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Week 35
~ Plenty of Shoving and Pushing Going on!

Another week almost under my belt, yahoo! Not much news to report with baby love this week except about how active this one is. For me that is new since all my babes except Isabella were not very active. Isabella I don't think was this active and she was very active. I have had a great deal of the Braxton Hicks, nothing too serious but enough that a few times at night I could practice some deep breathing. Trying to remember all the Lamaze from 20+ years ago, not that I have ever used much more than deep breathing and then with Jesse one nurse wanted me to breathe, then pant it out. She drove me crazy but she was determined to try and make me do it, which at least kept my mind a little distracted from that transition moment.

Isabella loves my cell phone and is always excited to get her hands on it. I keep my keyboard locked not just because of her but because when I toss it into my purse keys get punched if not locked. No matter that the keys are locked this little stinker manages the right combination to unlock it. Thankfully she always pauses long enough for it to lock again before anything too drastic happens. But this week she and I have no idea how she did it but she managed to turn the phone onto "play mode" only which turns the phone and messaging off and allows you to play music that you have stored like an I-pod. Go figure! The only reason I noticed it is that my hubby had asked if KayCee was ready to be picked up from work (yes our 18 yr old who still doesn't have her license). I checked the phone for a text only to see it say play mode. I didn't even know I had this feature! Well thank you Isabella; now I know what I will be listening to during labor! I had been trying to figure this out but it wasn't a make or break situation. I just thought it would be nice once that middle phase of labor began to listen to some music since usually at that point I am blocking out the TV and trying to focus on the contractions. I have made them turn the TV down before because it tends to annoy me, but I know it keeps hubby occupied.

I finally figured out how she got the phone into the "play music only mode" and it takes several scrolls and keystroke combinations; so I like I said I have no idea how she did it. I had decided before this that I would just listen to the music I had on the phone but now I can do so without concern of a phone call or text arriving. I am very thankful to have it and need to load up some more songs to make sure I have enough. There is 90 minutes worth of music on it now. I would think that would be plenty for me but you just never know especially if I choose to skip a few.

I am just about ready for the volleyball tourney next weekend. The pre-order flier didn't go out as soon as I hoped so that means I should be plenty busy during the tourney which is good because the time will go very fast. It has simply been nice in the past to have over half the sales done prior to arriving. I have most everything ordered except some pre-printed names I will order later this morning. Everything should arrive early in the week and be ready to go by Wednesday evening.

We plan to go to our state fair on Thursday. I am praying the temps cool down by then. We have had our second week of excessive heat index warnings and so far it doesn't look like it will be that hot next week but even the high 80's with all the humidity that just keeps hanging in the air makes it not so fun. Thankfully there are lots of things to see at the fair in 'cool' buildings along the walks. Also many of the farmers bring fans for their livestock to keep cool while in the holding pens so that keeps the non-air conditioned buildings cooler. I'm thinking this year we just may have to plan on stopping by the milking barn during the milking demonstration and enjoy an ice cream cone. We have only caught that once and it was a few years ago so it would be worth the extra walking and planning.

An update on baby Samuel; this is difficult. Last evening his parents decided to remove him from the ventilator. He was 12 days old and this week had brought kidney failure and another major brain bleed. After being transferred to the main children's hospital in town they found that major brain bleed in a crucial part of his brain. The dialysis that he was transferred for could not be started because they were having difficulty in getting his vitals to stabilize. A day or two after the transfer his parents were told that his brain was dying and they had to decide what to do. I can't imagine having to go through all of this. Earlier this year they buried their mom who they had been giving care for in their home and now this. My heart breaks for them. I know how difficult it was when Noah was 3 months old and my dad died; I found out I was pregnant a couple of months later then miscarried at 12 weeks. So in 6 months time I had a baby, lost my dad, was pregnant again, and then lost the baby. Your hormones are not even settled; I was a wreck emotionally. The situation this family is in especially the mom is so fragile right now, I'm praying that those who have been faithfully praying for them these past few weeks will keep them held in prayer a little longer as they grieve now a second loss. We hope to plan a night out for this mom in the months to come; timing will be the trickiest.

Good news on the other hand is that our mom expecting twins has been improving. Her IV has been removed for now though she did have to start meds for blood pressure. The twins are about a pound difference between the two in weight and that pleases the doctors. So far her spirits are high which is good; hopefully she can make the remaining 7+weeks and all will be well.

That's it for this week, hope you can stay cool for the week and all goes well for you! Chat with you next week.


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