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Week 34
~ No More Early Arrivals ~ Please

Monday was a visit to the doctor, which meant the Strep B test, so at least that is out of the way. When doc went to listen to the heartbeat, our little one had moved and was not where he usually finds the heartbeat. He moved to another spot to listen and still nothing. Finally he tried another spot and after a few seconds we could hear a faint (sounded far away) heartbeat. Okay I could breathe again. For all these visits he has found the heartbeat in pretty much the same spot every time; now our little one decides to change spots! Doc said he was pretty sure our little one was laying face up on its back all sprawled out. Apparently the heartbeat isn't as easy to hear in this position. At the appointment little one was head down, but I know for me that is not necessarily a guarantee he/she will stay in that position. In two weeks another appointment, and then I am down to weekly visits.

Update on baby Samuel, he is one week and one day old! It has not been a smooth week as you can imagine with one born so early. It seems almost every day it is something new. From sticky lungs to brain bleeds the list is overwhelming but he is hanging in there. His mom and dad are trying to determine if now is the time to switch hospitals where he can have heart surgery to close a hole the doctors believe is causing the bleeds. We have been praying and praying for this little guy and will continue praying for him and mom and dad. Just a couple days after his son, Samuel, was born, this dad became a grandpa and his granddaughter had to be admitted to a NICU in another hospital. She was 34 weeks but at one day old caught pneumonia. Not an easy road they are on right now. Today they enroll their other son in kindergarten; hopefully that will be a fun experience for them today.

On Wednesday I was at a friend's home with some ladies who were wanting to revisit the art of crocheting when we received news that our mom who is expecting twins had to be put in the hospital. She was experiencing pre-eclampsia and possible toxemia; the latest update didn't indicate anything about toxemia so hopefully that is not the case. It looks like she will remain in the hospital until after she delivers. The twins share the same placenta so that is a concern as well.

I am feeling good but with all these things happening around me it is unsettling a little. I keep praying, "Lord you put all this stuff on my calendar (ok maybe not the visit to the state fair, that is just a tradition for us), You know what I need to get done, please give me your peace." So when I get my mind in that thinking mode I am okay. My week 36 is a very full week; it ends with a 2-day volleyball tournament that is a fundraiser and I really don't want to let them down. So once I get past that, I will feel a great deal better. Noah will be 7 on that Sunday and we try to have a birthday party with friends over for either the sixth or seventh birthday and we didn't do six! Trouble is that the weekend is so full and school will be back in session so weeknights are out. It looks like it will need to be the following Friday evening; I need to get that nailed down, planned out.

I mentioned awhile back that I would post some pics of the quilt that I finished and the afghan. Well I finally remembered that so here you go.

quiltThis is the Redwork quilt I finished up and the two afghans, along with a purple variegated pair of booties and a baby blue with brown variegated pair of booties. The peach afghan looks peach in the picture but everyone called it pink around here so that prompted me to crochet the baby blue one.

girl outfitThese next pictures are what I plan to bring the baby home in depending on whether boy or girl.

I can't decide which outfit if it is a little boy. I really like the striped outfit, but if it is as hot as it has been I'm afraid it will be two heavy, fall like. Unless this baby is just really big the second one will fit better, too. Decisions, decisions I told you I wasn't doing so well in that area!

boy outfit #1 boy outfit #2

I think I have settled on names after a trip to the library for baby name books. Two of the books were no help at all and the other one was a little frustrating how they did the name variations since if it was a varied form of another name they wouldn't give the meaning of it; you had to reference to the root name which sometimes lead you to another root name. Ack ~ just give me what I want! That is why I like the baby name database on StorkNet, so very helpful in searching for what I'm looking for. But I needed a book to curl up with and get the noodle (brain) on the creative side. Now hopefully hubby won't crinkle his nose at either of them. I'm holding him to his "it's your turn" comment. One of the names is close to a name we talked about 20 years ago when we were expecting Joshua and dreaming of twins! But I'm not telling what my choices are until baby arrives . . . sorry!

Well since today is a bit cooler and our state is having a free tax weekend and the shoe store is adding an extra 20% savings I think I will go look for some tennis shoes for Noah and Elora. I first have to double-check my stash for Noah, but I know Elora is in need. If Noah doesn't need maybe I will check into a pair for Isabella. The therapist mentioned the possibility of finding something a little more supportive. Trouble is last time I looked nothing was available except wide width, which would not help; she has a narrower foot than that and a size 2 INFANT and she is 20 months! Not an easy find with what the therapist is suggesting.

So I better get a moving, thanks for the visit! Stay cool and will chat with you next week, Lord willing!


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