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Week 37
~ Bottoms Up!

By this week's title I bet you have figured out that we are "bottoms up"! Yahoo! With this news we are on track for our second VBAC barring no unexpected occurrences like major bad stuff. At first check, doc thought he had grabbed a foot so he called for the sonogram machine and when the nurse brought it in she asked me what trouble I was causing! I said, "Hha-ha, not me, my little one!" I remembered to remind the doctor I didn't want to know the sex so be careful on what he was looking at. He showed me liver, heart, bladder, etc. and come to find out baby-love's hand was on top of its head. SHWEW!! What a relief, even though I am prepared for a c-section if need be I still knew there could be some disappointment to deal with if I had to schedule a c-section. Now we shall just wait and see what and when things happen.

Bad news is that baby is still fairly high which doc reminded me that there is the chance of cord coming first or other various 'bad news' circumstances. Can you tell my doctor believes in laying it all on the table? I appreciate that but if I was to let my mind run wild I could be a basket case, instead I pray and trust the Lord for His timing and care.

I can tell that we are getting closer. My ligaments that help balance the uterus tend to be sorer as well as my hip sockets seem so very loose and tender. My skin across my belly feels like it can stretch no more some days! I'm not sure how to explain this but you know how you can just tell your cycle is close with a feeling in your vaginal area--that feeling has been becoming apparent so whether doc can tell or not I know things are softening. I was so excited about baby being bottom-up I failed to ask if any other changes had occurred. But as I have mentioned before that is rare for me so sub-consciously I probably didn't want to hear 'nothing' going on.

Everyone returned from the fair just fine, a little disappointed on some things yet newsy about other events they saw. They saw some cattle round-up work, pig races, milking with the machine; they went through the petting zoo and fed some animals. Apparently this was an experience because instead of putting the food in their hands, they had to use little shovels to feed the animals so they didn't get nipped by an animal. KayCee was quick to tell me she made them wash and sanitize their hands! Funny ~ the day was very hot and they drank a lot of water, but poor Isabella just doesn't handle the heat well. She was beet red when they got home and not from sunburn just from being hot. She was excited to see mom and was babbling up a storm and crawling all over me! The kids were all excited because dad bought them cotton candy, fried potatoes cut fine like chips, corn dogs, fun fair food for supper! They skipped the funnel cakes and KayCee told dad, "Mom can make those at home cheaper and they taste better!" Maybe Labor Day weekend we will splurge and have funnel cakes for breakfast instead of doughnuts.

Obviously we made it through the tourney. Sales were a bit on the low side this year which made parts of the weekend go very slow. I got to see several people that I only get to see on that weekend and enjoyed chatting and catching up. But very glad to have the weekend behind me! I returned home to have an email from another customer wanting to get together and discuss an order. Yahoo!

Booked a wedding this week for February and had our preliminary meeting. This year I have a November wedding left and looks to be all until February. Kind of quiet compared to years past, but that is ok considering we are expecting 11-13 babies over the next months. They just rearranged the church nursery making a bigger, quieter area for the babies and nursing moms. Looks like I might be the first to use that area unless there is a visitor between now and then.

I don't remember if I mentioned it but our mom expecting the twins delivered. I think she was about 13 weeks early; I could be wrong it might have been a few weeks closer but not by much. They are doing really well considering how tiny they are. Mom and Dad have been able to hold their little girls, which had to have been hard waiting for that moment.

Tonight is Noah's birthday party. He is so excited! I am thankful that he just wanted me to bake a chocolate cake with white frosting (representing snow) then the legos he got on his birthday placed on the cake. Wouldn't you know I put them on in the wrong set-up so need to rearrange that before long. I knew I should have waited for him to wake up before placing them on the cake. He is very precise about these types of things. There are plans for a water gun fight as well as a water balloon fight; Joshua has the task of filling a tub full of water balloons. We also like to watch the show "Minute to Win-it" and picked some of those games to play. Elephant trunk, Cookie Face and hopefully the Diet coke and Mentos eruption that should keep these boys entertained. We have to try the cola and mentos this morning to make sure it will work. Seeing something versus actually doing it sometimes turn out different you know!

Joshua started back to school this week and commuted all three days. I decided we had to work something out so I know if I'm not awake when he arrives and wake in the middle of the night I don't have to search the house making sure he made it home safely. He got word this week that he might have a job offer coming, time will tell.

KayCee got her schedule for the coming week and she has like 35 hours, plus childcare work for a women's Bible study. Her dad told her she needed to get her license and after hearing her schedule for the week I had to concur that it is just getting too much for me to interrupt everyone's daily schedule to take her everywhere. She also is supposed to have her phone interview next week for a very good corporation as a child care assistant. So her week is overflowing, which means my week will be overflowing as well.

I need to get busy on getting some floors swept and mopped, fixing that cake as well as some school work completed. As far as I can tell I will be chatting with you next week unless other plans are in the works for me. If that happens and I head to the hospital I'll try to shoot off an email to Maribeth with a heads up! Ha-ha-ha a heads up for our bottoms up! Sorry couldn't resist that one!


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