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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Birth Story

James BooneThe baby has arrived!!

I didn't make it to my 40th week. And thank goodness, because I was going bonkers!

In my last journal entry I told you about being dilated, the OB thinking it would be soon, etc. I'll just pick up where I left off.

After my OB appointment on Wednesday I just had a 'feeling' that the baby would come the next day. Wednesday evening I got busy getting work done. I even went to the office (instead of working from home)! I got bills paid, paychecks printed, deposits ready, etc. I even finished packing my hospital bag! I was up later than usual, but felt like I needed to get it all done.

Thursday morning (at 6:00) I woke up with some pains. They were contractions, of course, but they just didn't make me double over. I wasn't sure how quickly things would go, but remembered that my OB said to go to the hospital when my contractions were 10 minutes apart.

I woke James up and told him it would probably be that day. He wanted to know 'when?'. Duh! I don't know; we just need to be ready! So, I showered, he showered, I packed Chaynee's bag for Grandma's, and James called his mom to come be with Chaynee. It was around 7:30 or so, and we told her not to hurry; I didn't feel like it was urgent yet. If she needed to shower, etc. go ahead. But she was ready and on her way!

I piddled around the house getting things 'organized' and my contractions really weren't 'taking my breath away'. My husband and mother-in-law both thought my contractions were closer than 10 minutes, but I wasn't even timing them! I felt like they weren't strong enough, and maybe I was getting ready prematurely. And, they weren't regular. I was that lady on the video who makes labor look like a breeze!!

At about 8:30 I decided we should go. My logic was that they wouldn't send me back home, since I knew I was dilated 4 cm the day before.

At 8:45 we checked into the hospital. The clerk checking me in looked at me kind of strange; I was very upbeat and really not in much pain. I'm sure they thought they would be sending me back home.

When I got settled into my room the nurse came in to hook me up to my monitors. I told her that I was not having extremely regular contractions, but that my OB suggested I come in quickly when things started happening. She took my history, checked my blood pressure, etc. She wasn't in a hurry, so I asked when they would check me to see how far I was dilated. She said the OB would check me, but if she had already left then the nurse would check me.

A few minutes later my nurse came back in and said my OB had already gone back to her office, so she would be checking me. She put on her gloves and did her thing. "Whoa!! You're at 8 cm and I can easily stretch you to 9 cm! We'd better hurry!" And then, "You sure are making this look easy."

Oh my gosh! I couldn't believe it! I was already so close and with minimal effort! Things were going too easy!

My water broke when the nurse was checking me again later, so it was time to start pushing! This was around 10:00. I'd only been at the hospital a little over an hour! I was definitely on a high at this point. I thought things would happen so quickly now!

WRONG!! I pushed and pushed and pushed! Not much was happening. My contractions really weren't very close together, so between them the baby would move back up. The nurse was going to look into giving me pitocin when my contractions finally started coming a little closer. Up until this point my nurse had been praising me and telling me that I was doing great. But I finally told her, "I'm about to lose it!". She told me to go right ahead. I rested for a couple of contractions and we tried some more. Lots of praise, but minimal progress.

The nurse finally called my OB to come over and help out. I didn't realize I still wasn't making much progress; I was just happy to know that the doctor was coming. That gave me hope that things were almost done!

When my doctor arrived, rather quickly she looked at the monitor and asked how long I'd been pushing. I'd be at it 1-1/2 hours and she said, "Let's get that baby out of there."How about forceps?" I was definitely not going to argue with her. Out was what I wanted, and at that point I didn't care how we achieved it!! You see, the baby had been 'stuck' for a while and they were worried that it might be in distress. The heartbeat was still good, but it had just been too long.

So, forceps it was!! A few pushes later, our baby arrived ~ sideways! And my sweet husband said, "Mama, you have a boy!"

My OB said, "My gosh, I bet he weighs 10 pounds! He's huge!" I laughed (amazing how your attitude changes once that baby is delivered!) because none of my doctors thought he would be big! I made her promise to go back to the office and tell the other OBs just how big he was!

He wasn't quite 10 lbs, but close! We have a 9 lb, 4 oz baby boy, who we named James Boone. He was born at 11:53 am and was 22-1/2 inches long.

I had a small tear, but otherwise I feel absolutely wonderful! I'm sore, as if I did some major workout (I suppose pushing is a major workout), but so far so good! The tiredness hasn't kicked in, but I know it will. It's just a matter of time.

And Chaynee, she thinks her "new grand baby" (her version of brand new baby) is wonderful. She loves to hold him (with the aid of a pillow) and is always trying to comfort him. Last night he turned towards her check and started to suck. It was so cute! I told her mommy needed to feed him and she said, "Mom, he's getting milk from my cheek."

So, I suppose this is the last entry to my journal. I want to thank all of you who wrote and gave me your thoughts and prayers, especially in the beginning when we really didn't know how this pregnancy would turn out. I'm so happy that Maribeth asked me to do this journal because I have made some wonderful email friends. Please keep in touch!

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