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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal
Natalie, James and Chaynee

StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Natalie's pregnancy after loss journal. Natalie (32) and James (27) are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter, Chaynee. Prior to Chaynee's birth, Natalie experienced a blighted ovum miscarriage and had two miscarriages after Chaynee's birth.

Natalie takes us through her pregnancy after loss right through the birth of her healthy son, Boone, born June 8, 2000.

Natalie's Journal Entries

Meet Natalie!

Week 6
Feeling Pregnant

Week 7
33 to Go!

Week 8
Hanging In There!

Week 9
We Have a Heartbeat!

Week 10
Ultrasound Results

Week 11
Not Excited

Week 12
Getting Excited!

Week 13
Oh Those Hormones

Week 14
Angel Visits

Week 15
Merry Christmas

Week 16
Doing Great!

Week 17
Feeling Movement!

Week 18
To Find Out, Or Not?

Week 19
Name Game

Week 20
I'm half way there!

Week 21
We're All Different

Week 22
Bowling Balls . . .

Week 23
Moving, moving, moving . . .

Week 24
Everything Is Going Great!

Week 25
How many squares?

Week 26
Vegas Baby! Yeah!

Week 27
Standing Still

Week 28
Only 28 weeks?

Week 29
Pregnant Brain

Week 30
Hypnotherapy Sessions

Week 31
Getting Bigger

Week 32

Week 33
Getting Bigger

Week 34
The countdown

Week 35
Getting Tired

Week 36

Week 37

Week 38
Getting close!

Week 39
Any Day!

Birth Story
Meet Boone!

December 31, 2000

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