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Update ~ December 31, 2000

Boone in the tubHi everyone. I was just thinking about my journal recently, when I got an email from Maribeth. She was re-directing everyone to their journals, and invited us 'graduates' to give an update. What timing!

Things have gone really well for us since Boone arrived seven months ago. We've had no problems with Chaynee being jealous, and Boone is a very happy baby.

Let me give you the basics . . .

Boone was 9 lbs 4 oz at birth, but was only 15 lbs 10 oz at 6 months. Chaynee was big at birth, and grew slowly also, but she was still bigger than Boone at 6 months. He doesn't look small, and I suppose he is actually very average, you would just think he would be BIG!

He is eating graham crackers faster than I can give him but wants nothing else! He loved all of the baby foods originally, but now he squints his eyes, wrinkles his nose, and turns away. I thought he liked the idea of feeding himself, but for now his only interest is graham crackers. Now and then we can sneak in a bite of carrots or pears, but they have to be the real thing. He's just not into the pureed stuff. Oh well, it's true, all babies are different.

He is 'crawling'. Actually, it's the G.I. Joe crawl. He uses his right elbow to drag himself. He's very fast too! It's cute, he really does look like he's doing some sort of Army maneuver. I don't know if he's every going to go for the 'traditional' crawl, on all fours. Time will tell.

Sleep, HA! He started out so wonderfully. I thought this time around I was going to have a baby who slept all night at an early age. Nope! He was just kidding! He gets up several times still, but I really don't mind. I just can't do the 'let your baby cry' thing, so I'll be sleepless for a while longer. A few months really isn't much when you look at the big picture. And Chaynee sleeps fine now (although her first all nighter was at 15 months).

Chaynee and BooneAnd who does he look like? Well, people say he's a clone of his sister when she was a baby. Maybe so, but he's got blonde hair and blue eyes. Chaynee has brown hair and brown eyes. I don't know. He definitely looks like my side of the family, but the blue eyes and blonde hair . . . Hmm?

And I know I mentioned that he's a happy baby, but he laughs all of the time! Belly laughs. It is so cute! He can watch Chaynee walk by and he'll just chuckle. Oh, we are having so much fun! And yes, we plan on doing it again. We'll probably start trying soon after his first birthday. But for now, we are just thankful for our beautiful children, and plan on enjoying every minute of it!

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