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Week 38
~ Busy, Busy and False Labor

This has been an up and down week. Sunday afternoon I was exhausted and felt yucky; I couldn't put my finger on what it was just felt yucky. Monday morning brought two hours of Braxton Hicks/false labor that was continual, one right after another. I slept through some of it and could roll over which would stop it for a moment then they would start back up. I could tell by the feel of them it wasn't true labor and every now and then I would get a nudge from baby love. Later I had a doctor's appointment and shared what had happened to which the doctor replied with a grin "good!" Though I had lost two pounds and was smaller in measurement due to the baby dropping some more he said I was still high, no dilation. He could feel the head so no flip-flopping, yay! He said maybe Saturday we might have some action. To which I replied, I'd rather wait until Thursday and he thought I meant today (9/2) and I said no 09-09-10. I thought that would be a fun birthday. He grinned his ornery grin and said he's available on that day, too! Then I added (just for fun) how about at 9:09 but I don't want a 9#9oz-er; He laughed and said no he didn't either. Some days it is fun to guess and play around with the "how abouts" and since the doctor was having such a stressful week last time it was nice to see him in such a jovial mood.

I would have thought that with the baby dropping this blooming heartburn would let up, but I think it is getting worse. I had dropped back on taking the acid controller but this week I am in need of it daily it seems. I lost the bottle I originally bought that had just enough to get me through the end of the pregnancy. I thought I could tough it out but after finishing off the liquid and munching through numerous Tums and still having heartburn I decided to bite the bullet and go buy some more. Now to remember to take it each morning so I don't have to experience the burn.

Last night I ran into Sam's mom and as we were chatting she had asked what doc was planning for me (we use the same doctor) so I told her about our date conversation. She grinned and said that if she gets word that I'm headed to the hospital on the ninth she was calling in and canceling her appointment on the ninth! It was good to see her laughing; she has been having good days and not so good days; which is to be expected all part of the grieving process. Last week was pretty difficult week; they are working at turning their loss into something that will help others by starting a foundation for those who have had infant loss. They will be having a remembrance walk this October and plan to have one annually.

The twins are doing well growing and passing up milestones. Their mom had a blood clot and is trying to heal up from that as well as visiting the girls in the NICU. One of the girls is still on the ventilator, they think because her PDA hadn't closed which causes excess blood (fluids) to form especially in the lungs. It has now closed so they are hoping to be able to take her off the ventilator soon.

A friend at church volunteered to clean out the 'wedding closet' at church. What a wonderful treat for me! It has stored everything else as well and has been difficult for me to get in and out of especially with my tummy well extended now. It looks fabulous and once baby arrives I will be able to walk in and get things without being attacked by other things. What a wonderful blessing; she has been systematically cleaning offices and files and last week re-organized the nursery. A couple of us commented about what wonders of wonders she could do in our homes! On second thought that would be down right humbling, never mind.

We got our banner for the DSG walk. I am so excited to have it! Last year being our first year we got teased about "where is our team's banner?" This year we will have a banner for out team!

This week I received two more orders for t-shirts and hats even. Funny hubby and I were just talking about maybe selling the hat press since that hasn't paid for itself. I guess we will rethink that at least for now! I have a request for another project that I think I need to get a new program for so I started looking at computer programs this morning.

Tuesday was a trip to the eye doctor for Isabella where we received a bit of good news. First the patch is doing well and her eyes are working together with the weaker eye getting stronger. Second the blocked tear duct seems to be clearing up on its own so the doctor decided to remove that procedure from the surgery schedule meaning no stint will be inserted. Thank you Lord!

Wednesday we had an appointment to see an orthodist about orthotic inserts for Isabella. We had hoped to visit the one closer to our home but they were not able to get us in until later in the month and after our ISP service meeting on Monday we needed to get this appointment in ASAP. So we made the appointment at the downtown children's hospital. What an experience! I have not been there in close to 18 months and what a difference that makes when your child becomes aware of their surroundings. I took Noah, Elora and of course Isabella to the appointment. For parking they have an underground parking garage, which is really nice for weather and quite a busy area so there is a safe feeling about it. Well when we entered the garage Isabella started getting fussy; by the time I got her in the stroller she was freaking out. She didn't really calm down until we got to the appointment in and through the hospital and security checkpoints. I felt like a walking apology at each stop along the way.

The appointment went well and once again I learned way more than I had expected to know about feet, muscles, muscle tone, etc. We got fitted for a product called Sure Steps that were designed by an orthodist whose child has Down syndrome. We picked out our style (Busy Bees!) with a purple Velcro strap. They will be arriving in a week to ten days, of course! Anyway when we left all was well until the elevator doors opened and Isabella saw the parking garage you guessed it she freaked out again. I'll have to do some thinking on this before her surgery come October. We don't need her stressed out the morning of her surgery. Maybe I can go down and park and ride the elevator a few times just to acquaint her with the area seems odd but not sure how else to familiarize her to underground parking garages.

Better get scooting--the Mom taxi is needed yet again today! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


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