design logo. It will be two very long days though since the flier is not going out as soon for pre-sales but I can't do much about that so I'm trying not to worry about it.

Isabella had another pre-follow-up with the eye surgeon. Good news is that the patching is working and we have improvement with her lazy eye. Bad news is that she said I am not pressing hard enough when I massage the tear duct. If the tear duct probe is done during the surgery on the eye muscles then she will put a stint in the duct, which will be removed in office I think 4 months later. Now that doesn't sound like fun from what I have heard adults say when they have had tear duct work done. I volunteered that my hubby takes her to that appointment. He laughed; he knows I wouldn't make him do that especially with the way his work is. The nurse scheduled another 30 day appointment then the pre-op appointment a week before surgery which if we do the tear duct probe we will get antibiotics at that one to use for the next week. Following that she set-up the postoperative appointment about a week to ten days following surgery so those appointments are all set-up. The surgeon said we have a 70% chance of not needing to do the surgery again. I was hoping for better odds especially after reading all the possible, horrible things that can happen during surgery. I wanted to say forget it, but then I knew the risk of losing her sight was pretty much a done deal without surgery. Looks like knee time for this mama and a lesson in trusting!

The weatherman is foretelling another week of hot, hot weather; this is the hottest it has been in three years so they say. I believe it! So with that I hope you all can stay cool and keep your feet up as much as possible! So far no swelling for me! I hope none for you either!


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