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Week 40
~ Seriously!

Wow if the sonogram due date is right, this is the most pregnant I have ever been, technically 40 weeks and 4 days! I'm wondering if it could be off by a week but guess it doesn't really matter except to me. The week of conception the sonogram puts me at I had the flu and I know nothing happened then!

At my appointment I was so surprised at my doctor's response for he did not even mention anything except waiting. That truly was a relief to me since I had spent a great deal of undo thinking process on what could happen. He did schedule me for NST (non-stress test) this coming Monday before I see him. He said it is standard procedure and wasn't concerned about it especially since he knows my body can do this. So I wait and wait. I have had a few more contractions that fritter out. This morning I didn't even bother to time them; I decided if I made it to the third contraction I would start timing. As usual they stopped so was glad I didn't waste the energy rolling over to watch the clock.

Monday before my doctor's appointment I went to the chiropractor. Two gals had told me that they were in labor within 24-36 hours after their visit to the exact same chiropractor. Obviously that didn't work for me, nor did the other wives tales I have tried.

We went to our Family Day with the Down syndrome Guild and the kids had a good time. Isabella got over-heated we think for she was well out of sorts most of the afternoon. By the time hubby and I had fought with her fussy attitude we were ready to go. The other three were happy to play in the inflatable obstacle course, face painting, balloon creatures, seeing the farm animals and hay ride! Jesse even won a cd from Radio Disney.

To fill in my time and trying to keep myself busy I have sewn a jumper for Elora and almost have a second one completed. Noah has started reading and made it through a fourth of his beginning readers. This Saturday the t-shirts will need to be picked up for the walk which is the following Saturday. I'm wondering if I will have to make arrangements to have someone else pick-up for me. Then I wonder if I will even get to go to the walk though I'm trying not to get ahead of myself.

Isabella's eye surgery has been rescheduled for December. The doctor had asked me a couple of questions I couldn't answer last time we were in so while I had the nurse on the phone I was able to give her those answers. She said it was much needed info to pass on and might generate another appointment, just what I wanted to hear. She is to call me back with all the new appointment dates.

Hubby and I were able to go out to dinner for our 25th anniversary. Hadn't planned to be able to do that one, but it was nice to be out with just the two of us. And I learned that I could no longer sit at a booth!

Not much other news to share so guess I will let you go and see what the next week brings our way!


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