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Week 36
~ A little Excitement

This has been quite the up and down week so far. It started on Saturday evening before going to bed when I noticed a small, very small amount of what looked like part of my mucous plug. YIKES is right. I had been cleaning in the kitchen and dining room and when I went to sweep, instead of bending over at the waist (that hurts) or having one of the kids help, I squatted really low to sweep up the dirt piles in both rooms. I'm sure that caused some major stretching and thus the end result. Sunday brought a feeling of just feeling sickly. I lounged around most of the afternoon and evening, going to bed early; Monday I felt better and spent a lot of time in front of the computer finishing things up. Tuesday morning brought more yuck feeling hungry but nothing sounding good. I know things are changing I can feel that most definitely and wonder how far along I'm going to make it.

I double-checked the 'full-term' weeks because I have been that nervous about baby-love arriving too early. I had always thought 38 weeks was full-term but wrong it is 37 weeks so if I can make it through this week I will stop feeling so anxious about all this yucky feeling. I keep praying over and over to get through this week, which keeps me from being a bundle of nerves.

The fair is officially out for me. That makes me sad but I just don't want to risk being two hours away and all the walking. The family, except our oldest son, all loaded up and left earlier this morning. This will be good for hubby and the kids I know they will have oodles to tell me when they get back home. It will be a different view for me of the fair seeing and hearing it through their point of view. Jesse is hoping that they will have a snake out to touch; last year they offered to let the kids hold one. Thankfully they all declined and looked at the lady like she was crazy! It will be interesting to hear what happens if they get the offer this year!

Yesterday was my doctor's visit; I had to go off my usual date because he was playing catch up from vacation and he asked me to change days since Monday would be 'very hairy'. Amazingly it was so quiet and he wasn't too busy which meant very chatty. I had to go with a late afternoon appointment, which meant the two little girls went along with me because of schedule conflicts with everyone. Isabella had a melt down when we arrived for what reason I have no idea but she was a basketcase for a bit. I finally just gave her my cell phone to hold and she was fine. I have got to find a play cell phone that lights up for this girl. The light up part is very important; we have tried others and they do not impress her. I took her into the hall to try and quiet her. The nurse was shocked since Isabella is normally so quiet. Even my doctor walked through the hall and stopped for a chat; seriously this was way more attention than I wanted in this situation.

By the time it was my turn we all had calmed down. The nurse and doctor had forgotten that we had already done the group B test and were trying to do a second. When they looked at the chart they realized for whatever reason it was done early, and it came back positive. Heartbeat was found on the first try as well as back where we usually find it. Doc said next week we would be checking to see what position baby-love is in; pointing to the hard spot a little bit down from under my ribs and said we need to figure out what this is! Both of us hoping it is not the head! He said if he could not get a clear picture of the position by feel he would be doing a sonogram.

Other than that (which is a major) I'm on track for a VBAC so far, yet anything can happen between now and labor. Normally I would be really sad about the possibility of not being able to VBAC and having to face a c-section and a scheduled one at that; but I know there is time for this little one to turn head down if not already there. Second after what we experienced with Elora, trying the version and it not working (it is not exactly a walk in the park when they try and turn a baby; I have permanent marks from the doctor's thumbs on my belly), then seeing that the cord was wrapped around her neck, well I know there is a reason if we have to take that route. Besides I don't think we can try turning the baby because of scar tissue from the caesarean, but I don't know if that is fact or not. Yes I will miss that adrenalin rush of being in labor and experiencing labor, that wonderful feeling of pushing and the baby sliding out and all that but when you don't have a choice you just don't have a choice. So it is in the Lord's hands and I shall wait to see what His will is, I've shared with Him my will.

So all that said I'm a little psyched for Monday to arrive! He will also check to see about dilation, effacement and all that good stuff. I was sweeping the floor the other day and asked my oldest daughter if she would sweep up the dirt pile or should I take care of it. I haven't seen her move that fast in quite awhile! She said she would do that I could take care of it after Sunday. She doesn't want to have to work the volleyball tourney alone and she wants to go to the church's teacher appreciation dinner! She has gladly let me rest extra this week and even bought dinner one night and helped her brother cook dinner another night. Too bad I couldn't milk this treatment a little longer . . . hehehe!

Isabella had her year review with the cardiologist this week. She was not cooperative with the echocardiogram tech. The gel and the wand freaked her out along with being touched by a stranger. The tech was not the nicest lady either which was shocking since we were at a children's hospital. I'm hoping she was just having a bad day, headache or pms. Anyway the doc was a gem and said there was enough for her to see what she needed. The holes are still there; they don't seem to have shrunk and the PDA is still open. The good news is that none of those issues are affecting nor stressing her heart so we are still ok. She also felt that her heart would handle the eye surgery and anesthesia ok. We do have to return in 6 months for another checkup.

Well I better close this down. I need to go shopping for Noah's and Elora's birthday presents since I'm by my lonesome today. I know I'm after some Star Wars legos and a Snow White Barbie for the cakes but other than that I hope I get hit with some inspiration along the way. They both are so proud that they have chosen "easy" cakes for mom this year. Noah even said that he hoped the baby arrives on his birthday; then we wouldn't have to give him presents but he still wanted to have his friends over! Elora upon hearing this said she wanted the baby born on her birthday (which falls on Labor Day this year) but we still had to get her presents! Crack me up!


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