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Week 39
~ Nothing, Simply Nothing Yet

Wow I figured when I wrote week 39's entry it would be a quickie like I'm headed to the hospital, chat with you soon! NO such luck it seems. At my last appointment I was back to high and tight, nothing terribly unusual for me. But the false labors have been something new to deal with this time around. So far I have had three full episodes of several consecutive hours of having Braxtons or contractions but they don't build, and they don't wrap; they are just steady and two of the three times roll one right into another. Last night was the one I was hopeful might actually change into real labor since there were breaks in between each one, but once again they never built up, no strengthening. In fact I fell asleep only to wake an hour or so later to nothing. As my dear hubby keeps reminding me 'baby will come when the time is appointed.' Yeah I know but, but, but . . . it seems I'm to have a lesson in patience and letting go of my will for timing. No fun at all is all I can say.

Surprisingly doc didn't want to talk about plans for if I go past my due date. I think that is what I'm so anxious about is what if my due date comes and goes and no labor. I know I don't have many options since I'm a VBAC. Doc has already stated he didn't want to wait too long for fear of a 'big' baby. I know last time he chose to break my water but I was already in labor, and he just wanted to move things along. He also chose to give me a small amount of pitocin, not that I wanted it, again to move the process along. All to my surprise since we had agreed pitocin was not a good mix with a VBAC. All went well and he barely left my side the whole time, which is why it was ok to use it. Since there are so few doctors who will allow a VBAC around here, there is not a whole lot of options and you have to agree with the doc or end up with a c-section. I really can't imagine a c-section; it would be nearly impossible to care for Isabella after having one.

I feel like one of two things: first, a watched pot and the old saying goes through my head "a watched pot never boils" except it converts to "I'll never go into labor if they keep watching me." Funny how my mind works lately! The other thing is the birth date requests: let's see, those remaining are the 12th x2; 13th x2; and the 14th. I missed the 22nd of Aug.; Labor Day came and went and this week doc suggested Friday. He said after all he had a fourth time mom who was high and tight at her appointment and delivered three days later, easy peasy. Oh, then he adds the babe was 9#5oz! Oh my stars, good thing he was on the other side of the room! Friday marks me three days out from my appointment and that is why he suggested it and he is in the office that is at the hospital where I have to deliver so he can 'closely monitor' everything.

I made it to my Mentor's meeting and just knew that once it was over I would mentally relax and labor would follow in a day or two. Wrong on that count and have been fighting the 'crabby feelings' ever since, failing miserably. Last night I even tried a few of those 'old wives tales' to no avail. The chiropractor is out of the office this week so no chance to try that this week. If I'm still here Monday I will see if they can fit me in; at least everything will be in proper alignment for me then, even if it doesn't bring on labor. I shampooed the living room carpet yesterday so that is finally accomplished.

I think today I will venture to the computer store to look at some software for graphic freehand work. It may be way out of my league but at least I shall know. Then there are some dresses I cut out to sew for Elora over the weekend that I can work on, since I didn't get them done over the weekend. So I do have plenty to keep me occupied just not as fun as ooo-ing and awing over baby-love!

My friend and I finally got to chat on Tuesday; her summer has been really busy. She thinks I'm having a boy! She also volunteered to watch the kids or take me to the hospital if need be.

Hubby is a 30-40 minute drive from home depending on the time of day. He was pulled from his project to help out on another project on the opposite side of the metro but same distance only going against traffic flow so can be a quicker commute at times. But it looks like tomorrow he is back to the original project, which his foreman is happy about his return. They had some inspections which were problematic, no surprise on the size of job but the good news was that all the contractors received discouraging notes from the general except my hubby's company which actually received praises. Their inspection failed because of another contractor's failure otherwise they would have passed. All that to say the foreman called to update my hubby and check status of his return passing on the good news and patting him on the back for keeping it all running smoothly and on time; so therefore hurry back! So back to the 4:30am wake-up, thankfully I can go back to bed for a little while.

Well I feel like I'm just rambling so I guess that would be a good sign to wrap this entry up. Hopefully I can get past this gloomy feeling and Lord willing be holding our sweet little baby-love next week!


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